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Fresh from a crushing defeat in Sheffield Central – where he failed to receive nominations from any branch or affiliated group – and after previously losing in Stretford and Urmston, on March 3rd Paul Mason announced he would try his hand in Pembrokeshire. Paul threw everything at gaining the nomination for the seat – he played up his local credentials (a second home), developed his six local priorities and even included a Welsh translation on his website and Twitter bio. And yet, just three weeks later, he was again unsuccessful. He didn’t even make the long-list.

Paul has already removed the top-line reference for Mid & South Pembrokeshire from his website page – no doubt in preparation for his next venture – though the Welsh translations are still in place. Guido has contacted Mason to ask where he might throw his hat next? The problem for the Trotskyite* Mason is that he betrayed Corbyn and enraged his left-wing allies by becoming a Starmer cheerleader and the Starmerites don’t trust the lifelong lefties’ conversion to pragmatism in the slightest. Although you have to admire Paul’s perseverance, the younger left-wing Twitterati mock his carpet bagging relentlessly. Show some respect comrades.

*Has he recanted his decades of paper selling polemicism?

UPDATE: Paul Mason responds to Guido’s question on his future plans:

“There are no constituencies currently being advertised. I think you have to have a long term connection with a town, county or city to seek selection there”

Guido doubts finding a “long term connection” to a new constituency will prove too difficult for Paul, considering he’s already done so three times in a year…

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