Mason Launches Official Campaign to Become Labour MP

Paul Mason is officially running to be a Labour MP at the next election. Confirming rumours, he today announced he’s standing to be Labour candidate in Stretford and Urmston, currently the seat of ex-Shadow Education Secretary Kate Green who’s confirmed she’s standing down in 2024. A letter to local members today confirms his intentions on a typically Corbynite platform of high taxes, high spending and “fighting racism, fascism and anti-semitism”. 

Let’s see if the years of sucking up and new found pragmatism have paid off with an endorsement or approval from Labour’s moderates. It will be quite some journey for the Workers Power supporting Marxist-Trotskyite who still speaks fondly of Karl Marx.  Unsurprisingly he emphasises his support of Sir Keir’s 2020 leadership bid over his affiliations with the far left…

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Paul Mason Finally Realises Corbyn is a Crank

Paul Mason has finally had enough of Comrade Corbyn. After years of publicly defending Jezza (albeit trashing him behind his back), Mason has at last seen the light and admitted that maybe, just maybe, Corbyn’s Stop the War lunacy is a bit much. In a lengthy thread this afternoon, Mason took aim at Jeremy over his latest think-piece on Ukraine, calling it a “catalogue of platitudes designed to mislead people about [Stop the War]” and a “a bunch of genocide deniers and Putin proxies.” All it took was a war on European soil…

He adds, however, that he doesn’t regret backing Corbyn for the Labour leadership, albeit with the caveat that he had to fight Corbyn internally “to keep Labour pro-Trident and pro-NATO:

The odds of Corbyn denouncing Stop the War are practically zero. On cue, Owen Jones showed up in the replies to call Mason an “unhinged McCarthyite” for daring to attack the dear leader, with Mason punching back by claiming he doesn’t want to share a platform with “Russian disinfo merchants.” A disinfo merchant he still doesn’t regret supporting throughout his tenure as leader, apparently…

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Tory MP Derides Paul Mason’s Loony Fascist Accusations

Tory MP Tom Hunt didn’t hold back when confronting Paul Mason over his new book’s claims that Priti Patel is facilitating fascism. Hunt challenged the Trot over a quote from a Guardian interview:

“The interests of fascism are being represented in government by right-wing populists and authoritarians” he goes on to say “sadly Boris Johnson”. I’m sorry I think that’s absolutely unacceptable to say that, and please tell me what specifically are what the government or what I’m doing as an MP are promoting/supporting a fascist agenda?”

Mason also ignorantly repeated the canard that references to cultural Marxism echo Nazi language and thinking – when in fact the term has been long and widely used by sympathetic sociologists. All Mason could offer in support of his argument was Priti’s drive to clamp down on illegal immigration…

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Continuity Corbyn Keir

Former Momentum boss Laura Parker’s endorsement of Keir Starmer last night perhaps shouldn’t have come as a big surprise. The more Guido looks, the more comrade Sir Keir QC seems more and more like Jeremy Corbyn in a proper suit and a done-up tie…

Sir Keir QC has:

  • Signed up to every single pledge from a nationalisation campaign.
    • Ending NHS and council outsourcing, ending free schools and academies, and forcing government takeover of water, energy, mail, buses, train companies, prisons, and broadband.
  • Committed to introducing a ‘Prevention of Military Intervention Act’ designed to prevent “illegal wars”.
    • Given that the phrase “illegal war” refers to intervention without UN sanction, this could end up handing Russia and China a veto over UK foreign policy.
  • Was the only candidate to not identify as a Zionist at a Jewish Labour hustings.
  • Edited a paper called ‘Socialist Alternatives’ in his 20s, in which he questioned the need for police and argued for prisoners to be given the vote. It was described by (enthusiastic Keir supporter) Paul Mason as a Trotskyist front.
  • Went to a private school and tried to cover up his middle-class upbringing
  • Is a white man representing a central London constituency.

Guido is surprised more of the Corbyn outriders haven’t jumped on the Sir Keir QC train…

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Labour Suffers Because Literal Communists Get Too Much Airtime

As much as it amuses Guido and generates television producer pleasing social media buzz, hasn’t the rise of the TrotsApp generation of talking heads on our screens undermined the Labour Party more effectively than the “billionaire-owned media” could ever do? In the postmortems the effect of the continuous platforming by broadcasters of far-left types – just because they are extremely active on Twitter – by current affairs shows should be reflected on. It normalised people who would in the past have only been selling Trotskyite papers outside train stations.

