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The government is finally set to review the BBC’s outdated licence fee funding model. According to The Times, ministers will launch the review in Autumn and will consider alternatives including subscription, a broadband levy and advertising. The move comes after the BBC’s annual reports showed the number of people paying the licence fee fell by 500,000 – with revenue also falling. Who can blame them, when overpaid stars continue to use their platforms for political preaching…

A government source said the latest figures showed “a growing unwillingness” to pay the licence fee. They added “The licence fee model is becoming unsustainable.”

Unsurprisingly, the Taxpayers’ Alliance welcomed the review, with chief executive, John O’Connell, saying:

“The TV tax is long past its use by date… Retaining the licence fee would force unwilling and uninterested taxpayers to cough up for a service they may not want, while holding the BBC back from modernisation. Serious work now needs to begin to examine alternative funding models”.

Bring it on.

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