Labour Campaign to Ban Private Schools Attacks England Cricket Team

The Labour Campaign Against Private Schools, supported by all Corbyn’s media outriders and a significant chunk of the Parliamentary Labour Party has today hit out against the England cricket team for having privately schooled players. Instead of expanding the teaching of cricket in state schools, their solution is to ban independent education…

Guido has crunched the numbers, and not only is this a policy that core Labour figures like Attlee fought hard against, it’s also an incredibly expensive one. Private education accounts for 7% of all school pupils, and more than double that for pupils over the age of 18. That’s 630,000 pupils that the state would suddenly have to pay for, at a per pupil cost of £5,870. That’s a spending commitment of £3.7 billion, almost double the social care funding Labour promised in 2017. What a sticky wicket…

On top of this, independent schools and their suppliers paid £4.1 billion in tax last year, meaning abolishing the sector would see taxpayers having to stump up an extra £7.8 billion in total, becoming the second largest single spending commitment Labour has made, ahead of spending on health, social security, pensions, or public sector pay. Schools would still be segregated by catchment area house prices…

Labour Party Democracy Harriet Style

Harriet is polling her Camberwell & Peckham CLP members as to whether she should stand again. Via text message they can vote yes. That’s it comrades…

One Third of Labour MPs Want Chris Williamson Expelled from the PLP, Here’s the List of MPs Who Don’t

According to the Jewish Chronicle “Labour MPs who did not sign letter to remove Williamson whip have nowhere to hide”. Send updates here.

UPDATE: Labour press office is briefing that Williamson’s “whip is not restored as the decision is still pending”. Meanwhile Labour MPs have demanded the whip be removed. Most Labour MPs are still keeping quiet until they know what the correct line is…

UPDATE II: It seems Keith Vaz, who was on the panel that voted to re-admit Chris Williamson, now says his decision should be reviewed. Slippery as hell. He thought Corbyn wanted him back, now realises it was a bit too problematic, so reverse ferrets.

Corbynista MP Refers Himself For Deselection

Wacky Labour Corbynista Lloyd Russell-Moyle has today submitted himself to face a vote of confidence amongst his local members. In an email obtained by LabourList, Russell-Moyle wrote to local members saying that as he was imposed on the local party in 2017 by Labour’s NEC, he will only re-stand with the support of the local membership.

“In 2017 in the snap general election I was imposed by the NEC as your candidate in the election with grassroots members not having a say in my selection. I pledged that I would not re-stand unless I had the confidence of the members.

“Using an anonymous third party voting organisation, members will be emailed with a poll asking if they support me staying on as the Labour candidate with the results being given to the CLP executive directly.”

Russel-Moyle, who supports mandatory re-selection of Labour MPs, should be congratulated for standing by his principles. Labour MPs under the ‘trigger ballot system’ will not face an automatic vote of their membership unless more than one third of local party branches or affiliated branches oppose their candidacy. Labour MPs have until July 8 to indicate if they would like to continue their candidacy or not…

Keir Starmer Picks EU Anthem at Desert Island Discs Event

Labour’s Shadow Brexit Secretary has picked the EU’s ‘national’ anthem as one of his favourite bops during a Desert Island Disks style event at a Labour Party fundraiser in Camden last week. Guido hopes he was just playing to the pro-EU crowd, he can’t genuinely be that sad?

He reportedly told the audience that it was fanatical Remainer and leader of Labour MEPs Richard Corbett’s ringtone, and if people wanted the EU anthem to blast shadow cabinet meetings they should call his phone. How’s that ‘constructive ambiguity’ coming along eh?

Labour’s Apologetic Peterborough Candidate Was Active in Israel Hate Group

Labour’s Peterborough candidate Lisa Forbes was forced to apologise over the weekend for having endorsing a Facebook post saying Theresa May has a “Zionist Slave Masters agenda.” Guido can now reveal that Forbes has quietly deleted Facebook posts that attracted vile anti-Semitism in the thread below, totally ignored by Forbes herself when someone in her network alleged “ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi is a Jewish Mossad agent.” Perhaps it’s no wonder that Forbes signed a letter to Labour’s NEC calling on the party to not adopt the IHRC definition of anti-Semitism in full…


Like her party leader she accuses the BBC of being “pro-Israel”, this is now a matter of course for Corbynistas. Guido can also reveal that as recently as just a few months ago Forbes posted in an anti-Semitic hate group that talks of “Zionist rats”. The group itself posts content alleging the Jewish State has “improper influence” and “spends a fortune perverting our democracy”, promotes rallies organised by Hamas and proscribed terror group Palestinian Islamic Jihad. A member of the group even questioned why more Palestinians don’t go out to stab Jews. Why is Forbes active in such a deeply questionable group..?