The negative effect is two-fold, firstly the zealous Labour activist base become ever more radicalised as the self-defined Trotskyites and communists normalise policies that are far away from the views and values of traditional Labour voters. As we found out last week.

Secondly, it just encourages polarisation, pitting Katie Hopkins against a silly luxuriating communist might make a noisy and watchable bunfight, does it really inform the viewers much? Policy development is made in think tanks of the left, right and centre. It is made by single-issue campaigns with deep knowledge of their subjects. It is not made by people who scream about billionaires and want “to kick the Tories out of Labour” whilst describing the Prime Minister as a fascist and “alt-right”. Shouting slogans and their well rehearsed soundbites doesn’t add to the sum of political knowledge in any meaningful way.

This is not to say they should be no-platformed. When Paul Mason or Owen Jones has a book out, let’s hear from them. They are articulate voices of the left, that articulacy alone does not warrant giving them almost continuous airtime. Do we really need them on our screens every day? That hasn’t done the Labour Party any good. Producers and bookers may want to reflect and seek out more representative left-of-centre voices.

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What Owen Jones Really Thinks of Corbyn

As the polling seems to suggest that the Labour Party’s offer of free things to voters might perhaps be a teensy weensy little bit less than credible, it seems to be dawning on some of the smarter Labour lefties that they might just possibly be about to lose. Guido has a sense that the penny is dropping for Owen Jones that his adoring Twitter following is not representative of Britain. It must be doubly demoralising for Owen, because he worked out years ago that Corbyn was rubbish. Then after Corbyn lost the 2017 general election not as badly as expected, he reverted back to public Corbyn adoration. Here is a reminder of what Owen Jones really thinks about Jeremy Corbyn:

  1. “Jeremy Corbyn, a person who will never win a British general election… I know him personally and I know he never wanted to be leader; It was presented as a sense of obligation. He never anticipated this result and now leads the party without having any experience.” (Contexto y Accion, November 2016)
  2. “The Left has failed badly. I’d find it hard to vote for Corbyn… They have made lots of bad mistakes. There’s been a lack of strategy, communication, vision.” (Evening Standard, February 2017)
  3. “Since the by-election rout, [Corbyn] has made it clear he isn’t going anywhere without even offering the vaguest outlines about how to turn it around. That isn’t good enough: again, consider the stakes. Both he and his team have to think hard. If Corbyn decides he is unable to confront the multiple existential crises enveloping Labour, then an agreement should be struck where he can stand down…” (Guardian, March 2017)
  4. My passionate and sincere view is Jeremy Corbyn should stand down as soon as possible in exchange for another left-wing MP being allowed to stand on for leadership in his place: all to stop both Labour and the left imploding, which is what is currently on the cards.” (Medium, March 2017)
  5. “Yes, it’s true that Labour has won all its by-elections since Jeremy Corbyn became leader, and increased majorities. But in his first year, the picture was the same with Ed Miliband. Neither did Corbyn do as badly in the local elections as was predicted. But Labour still lost seats — unprecedented for an the main opposition party for decades …” (Medium, July 2016)
  6. Corbyn’s acceptance speech — his first attempt to address the country — lacked coherence and had no core message to connect to people outside of the left’s bubble. He then disappeared for several days (with notable exceptions like walking in silence as a reporter followed him) while the press (inevitably) viciously attacked him, except to turn up to a war memorial and fail to sing the national anthem.” (Medium, March 2017)
  7. “I’m somebody who campaigned for Corbyn, I’m a left-wing journalist. But I’m genuinely not clear on the policies being offered. It seems as though Ed Miliband presented his policies as less left-wing than they actually were, and now the current leadership presents them as more left-wing than they actually are.” (Medium, July 2016)
  8. When I asked Jeremy Corbyn in my recent interview what his strategy was, he came up with some sensible starting points… The problem is — that’s the first I’ve heard of it… There’s no point having a vision unless it is repeated ad infinitum, rather than being offered after being prompted: it will go over everyone’s head.(Medium, July 2016)
  9. Most people don’t give a toss about politics on an every day basis. A bad image of a new politician at an early stage is tough to shift.” (Twitter, September 2015)
  10. “As Jeremy Corbyn is surrounded by cheering crowds, Labour generally, and the left specifically, are teetering on the edge of looming calamity.” (Medium, July 2016)

Owen issued a mea culpa to Corbyn and his inner circle in 2017 and has since been publicly loyal, even though Corbyn is still the same. The truth is that in his heart Owen again knows that the absolute boy is, to coin a phrase, “teetering on the edge of looming calamity”.

See also: What Paul Mason Really Thinks About Corbyn

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