Bercow’s Bullying of his Chief Clerk was Well Known

The Sun has run as an exclusive today that John Bercow’s bullying of Robert Rogers – which the former Clerk of the Commons reported earlier in the week – was so bad his health collapsed and he was forced to take early retirement. Certainly tallies with his bullying of his secretary Kate Emms which resulted in her being diagnosed with PTSD…

“A friend told The Sun: “Bercow told Robert he was no good, he was useless, he was f***ing this and f***ing that, all of the time.

“He tried to make him feel completely worthless, without ever making any specific allegations of what he was supposed to have done wrong.

“The clerks used to call it Bercow’s ‘carpet chewing’.”

While Lord Lisvane has only just come forward with the allegations, the truth about their relationship has been swirling around Westminster for over half a decade. In 2015, Michael Cockerell documented their relationship when, after retiring early for undisclosed reasons, Bercow abandoned the tradition of hosting a retirement do for Rogers. Choosing instead to host a rock concert in Speaker’s House…

Michael Fabricant appeared on the Matt Forde podcast in 2014, once again refusing to give away the reason for Rogers’s early retirement, tipping off a journalist present that the true reason might be something he wanted to pursue and noting the cause wasn’t something the clerk himself had done.

Westminster knew this was going on, yet it took Bercow’s retirement to really get it out in the open; showing just how terrified Commons employees were of him. Now the Labour party – supposedly the party of workers’ rights – want to give him a peerage…

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Bercow Joining Royal Holloway’s Politics Department

Students at Royal Hollway university in London have been told John Bercow is joining the politics department on a part-time basis, “and will contribute to teaching across the curriculum.”

He will be giving a lecture at the university this afternoon. Read the email in full below…

Dear Students

I’m delighted to announce that John Bercow is joining the department as Professor of Politics. Today will be his first day.

I think this is a really exciting opportunity. Professor Bercow chaired the House of Commons during one the most tumultuous periods in British politics. I’m sure his extensive experience will provide students with unique insights into the workings of Parliament and British politics more generally.

Professor Bercow will work with undergraduate and postgraduate students on a part-time basis, and will contribute to teaching across the curriculum.

He’s very excited to be joining us and – as you know – will be giving a talk this evening in the Shilling Auditorium at 5.30pm. If you see him around on campus please give him a warm welcome.

Many thanks

Now he’ll be able to drone on to a room full of bored people in London, will he continue seeking to join the Lords?…

UPDATE: Two hours after publishing this revelation, Guido covered Bercow’s appalling behaviour towards his staff – which resulted in PTSD and forced early retirement – is in the spotlight this week. Guido notices Royal Holloway’s ‘bullying and harassment’ policy includes the commitment:

All members of the College have a responsibility to ensure an environment that is free from harassment, bullying, unlawful discrimination and victimisation. This policy promotes the respectful treatment of employees within the College and the protection of employees from bullying and harassment at work.

Let’s hope their complaints board is more effective than the Commons’s…

UPDATE: At Bercow’s speech to the university today, students were asked not to record, but, of course, our source broke the rules. Guido’s informed Bercow denied Robert Rogers’s allegations, saying they have had years to report the accusations – they didn’t, and have only done so now it is advantageous

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Bercow Rips Off Taxpayer with £12,000 Leaving Parties and £1,000 Taxi

We hoped we’d seen the last of Bercow-induced rage stories but just when you thought he was finally out of the public consciousness it has now been revealed he expensed a £1,000 taxi to Nottingham and his various leaving parties to the tune of £12,000 in his last few months. This is expenses scandal level…

The taxi journey, revealed thanks to a Daily Mail FoI, took Bercow from parliament to Nottingham Trent University, for a speech about how Parliament should respond to the ‘anti-politics age’. A good start would be not fleecing the taxpayer for your ego-induced jollies…

He also spent thousands on farewell tours, including:

  • £7,000 visit to the US (where he gave a speech encouraging MPs to block No Deal)
  • £3,696 retirement party for the Principle Clerk of the House
  • £3,187 retirement party for the Clerk of the House
  • £3,168 retirement party for the Speaker’s Chaplain
  • £2,376 retirement party for Commons ‘Invitations Secretary’
  • £1,400 dinner with presiding officers from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • £234 drinks bill for MPs
  • £118 Sky subscription
  • £74 Heathrow Express to Edinburgh festival

By contrast, when moving into speaker’s house last week, Sir Lindsay came down by train in standard class..

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The Continuing Decline of Bercow

Only last week he was being paid to shout “Order” on Italian TV now he’s doing it for free – or at best, busking – for the man on the Clapham Omnibus. Hilariously pitiful…

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Bercow’s Filthy Flat is Being Deep Cleaned

New speaker Lindsay Hoyle is taking his time to move in to the Speaker’s House, and with good reason, Guido understands. The entire luxury residence is having to undergo an intense deep clean after a decade of inhabitation by Bercow. Guido hears much of the ornate Pugin furniture has been scratched by cats, and the place is in such a bad state that one table has had to be removed entirely because it is so damaged. Did Bercow’s anger get the better of his furniture..?

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John Bercow Orders Italian

John Bercow’s retirement isn’t harbouring the glamour and prestige he may have hope for. After being thoroughly dismayed on the Sky Election Night Show by the Tory majority, he’s showing off his pro-European credentials. By practising his Italian…

He also brandished his love of Roger Federer… and shouted ‘order’ quite a bit more.

Perhaps Bercow and Sally are thinking of moving to Italy – they’d certainly enjoy the bunga bunga parties…

Hat-tip: @antoguerrera
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