Tory Candidates Lectured in Unconscious Bias and “White Resentment”

As continued reports of Whitehall going woke hit the press, the government has repeatedly pledged to clamp down on the excesses of identity politics. Embarrassingly the message hasn’t reached CCHQ, well and truly captured by woke culture warriors. The Telegraph reports that Conservative candidates themselves are being given “unconscious bias” training. As Suella Braverman pledged a review into “woke nonsense” in the Home Office, she might want to start a little closer to home…

Candidates are lectured on “microaggressions” and educated on inclusive terminologies – from “polygender” to “affirmed gender”. After completing the training, candidates are then quizzed on what they learned, with one expecting candidates to confirm that “white resentment” is a significant problem for BAME employees.

The lessons also lecture on microaggressions, such as asking a black colleague “why does your hair not look like ours?”.

Would-be MPs are also advised against immodest behaviour, like being alone with a member of the opposite sex, when it might contradict someone’s religion. Admittedly it’s not the worst PR headache CCHQ’s dealing with…

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CCHQ Scramble to Save Suella’s Seat

Guido hears the battle to save Suella Braverman ahead of the general election is causing headaches at CCHQ. As first reported in the Mail on Sunday, boundary changes mean Braverman’s Fareham constituency is set to become Fareham and Waterlooville, with Flick Drummond’s Meon Valley seat abolished entirely. A new seat, Hamble Valley, is also up for grabs. Drummond and Braverman are now heading for a selection fight over Fareham and Waterlooville, and it’s not expected to be an easy fight for the Home Secretary. The Battle of Waterlooville begins…

Guido understands CCHQ paused the selection process six weeks ago. It was supposed to be wrapped up this month – yet no new date has been set yet. A CCHQ source insisted “it’s a more complicated boundary change than most”, and not to “read too much into it”. “Complicated” is one way of putting it…

In the meantime, Suella has selected the new Hamble Valley seat as her second preference, if Drummond ends up winning in Fareham and Waterlooville. Guido, however, hears she’s not a shoo-in there either. Could Braverman really end up without a safe seat ahead of the general election? 

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Suella Braverman Under Siege from Snowflakes

After taking the fight to “Guardian-reading, tofu-eating wokerati”, it appears snowflakes took their revenge on the Home Secretary this morning…

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Braverman-Basher Fails to Practise What She Preached

Back when it was Suella Braverman’s turn as the Lobby’s weekly plaything, virtually every Labour MP joined in the fun of calling for her sacking. Among the chorus of voices was Taiwo Owatemi, who had this to say when Braverman admitted sending six work emails to a personal phone last month:

“How can Suella Braverman be trusted with our national security when she leaks confidential documents & doesn’t take most basic security measures.

She is unfit to be Home Secretary. It’s time for the Prime Minister to put national security ahead of Conservative party politics.”

All well and good… except Owatemi herself left a parliamentary laptop – with sensitive information and data on it – with an ex-staffer for nearly a year in 2021. When the staffer left her team early in the spring, no one bothered to collect the computer until December. What was that about “basic security measures”?

When asked about this obvious security oversight, Owatemi’s office blamed the pandemic, claiming:

“… with staff working remotely during the pandemic and a churn of staff in the office it took a while to get staff to return laptops via a courier; and they were not particularly quick in returning them to us once having left the office.” 

Guido’s sure her constituents will be happy with that answer…

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ONS Estimates Net Migration Reaches Over 500,000

This morning the ONS has published estimates of immigration to the UK, with net migration rising to 504,000. The figure for total immigration was a staggering 1.1 million, up 435,000 from last year. The numbers don’t look good for a government elected on a manifesto pledge to get numbers down.

The record figure was largely driven by non-EU migration, with Jay Lindop, Director of the Centre for International Migration at the ONS citing “unprecedented” international factors:

“These include the end of lockdown restrictions in the UK, the first full period following transition from the EU, the war in Ukraine, the resettlement of Afghans and the new visa route for Hong Kong British nationals (Overseas), which have all contributed to the record levels of long-term immigration we have seen”

The Home Secretary wasn’t wrong to say immigration is out of control…

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OBR Forecasts Immigration to Stay Over 200,000 Per Year

Amongst the detail of the OBR’s economic forecast are revised predictions for the rate of net immigration. The OBR says migration levels will reach 224,000 in 2023 and then slowly decline until they reach 205,000 per year from 2028. That’s 65% higher than their previous prediction…

The OBR says:

“This upward revision reflects evidence of sustained strength in inward migration since the post-Brexit migration regime was introduced… It also reflects discussions with the Home Office’s Migration Advisory Committee over what levels of net migration for the next several years might be consistent with the current migration regime”

It comes as the public is increasingly sceptical of immigration levels and the Government’s handling of Channel crossings. Guido remembers when the Conservatives were promising that “overall numbers will come down”…

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