Is this is the new mainstream in the Labour Party..?

Another Time Commie Corbyn Broke Labour Membership Rule

Fresh from yesterday’s conveniently timed explusion of Alastair Campbell from the Labour Party, today it emerged that famously loyal Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn was a star speaker at a 1998 rally for the Communist Party of Britain. Corbyn’s name literally appears on the Communist Party recruitment form, the rally will have helped to drum up cash for the party’s coffers, breaking a swathe of Labour Party rules. No doubt Seumas will be ensuring that Corbyn receives the same swift treatment as Campbell

UPDATE: Alastair Campbell tweets “This is interesting. Can confidently say I have never spoken at an event to promote and raise funds for another party”.

Hat-tip: Corbyn in the Times

Labour Grandees Clarke & Ainsworth Flaunt Expulsion

Bad Al Campbell was kicked out of the Labour Party for publicising that he had voted LibDem. Charles Clarke the former Home Secretary in the last Labour government has publicised that he did the same:

“I also voted Liberal Democrat. This was a one-off decision because of the hopeless incoherence of Labour’s position, particularly that of Jeremy Corbyn, on Brexit.”

Bob Ainsworth, who was Gordon Brown’s Defence Secretary, went public too on BBC Coventry radio

“I voted Green in the Euro elections having never voted other than Labour before in my entire life. I didn’t intend to make this public, but now Alastair has been expelled for doing the same I feel obliged to do so.”

So now, according to the party’s rules, Corbyn has to expel two former Cabinet minister heavyweights. So far Labour are ducking the issue…

McDonnell: Labour Wants Brexit

When the votes are all counted for the remain and leave parties, which pile should Labour’s votes be put in?

Remember this after the election…

Opponent Most Feared by Labour Members is Boris

Click to Enlarge

As Tory MPs start jostling for position at the start of the Tory leadership race, they and their allies will be making claims and counter-claims about who would be best placed to take on Corbyn with one eye on their own prospects. Perhaps it might be worth asking a more objective sample of experts who might be best placed to beat Corbyn? Labour activists for example?

LabourList did a massive survey of 4,478 readers last week which they have just published. They asked: “Which of the following potential candidates do you think would be most difficult for Jeremy Corbyn to beat in a general election?”

Labour frontbenchers and Owen Jones might bluff that they don’t fear Boris, in reality they remember he beat them twice in London, a City they consider their fiefdom. The opponent Labour activists most fear is Boris. They know. The clique of Tory MPs who are trying to block Boris are making a strategic mistake that risks delivering a Marxist government in Britain.

Bridget Prentice Resigns from “Corbyn Cult”

Bridget Prentice, a Labour activist for 45 years; as a councillor, MP and government minister has resigned from the party. In her resignation letter she accused Jeremy Corbyn of “pandering to the baser views of racists”, allowing anti-semitism to flourish and turning the Labour Party into a cult.

“Never in my life in the Party has a leader not been criticised, questioned, asked to justify a position – and rightly so. But that’s not allowed under the Corbyn Cult. Anyone questioning the leadership’s position is vilified; complaints sent in to the disciplinary panel like something out of a North Korean rulebook that disloyalty to the leader is a criminal offence.”

The full letter is a corker. She says the party should change its name.

“It is no longer the party of Hardie and Attlee and Blair. It is no longer the party that upholds the values of social justice and fairness in our society and an open and welcoming view of the world. This is no longer the Labour Party. You should change its name.”




Labour Staffer: ‘Corbyn is Poison on the Doorstep’

We expected Theresa May to have a terrible night nationally and she has for once delivered. Labour’s expectations were different, when the polls closed John McDonnell told LBC: “I am aiming for sort of about 400” seat gains. At the time of going to pixel Labour have actually lost seats on the night. Coverage of the local elections has yet to focus attention on the dreadful Labour performance in the West Midlands. This is the place where swing marginals will make the difference to whether or not Labour forms a government.

This analysis sent to Guido by a Labour staffer summarises the situation:

We went backwards in Stoke-on-Trent, Walsall, Dudley. Places where Labour needs to make serious gains to win a General Election. Why isn’t any of the coverage showing this?

