BBC Paying to Promote Sustainable Clothing and Civil Disobedience

In news that will surprise absolutely nobody, the BBC is promoting fashionable left-wing causes on social media, spending licence fee payers’ money on “promoted” articles covering the topics of the Don’t Pay campaign and “How to dress more sustainably“. The Don’t Pay campaign is backed by two other media organisations: the Morning Star and Novara Media. Ethical fashion is something that occupies the fashion pages of the Guardian – anxious luvvies in W1A are no doubt worrying about where their next organic cashmere cardigan will be sourced. The corporation is spending money to promote these issues into mainstream users’ feeds with articles highlighting the campaigns to stop paying energy bills and the movement for “ethical fashion”. While the chosen campaigns might be mainstream at the BBC, they seem a bit left-field to the rest of us…

Could the choice of topics covered signal an underlying editorial bias? Why, for example, isn’t the BBC promoting The Telegraph’s campaign fronted by Chris Hope to finance a new Royal Yacht? Or The Sun’s campaign to hold down diesel duties for white van man? Guido can only guess why…

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5,000 Viewers-a-Week Switch Off the BBC

The BBC yesterday published its annual statement on the TV licence fee. Amongst the key takeaways was the increase in domestic customers who stated they no longer needed a licence. The figure rose by 270,000 from last year, reaching 1,960,000. That’s over 5,000 people a week…

The report then estimates “a fall of one percentage point in the number of people requiring a TV licence would result in a loss of income of approximately £36 million”. The corporation clearly needs to try and reconnect with the public to avoid even greater budgetary black holes. With the salaries of their highest paid stars also being revealed yesterday, one cost-saving solution is obvious to Guido…

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BBC: Licence Fee Prosecutions to Double

The BBC’s COO Leigh Tavaziva told a select committee of MPs today that she expects to see “a doubling in prosecutions” thanks to the reintroduction of field agents post-Covid. A subsequent question by Richard Holden uncovered that 75% of those who will be prosecuted are women. In spite of this threat she claims there’s “strong support” for the licence fee out in the country. Nadine, over to you…

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Nadine Confirms Two-Year Licence Fee Freeze

Nadine argues it will help with the cost of living squeeze. Guido suspects many Tory MPs will have other motives…

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New Culture Secretary’s BBC-Reforming Zeal

The usual suspects were aghast at Nadine Dorries’s appointment as Culture Secretary yesterday: James O’Brien – whom she once labeled a “public school posh boy f**k wit” – is appalled; Anna Soubry thinks it shows “everything that’s wrong and rotten” with Boris’s leadership; Jolyon’s already threatened to send a judicial review pre-action protocol letter (obviously). She’s been in the job for 17 hours and is already annoying all the right people… 

Given Jess Brammar’s appointment as executive editor of BBC News yesterday, Guido thought it’d be worth reminding her about the person she’ll now be dealing with at the top of DCMS. In 2014, Dorries advocated for reforming the licence fee, having added her name to a bill amendment that would’ve decriminalised its non-payment. Writing on her blog, she said:

“The BBC as an organisation has become too big, too badly designed and consistently badly managed. Over-promoted television producers, it turns out, cannot run a large organisation efficiently or effectively. Who would have guessed?”

“The model of the BBC, which is in effect state run television, is outdated in this modern world of media and communication. Such a structure of payment and aggressive persecution would be more in keeping in a soviet style country.”

Her views on the TV licence remained the same several years later:

July 2017: “My issue is not what talented people paid but more that BBC hounded elderly on state pensions all way to jail #licencefee #BBCsalaries”

March 2018: “The public are paying a fee/tax for a biased left wing organisation which is seriously failing in its political representation, from the top down.”

She’s also had a few choice words for BBC management:

January 2018: “You are breaking the law paying women less than men and provided cover for despicable paedo Saville #UnfitForPurpose”

February 2020: “…the [BBC] favour strident, very left wing, often hypocritical and frequently patronising views that turn people away.”

Neither will she accept the BBC’s constant disguising of party political activists as ‘expert guests’:

Guido couldn’t think of a better DCMS appointment…

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Tory MP: I have Torn Up My TV Licence, BBC Won’t Get Another Penny Out of Me

Co-conspirators’ favourite no-nonsense Tory MP Lee Anderson had another barnstorming outing in the Commons yesterday, professing that he has torn up his TV Licence following the Martin Bashir scandal, and the corporation “won’t get another penny” out of him “ever“. The Ashfield MP told fellow MPs the BBC is “rotten”:

“In my opinion, the once-great BBC is rotten, and my constituents should not have to pay for a service if they don’t use it.”

He ended his intervention with a call to the minister to transform the BBC into a subscription service. Whittingdale didn’t fully avoid the point, saying “I have no doubt that that is a debate that has already started and will continue.” Guido will make sure of it…

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