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The 22-year-old woman who was arrested after holding up this anti-monarchy placard at St Giles’ Cathedral has been charged “in connection with a breach of the peace” and is reportedly due to appear at Edinburgh Sheriff Court today. Amid the emotional royalist fervour, the country is feeling it is even more important to stand up for universal and enduring values. The Free Speech Union has expressed concern that the protester been arrested for voicing anti-monarchist views during the Proclamation of King Charles III yesterday.  Defenders of free speech know that if they don’t stand up for views with which they disagree or even find offensive, they’re not defending free speech. Whatever your views on the monarchy, this protester has a right to hers.

Some anti-woke supporters of free speech are standing back in this case with the excuse that the banner includes the words “f*ck imperialism”, profanity on a placard isn’t going to hurt anyone and certainly doesn’t merit the placard holder being arrested. Guido’s view is that the police over-reached themselves given there was no actual breach of the peace. The Free Speech Union has already reached out to the protester to offer their assistance.

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