The elections were seen as the test of brand new West Midlands Labour Regional Director Fadel Takrouri, parachuted in by the Labour leadership last year. The Corbyn-backed Regional Director kicked off his tenure by appointing several new Corbyn ‘community organisers’ to shore up his staff team. There’s rumours of pay-offs amongst staff from the previous administration, with those who remained having mounted some kind of grievance process against the new Regional Director’s shambolic tenure.

The results speak for themselves.

  • In Stoke-on-Trent the council remains in no overall control – a place where Diane Abbott launched our Local Elections campaign. I’ll let you surmise how that went down.
  • In Walsall, Labour lost in straight Tory-Labour fights without a Green, Lib Dem, or UKIP making it a clear cut loss. Regional office opted for an attack campaign, rather than defence, consistently pushing the line that Corbynism will attract the truest of blue voters. It didn’t. As a result, the ward of the Leader of the Labour Group lost a councillor… hardly a vote of confidence.
  • In Dudley, former Labour stronghold wards went Tory, with many Labour heartlands a handful of votes away from turning into Tory wards. On the night there were many comments about how staffing resource from the regional office had been sent to no-hoper wards across the West Midlands where – unsurprisingly – Momentum-backed candidates were standing.

The truth is Corbyn’s name is still poison the doorsteps in our working class heartlands, and Brexit betrayal is only compounding the narrative of our party as one for the few in metropolitan Southern seats, not the many across the country who voted leave.

Corbyn’s failure to make significant progress in these local elections, in the ninth year of Tory government, is extraordinary given that the Tories are divided and on the verge of ousting their leader. Poison on the doorstep…

Labour PPC Wrote “You F**kin Ethiopian Jew”, “You Look Like a.. Ethiopian Jew”

Labour selected as its new Parliamentary Candidate for Aldershot last night, Abby King, who works as a staffer for the Shadow Minister for Local Transport, Matt Rodda MP.

Her Twitter history raises a lot of questions as to her attitude towards the Jewish community.

What is going on in the Labour Party..?

UPDATE: Ironically, it turns out King herself had warned about about falling into the ‘trap’ of having old tweets dug up during an interview with the Royal Holloway student newspaper last year:

Abby admits that she “loves a bit of political tweeting” during this downtime too… we agreed that politics and Twitter could be a dark place at times… younger politicians can fall into the ‘we dug out your old tweets and found this’ trap.

Guido is not sure her tweets above fall into the category of “political tweeting”. King has now locked her account…

Three Labour Activists Arrested Over Anti-Semitism

After the Met Police chief Cressida Dick was handed a dossier of anti-Semitic comments by Labour members by LBC in September, the police initiated a criminal investigation and have now made three arrests. On the advice of the Crown Prosecution Service, two men and one woman from Wandsworth, Birmingham, and Tunbridge Wells were arrested on suspicion of “publishing or distributing material likely to stir up racial hatred.” The Police said they will not comment further on the details of the investigation.” These three people were all Labour members when Cressida Dick was first handed the leaked Labour dossier by LBC…

Equalities Watchdog Begins Statutory Inquiry into Labour Party Anti-Semitism

Britain’s equality watchdog believes the Labour Party may have “unlawfully discriminated against people” as it announced a statutory inquiry into the party.

An Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) spokesperson said: “Having received a number of complaints regarding antisemitism in the Labour party, we believe Labour may have unlawfully discriminated against people because of their ethnicity and religious beliefs. Our concerns are sufficient for us to consider using our statutory enforcement powers. As set out in our enforcement policy, we are now engaging with the Labour Party to give them an opportunity to respond.”

No doubt Labour will now demand an inquiry into “Tory Islamophobia”…

UPDATE: It was the Campaign Against Antisemitism that submitted two detailed legal submissions to the Commission, assisted by specialist human rights counsel Adam Wagner of Doughty Street Chambers.

Their legal arguments were: Continue reading

Momentum Fined By Electoral Commission For Multiple Breaches Of Electoral Law

Guido’s investigation in late 2017 drew attention to the implausibility of Momentum having adhered to the laws on spending limits. The subsequent Electoral Commission electoral fraud investigation has borne this out, with Momentum today being fined £16,700 for multiple breaches of electoral law. The hard left campaign group has been found to have repeatedly filed  inaccurate general election spending returns in 2017 despite being given a year to revise their return. They were also multiple failures to report donations accepted outside of an election period. The Electoral Commission says this is “the highest fine levied on a non-party campaigner for not submitting a complete and accurate spending return during the 2017 election.”

