Momentum Admits there was No 2017 ‘Youthquake’

Despite it being made ‘word of the year in 2017’ – and the media landscape somewhat shifting in response to it – the myth that a surge in youth turnout changing the course of the 2017 election has finally been acknowledged as untrue by Momentum.

A few months after the election it had become clear that there was no youthquake, as the authoritative British Election Study made clear, much to the protest of Corbynista Millenials who purported to speak for their generation. Now, belatedly, Momentum have told their supporters “just 57% of young people voted in the last election” in a fundraising email sent to supporters. Twelve points lower than the average turnout…

Emails Reveal Momentum Only Applied for Electoral Commission Registration After Guido Revelations

At 09:50 on October 30 Guido published a story pointing out that Momentum had already raised more money than allowed for non-party campaigners to spend on the general election without being registered with the Electoral Commission. Essentially being in non-compliance with the law. In 2017 the Electoral Commission levied the highest fine ever “on a non-party campaigner for not submitting a complete and accurate spending return during the 2017 election.”

They responded that this was a smear:

Emails obtained by Guido reveal our story that morning prompted panic at Momentum, making them scurry to make their application:

At 12:26 having now completed their online registration application they emailed the Electoral Commission plaintively asking them to confirm that they were now registered. At 16:19, having got no response, they again seek confirmation that their application – tendered only hours earlier – had been authorised. Bear in mind they had already started fundraising for the election…

As of last night, they are now aiming to raise a total of £300,000 and reckon they can get around the limits put on non-party campaigns:This is total nonsense. Momentum is brazenly flouting the rules – again – confident that they will merely have to pay fines afterwards. The Electoral Commission should go to court urgently and get an order to enforce the law. Any subsequent breach of the order would be a serious contempt of court and the consequences would be more than just a fine.

Momentum Chief Doesn’t Trust Jon Ashworth

Speaking to Politico about how Corbyn’s team are using the same sophisticated election tactics as Bernie Sanders in the US, Momentum National Coordinator Laura Parker attacked Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth as ‘untrustworthy’.

Parker, talking about trust in politics, singled out Labour’s main man on health as someone who voters would “definitely” not have much faith in:

“”You trust your next-door neighbor talking about their hip replacement more than you’d trust me if I was on the telly talking about health spending — and definitely more than you’d trust [Shadow Health Secretary] Jonathan Ashworth,” Parker said.”

Is this an implicit admission that Labour’s bogus NHS claims aren’t being believed..?

The Momentum Campaign Guide to Avoiding Difficult Questions

Momentum have released their guide to ‘Having Difficult Conversations on the Doorstep’. In comparison to Jewish Voice for Labour’s briefing on how to respond on the doorstep to claims of Labour antisemitism, it makes for pretty dull reading…

One interesting approach Momentum propose can be seen under point 6: ‘Pivot’. “If you can’t deal with their issue, link it to a national or local issue and try and have a conversation based on this.” Guido spots remarkable similarities to Corbyn’s approach dealing with the media…

The document also identifies “Common issues” on the doorstep, including:

  • The Labour Party has too many internal problems
  • Boris Johnson is a strong leader
  • Boris Johnson is a man of the people
  • I’m voting Lib Dem
  • Immigration
  • Trident
  • The Labour Party is anti-semitic
  • Corbyn supports terrorism
  • Labour has no clear position on Brexit
  • How are we going to pay for Labour policies?
  • Won’t this mean a tax on the middle classes?
  • But I believe in aspirations

If in doubt, refer to point 6…

No Brexit Answers from Momentum

Momentum released a smug video this morning trying to claim Labour’s second renegotiation, second referendum Brexit policy was simple. Guido has some questions

Vladimir Putin Donates to Momentum after Giving to People’s Vote

Back in May Guido noticed Vladimir Putin could donate to the People’s Vote campaign from a foreign country, now the generous Russian leader is back and has just given to Momentum. Carole is yet again critising the Brexit Party for accepting foreign donations via PayPal, whilst others this week have been going after the government for supposedly blocking a report about Russian interference in our elections, so Guido decided it was the right time to donate to Momentum from his home in Ireland, as Vladimir Putin from the Kremlin.

