Bercow Delisted By Speaking Agencies

Yesterday, Guido noted how, despite being found to be a serial liar and a bully, John Bercow has managed to remain broadly ‘uncancelled’ from his various positions and jobs. Despite him standing down as a Holland Park School trustee, his other roles seem intact.

One of his sources of income is as a keynote speaker for various agencies. While his website says he is represented for media and speaking engagements by JLA, he can also be booked via the London Speaker Bureau. Or can he?

Anyone trying to find his profile on either website via Google – or clicking through to JLA – will find his profile is now no longer available. Guido wondered whether Bercow’s serial bullying might have finally had some consequences, however calling up the London Speaker Bureau to see if he could book John, Guido was told (after some off-the-call consultations) that he is still available as a speaker and indeed has an engagement coming up. Are the agencies trying to pretend they care about bullying victims by hiding his profile, yet still allowing clients to book Bercow and continue making money?

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Bercow Robbed of Final Golden Handshake

Despite having his reputation decimated in SW1, the damning bullying investigation into John Bercow left him remarkably “un-cancelled” from his jobs and positions, from university professorships to his JLA speaking gig. Guido has a feeling a right-winger would have suffered far more had a report found them to be a serial liar and bully…

On the day the report was published, Tory MP Caroline Johnson suggested one course of action:

“There are a number of records of Mr Bercow’s period in office throughout the building, which must be seen on a potentially daily basis by his victims. In light of this report and the need to set history in context, is there any intention on the part of Mr Speaker or the Speaker’s Office to put explanatory plaques alongside them—for example, next to Mr Bercow’s portrait in Speaker’s House?”

In a similar vein, one co-conspirator spotted that, in the Peers’ staircase in parliament, there is a section of wall dedicated to former speakers’ coats of arms. One piece of masonry has already gilded, their fear being it had been done so in anticipation of Mr Bercow’s addition.

Concerned, and hoping to prevent an egregious waste of taxpayers’ money on such a memorial, Guido endeavoured to get clarification for the co-conspirator. He now learns that only those Speakers who have been given a peerage will be added to the wall, meaning Bercow doesn’t, and will never, qualify. As an extra precaution, the gold-painted space is well over five feet above the ground, meaning Bercow can’t sneak in and paint it himself…

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Hoyle: I Was Never Personally Bullied by Bercow

Lindsay Hoyle denied that he was personally bullied by John Bercow during an LBC Marr interview last night, in the wake of last week’s damning report into his predecessor’s conduct. Hoyle denied reading the report in full, having only caught the headlines, though admitted their relationship had become “tense” at times. Sounds like he avoided having anything thrown at him…


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Dawn Butler Gives Up on Cameo Stardom

Dawn Butler, who made history as the the first sitting MP on celebrity video-sharing app Cameo, has again broken new ground by becoming the first sitting MP to leave the platform after receiving what looks like no requests. Having joined the service in June to cash in on the trend set by Nigel Farage, Iain Dale, and John Bercow, Butler has now quietly deleted her profile, much to the disappointment of her 6-person ‘fan club’. Despite no videos being publicly available on the profile at the time of deletion, one person did leave her a five star review…

John Bercow, meanwhile, has found a lucrative new career on the platform. He appears to have realised corporations will happily fork out £2,250 to watch him scream until he’s red in the face. A service he used to provide to his own staff free of charge.

As Steerpike noticed on Friday, Bercow has now even become a viral sensation over in China, where his 92-second birthday message to fictitious ‘virtual idol’ Jiaran (an animated character) has picked up 3.9 million views. What might’ve been, Dawn…

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NEW: Royal Holloway Defend Politics Professor Bercow

He’s lost his ability to claim a parliamentary pass, he’s lost his Labour Party membership, he’s lost his credibility, however Bercow isn’t losing all his gongs. Guido can confirm Royal Holloway University is standing by their politics professor after Guido confronted them with the findings of the Independent Expert Panel. A spokesperson tells Guido they are aware of the investigation:

“Professor John Bercow has always been fully transparent with the university regarding the inquiry. He joined Royal Holloway in January 2020 and we have had positive feedback from students who value the insight they gain from his extensive experience and knowledge of British politics.”

The team over at Royal Holloway say that there is a line, however, and should any student or staff member experience similar bullying by the former Speaker they “would take immediate action”. A politics student at the university when Bercow was announced as their latest star signing told Guido:

“During his inaugural lecture at Royal Holloway, on the day of his appointment, Mr Bercow spent the first and last minutes of it defending his name and insisting that the allegations were nothing but a political vendetta. In light of the inquiry substantiating these claims, that Royal Holloway still believes he is a man worth standing by seems ludicrous, least of all from a pioneering former-women’s college on International Women’s Day”

Guido wonders whether the press office’s defensive statement will be able to stand for long…

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Belligerent Bercow Rants at BBC Presenter Over Bullying Verdict “I’m Certainly Not Apologising”

Small mercies for BBC World at One presenter Sarah Montague, who just had to endure a 4-minute rant from John Bercow over today’s guilty verdict – at least it was 9 minutes shorter than the diatribe a member of his own staff had to suffer through during his tenure as Speaker. Listen at your own peril.

It was the usual routine today from John, who followed up his statement this morning by criticising Kathryn Stone for having “absolutely no body of expertise whatsoever” on his case, and repeatedly interrupting Montague to correct her “confused” questioning. How he was found guilty today will be a question for the ages.

After raging at Montague for most of his appearance, Bercow signed off by reassuring listeners once again that he “never applied” for a parliamentary pass and “didn’t want one“. Apparently it was an “absurd penalty” and “ridiculous“. What was he hoping for? Something more severe?

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