Momentum originally claimed they had only spent £38,743 across the whole of the 2017 election. Conveniently, just under the £39,000 spending limit for non-party campaigners…

Considering Momentum raised £120,000 from Crowdpac alone, they presumably expected the Electoral Commission would simply believe that they did not spend the vast majority of the money raised. But the Commission has concluded that Momentum’s spending report “was not accurate and Momentum subsequently delivered four further versions after the deadline, each of which reported different amounts of donations and spending.” Oh dear…

UPDATE: Despite the Electoral Commission stating bluntly that “Momentum did not cooperate fully during the investigation” they have responded with a lengthy statement essentially claiming it was all an innocent mistake. The make much of their small donations from volunteers, the Electoral Commission actually found they failed to declare big donations of tens of thousands from the TSSA union.

Continue reading

Jackie Walker Shares More Anti-Semitic Imagery While Defending Chris Williamson

Jackie Walker spent most of yesterday evening vigorously defending now suspended Labour MP Chris Williamson from the half-hearted actions of the Labour Party, just days after she shared yet another arguably anti-Semitic image on her Facebook profile. The big hook nosed image is a standard trope..

Walker seemed particularly upset at how the Labour Party belatedly told Chris Williamson that it probably wasn’t a good idea to host a screening of her film called ‘The Witchhunt’ which defends Walker’s many bouts of anti-Semitism. She shared a supportive letter defending Chris Williamson and demanding that the film be shown in Parliament, whilst defending herself and her clearly anti-Semitic statements on the grounds of “dialogue and debate.”

Walker, a former Vice Chair of Momentum, has previously said Jews financed the slave trade, criticised Holocaust Memorial Day, and promoted conspiracy theories about Jews in the media. Despite this Williamson was determined to screen her film. Clearly neither of them have learned their lesson…

Could Owen Jones Stand for Labour in Stockport Against Anne Coffey?

According to a local Labour source this fundraising event was only planned after Stockport’s former Labour MP defected to TIG last week. Owen’s from Stockport so rumours are that he is using this to help him get the nomination are circulating. Owen used to disclaim an ambition to become an MP “I’ve been asked to stand time and time again but I’ve said no.” More recently he has become less disinclined “There might come a time when I think, well actually getting elected as an MP, that’s a better way of doing it, fight for your beliefs, but to be honest with you, I wouldn’t end up as a minister, I’d end up as a back-bencher lobbying for things I believe in. I wouldn’t toe a party line because I get too frustrated, I’d want to stand up for my beliefs whatever I did. As long as I can do that, I’m happy you know.” Could it be that the grandson of a communist and son of Trotskyists could now find a home in Corbyn’s ideologically purified parliamentary Labour Party?

Stockport is a Labour safe-seat, the party won 63.3% of the vote at the last election. Owen has been tweeting about how “I shoved leaflets through doors to support Stockport’s MP Ann Coffey when I was 8. Now she’s abandoned her party – and with local elections coming up – Stockport Labour need support and solidarity.” They also need a candidate. Even if Ann Coffey stood again for TIG and split the vote in half, Labour would still beat the second placed Tories. That has got to be tempting for a local boy who openly says he is now bored of journalism…

UPDATE 28 February, 2019: Owen says the local source is wrong, that the event was planned before Ann Coffey defected and he is definitely ruling himself out of standing for the seat. How disappointing for the locals…

University of Essex Suspend Staff Member Over Anti-Semitism Allegations as Labour Candidate Apologises

In an email sent to all Essex Alumni, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Essex has condemned anti-Semitism and made clear that after more than 200 students voted against the establishment of a Jewish society, Sabbatical Officers have met with the Trustee Board, and have decided to immediately ratify the society. Amazing that it went to a referendum in the first place…

Guido reported yesterday that lecturer Dr Maaruf Ali had been encouraging students to vote against the establishment of the society, and had shared anti-Semitic content on Facebook. The Vice Chancellor has confirmed that he has suspended the lecturer and an independent investigation has been initiated:

“Serious allegations have been made against a member of University staff. In accordance with our University procedures, an independent investigation of these allegations has been initiated and whilst this takes place a member of staff has been suspended.”

Meanwhile, Labour’s Colchester candidate Tina McKay has also apologised for her “offensive and inappropriate” remarks over Labour anti-Semitism on the University of Essex Labour Society Facebook page. These instances are becoming increasingly common. Academia and the Labour Party still have questions to answer…

Chris Leslie’s Bitter Labour Bust Up on Question Time

TIG’s Chris Leslie did not hold back in his criticism of the Labour Party on Question Time last night. Andy McDonald didn’t like him bringing up Shami Chakrabarti’s curiously timed peerage…[…] Read the rest


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