Angela Rayner’s Head of Comms Finally Departs

Angela Rayner’s embattled head of communications, Jack McKenna, has finally resigned after a prolonged period in political Siberia. The party launched an investigation – officially over a “personal data breach”* – last year, with Guido first breaking the news that he’d gone on leave last December. His temporary departure came after a week in which he’d been accused of heavily briefing against Starmer during his botched reshuffle. Labour denied he’d been forcibly sent on leave, something it later transpired wasn’t true.

A Labour spokesperson said:

“Jack McKenna, Head of Communications and Events to Labour’s Deputy Leader Angela Rayner, has decided to leave the Labour Party to pursue new opportunities outside of politics. Keir and Angela would like to thank Jack for his hard work and dedicated service to the Labour Party and wish him well for the future.”

The spokesperson also says McKenna leaves the party “a clean record and without any disciplinary action against him.”

McKenna himself says “I’m terrible at goodbyes but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who I have worked with over the last 7 years. It has certainly been a wild ride of ~sackings~ promotions, Labour North West receptions and letters to Lord Geidt. Oh and 5 Prime Ministers and the longest job title in the history of British politics.”

Au revoir…

*They accused him of leaking information about someone’s employment status, then leaked McKenna’s own suspension to the Sunday Times before telling him…

Find the PAd list in full at or below:

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PAd List 2.0

Guido’s just updated the PAd List again, this time with a few extra names and job titles, along with a more detailed hierarchical structure for those on the policy teams. Guido couldn’t help noticing that the memo he acquired to do all this lists Emily Thornberry’s adviser, one Damian McBride, as responsible for ‘central projects’. Obviously. Our PAd List is now even more up to date than our SpAd List. No.10, if you want to change that, get in touch…

Find the PAd list at or below:


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Clean Bandit’s Ex-Violinist Joins Labour PAd List

There’s no place Labour advisers would Rather Be than Guido’s new PAd list. For all the hacks, wonks and politicos asking How Will I Know all the latest movements over in Labour land, look no further. It’s a fluid list that’ll be updated frequently, and co-conspirators have already been in touch with a couple of helpful updates missing from the initial spreadsheet:

  • Caitlin Prowle with Yvette Cooper
  • Andy Haldane with Lisa Nandy
  • Neil Amin-Smith with Rachel Reeves

This is the same Neil Amin-Smith who once played the violin for Clean Bandit, although as Chopper points out, he quit the band before they headlined Labour Live for Jeremy Corbyn. So now we have Edmund from the Chronicles of Narnia advising the government, and Clean Bandit’s ex-violinist advising the opposition.

Any other showbiz names making the move to SW1 should get in touch at Find the PAd list at or below:

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The PAd List

Guido’s long-running SpAd list has become so ubiquitous in SW1 that even No.10 tell hacks to use it, rather than publishing a list themselves. Now, Guido’s doing the same for Labour. Political Advisers (PAds) are the opposition’s taxpayer-funded equivalent. This list is what it says on the tin: an easy to use round-up of all the advisers and bag carriers on Labour Party payroll. Given polls suggest Labour are now closer to power than we’ve seen since 2010, Guido thought he might as well get ahead of the curve…

As per the SpAd list, any updates, omissions or corrections should be sent to Find it at or below:

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Corbynista Backroom Shake Up

Guido can reveal a few changes to the Corbynista backroom operation. We remember when David Lammy’s Director of Communications Jack McKenna was a moderate, but he is now heading to the Leader’s Office to join their spin team. McKenna was employee of the month recently when he dug out this killer Theresa May Question Time clip. David Prescott is becoming Jezza’s press and events manager. Angie Williams is leaving her job as a press officer in LOTO. Rumours are swirling today that Corbyn’s commie aide Andrew Murray has fallen out with Seumas Milne and Karie Murphy. Unite are denying that Murray is set to quit…

Meanwhile, John McDonnell is seeking a new spokesman after some trouble at Mills. His current spinner, the universally popular Lobby favourite James Mills, is now focusing on comms for rest of the Shadow Treasury team. There is speculation that McDonnell’s policy chief James Meadway is also being sidelined. One to watch…

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Mosley’s Money Funding Watson’s Expanded Team


Tom Watson is spending most of his £200,000 from fellow free-press hater Max Mosley on four new staff members. The fan of German-themed parties with prostitutes is generously bolstering Watson’s operation…


Labour’s deputy leader is recruiting a new political advisor, writer, head of policy, and correspondence assistant, with salaries ranging from £24,522 for the latter role to undisclosed figures for the top jobs. The four new hires will put Watson’s team in Parliament at a strength of 11 – in comparison the Chancellor, Foreign Secretary and Defence Secretary have 9 SpAds combined. Famous Labour donor’s children need apply…

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