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In news that will surprise absolutely nobody, the BBC is promoting fashionable left-wing causes on social media, spending licence fee payers’ money on “promoted” articles covering the topics of the Don’t Pay¬†campaign and “How to dress more sustainably“. The Don’t Pay campaign is backed by two other media organisations: the Morning Star and Novara Media. Ethical fashion is something that occupies the fashion pages of the Guardian – anxious luvvies in W1A are no doubt worrying about where their next organic cashmere cardigan will be sourced. The corporation is spending money to promote these issues into mainstream users’ feeds with articles highlighting the campaigns to stop paying energy bills and the movement for “ethical fashion”. While the chosen campaigns might be mainstream at the BBC, they seem a bit left-field to the rest of us…

Could the choice of topics covered signal an underlying editorial bias? Why, for example, isn’t the BBC promoting The Telegraph’s campaign fronted by Chris Hope to finance a new Royal Yacht? Or The Sun’s campaign to hold down diesel duties for white van man? Guido can only guess why…

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