Government’s Socialist Spending Brings Momentum to Brink of Bankruptcy mdi-fullscreen

Co-conspirators will struggle not to laugh as Guido reports Momentum is facing financial peril, partly due to the inflation crisis largely caused by the sort of government spending they wanted Jeremy Corbyn to pursue.

An email sent to supporters this morning from Nadia Whittome warns that the far-left campaign group has been “hit hard by soaring inflation”. Nothing a sharp dose of Thatcherite monetarism wouldn’t solve…

The begging letter from Momentum warns that without emergency help from supporters, they “won’t be able to continue what it does.” Which these days primarily consists of tweeting ‘things would be better if Corbyn had won’.

Despite Momentum seeing the real-world damaging effects of government overspending, Nadia Whittome warns that “socialist ideas have never been more necessary or popular.” In the same breath, she implies the main proponents of such a fiscal plan are on the brink of no longer being a “financially stable organisation”. Addicts always desire more of that which is killing them…

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