NUS Conference Headline Act Blames NATO for Russia Invasion

LBC’s Theo Usherwood has uncovered yet more lunacy from the socialists over at the NUS. The group are hosting their annual conference at the end of the month and have revealed the line-up set to appear at the event. The star of the show is rapper Lowkey, who’s performed barnstorming sets at Glastonbury, T in the Park, and Oxygen. He’s also spent the last week claimingthe mainstream media has weaponised the Jewish heritage of Zelenskyy” to “stave off” scrutiny of neo-nazi groups in Ukraine. He’ll be joined at the event by none other than Zarah Sultana… 

If making wild accusations about Ukraine isn’t enough, Lowkey’s also gone on the record recently to claim NATO is “aiming to essentially balkanise Russia“, and that the invasion makes “perfect sense” once you “understand that”Alongside Chris Williamson… on Iranian Press TV.

He’s also found the time to defend David Miller, the disgraced former Bristol University lecturer. When the Union of Jewish Students complained to the NUS about their decision to host the rapper, the union insisted attendees could use an “existing safe space designated for students who are sensitive to loud noise during Lowkey’s performance”. After the students asked for Lowkey’s performance to be cancelled, NUS President Larissa Kennedy said she was “more concerned about who she might hurt if the event was cancelled”. Presumably Zarah will now take the opportunity to boycott the event…

UPDATE: The NUS have announced Lowkey is no longer attending the event: “Lowkey was due to speak at Liberation Conference on 30 March. He has pulled out of the event and will no longer be appearing.”

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Sultana Denies Maskless Taxi Ride Rule-Breaking

Unsurprisingly, yesterday’s most read Guido piece was Zarah Sultana’s brazen maskless hypocrisy at the MOBO awards, where she enjoyed a night of revelling without a face covering just days after complaining maskless Tories in the Commons made her feel “unsafe”. If Sultana comments, no doubt she’ll point out masks aren’t technically mandatory in the setting she found herself. 

Unfortunately it appears Zarah may have, in fact, incriminated herself further on TikTok. A video montage of the evening uploaded by the MP shows her arriving and leaving the event in the backseat of what appears to be a taxi without – you guessed it – wearing any face covering. This, on the unmasked face of it, appears to be a breach of the law.

This is more serious than her masklessness at the event itself, given the government explicitly says this is against the law:

Guido has contacted Zarah. He doesn’t expect a response…

UPDATE: Sultana’s office has responded. They claim she was in a private vehicle, not a taxi nor a private hire vehicle. They claim the driver was not paid by any party and the driver was known to the MP. This leaves questions; why was she sat in the back, as in a taxi passenger, and did her same ‘friend’ pick her up from the event as well? Finally, why does she care so little about her “friend’s” health?

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Brave Zarah Sultana Conquers Fear of Maskless Crowds

Guido’s glad to see Zarah Sultana has quickly recovered from her crippling phobia of maskless crowds. Last night, the Labour MP attended the glitzy MOBO Awards in her home city of Coventry, with thousands of attendees sipping on champagne and enjoying performances from dozens of top artists. Zarah had a fantastic night mingling with the star-studded crowd, although unfortunately it looks like she left her mask at home…

While masks are not legally mandated in the social setting Zarah risked her life at last night, it was only a month ago when Sultana appeared on Politics Live to lament how the number of maskless MPs left her feeling “incredibly unsafe in the chamber“:

“When I look across the benches, and I see most of the Tories not wearing masks, it makes me feel unsafe, and it makes my colleagues feel unsafe…there are vulnerable MPs also sitting there, and I think it’s a dangerous message to send to the rest of the country.”

Zarah went on to say that the mask debate was “purely ideological“. Funny how that works…

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Zarah Sultana Silenced by Laing After Unparliamentary Language Showdown

Well done to Laing for handling it without kicking Sultana out – means she can’t claim martyrdom status among her social media fans…

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Julia and Zarah’s Big Mask Bust Up

On Politics Live this afternoon firecracker Julia Hartley-Brewer and the ever-opinionated Zarah Sultana had a very entertaining bust up over masks. Sultana claimed she feels

“…incredibly unsafe in the chamber when I’m sitting there wearing a mask and I look across the benches and I see most of the Tories not wearing masks. It makes me feel unsafe, it makes my colleagues feel unsafe.” 

Julia could not help but laugh in incredulity pointing out that masks were no where to be seen at the packed and crowded Labour Party conference. Guido cannot understand why Zarah feels so unsafe in the House when she is seemingly so at ease whilst at Labour Party conference. 

Guido did some digging and found that Covid case rates in Brighton – when the above photographs from Labour Party conference were taken – hovered at around 229.0 cases per 100,000 people. In comparison case rates today in Central Westminster are 181.1 per 100,000 people. Given this, Zarah’s fears seem unjustified.

Sultana’s performative political point scoring has once again been unmasked…

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Zarah Sultana’s Silent on Cubans’ Right to Protest

Last night Zarah Sultana came out with a classic loony left take: that the scenes of protesting in Cuba over the anti-civil and economic freedom regime there is actually the fault of imperialist America.

Guido struggles to see how Zarah’s claim that those who “want to help Cuba” should focus on the US would end the scenes of mass violence by Cuban authorities against their citizens. It’s particularly brazen given just last week Sultana boasted about voting against the government’s Police and Crime Bill on the basis it was “an attack on our democratic right to protest”. Sultana is silent about the Cuban dictatorship’s arrest and beating of a protesting priest…

It seems that for Zarah the right of people to protest only extends to Western citizens complaining about capitalist systems; railing against the failing communist Cuban state just isn’t cricket. So far more than 100 people have been arrested or are missing on the island following Sunday’s protests. No doubt Sultana’s 401 majority will once again value her campaigning on issues directly affecting them…

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