When Momentum asked why Vlad donated, he said: “To undermine Western security, disarm the British nuclear deterrent and hasten the break up of NATO”. They accepted his £3… 

Tories Report Momentum to the Electoral Commission

Following Guido’s exclusive yesterday, the Electoral Commission put out a bland statement that they were “monitoring non-party campaigners“. Tory vice-chairman Paul Scully has now written to the Electoral Commission to raise their concerns about Momentum’s failure to register as a non-party campaigner for the upcoming election. In less than 12 hours, Momentum claimed they’ve already raised £100,000.

If a non-party campaigner intends to spend more than £20,000, the law requires that they should be registered with the Electoral Commission. Momentum have already been spending money over the last couple of months so could well have already committed a technical breach. The law clearly states that under Political Parties Elections Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA) non-party campaigners are required to register with the Electoral Commission if they incur ‘controlled expenditure’ over a prescribed threshold during the ‘regulated period’ prior to an election. We are now in the regulated ‘long campaign’.

PPERA requires organisations to register with the Electoral Commission as a recognised party if they intend to spend more than £20,000 in England on ‘controlled expenditure’ during the ‘regulated period’ before an election. Guido has no doubt that Momentum are deliberately and intentionally flouting the law to avoid monitoring and transparency requirements. Moderate Labour MPs are convinced that Momentum would rather pay a £20,000 fine from the Electoral Commission then have it revealed that they are spending money to predominantly support their hard-left factional candidates…

UPDATE: The Electoral Commission say that Momentum have now submitted their non-party campaigner registration and they are reviewing it.

Guido is intrigued to know how Momentum will keep within the legal spending limits when they plan to raise £200,000…

Electoral Commission “Monitoring Compliance” of Non-Party Campaigners

The Electoral Commission have just sent us this statement:

“In order to maintain voter confidence, it is important that all parties and campaigners comply with the rules and campaign responsibly. Ahead of final confirmation, we will shortly publish updated guidance for candidates, political parties and non-party campaigners to help them comply, and we will monitor compliance throughout. As in every election, we will share donation reports during the campaign and spending reports after the campaign, so voters can see how parties and campaigners are funded and how they spend their money.”

Following on from this morning’s story about Momentum fundraising in excess of the legal spending limits, without having registered, we put 3 questions to Momentum’s press office:

  1. Can you confirm the position with Electoral Commission registration?
  2. Has the Labour Party officially authorised Momentum to spend money as part of their campaign?
  3. If not, what do you propose to do with the funds raised over the lower limit? (Was £40,000 in 2017)

No response from the comrades as yet…

Momentum Have Not Registered With Electoral Commission

Momentum is currently not registered as a non-party campaigner with the Electoral Commission, which they have to be if they intend to spend more than £20,000 in England in the General Election. They were found to have lied about over-spending during their last general election campaign and cynically committed electoral fraud. The Electoral Commission gave them “the highest fine levied on a non-party campaigner for not submitting a complete and accurate spending return during the 2017 election.”

The group, which was fined for multiple breaches of electoral law, has told supporters it is raising £50,000 in the first 48 hours of the campaign alone. This is to spend on “building some of the most advanced campaigning tools ever used in the UK.” Clearly an election expense, and clearly only just the start of the money they are looking to raise and spend…

If Momentum spend more than £20,000 in England, £10,000 in Scotland or £10,000 in Wales without registering first then they’ve committed an offence. The campaign will have been spending money over the last couple of months too so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that they’ve already committed a technical breach. Guido looks forward to the other journalists who have made a big show of their concern for Electoral Commission rules getting involved with this investigation… 

Labour Abolishes Blairite Student Wing

Last night, Labour’s NEC voted to abolish the National Organisation of Labour Students, after a motion was tabled by Momentum founder Jon Lansman. NOLS had been seen as one of the last bastions of Blairism in the party, with previous committee members including Jacqui Smith, Gloria De Piero, John Woodcock, Mike Gapes, and Tom Watson. It’s no surprise Corbynites were never a fan…

Until last year the organisation had been funded by the party, with three paid roles based in Labour’s Southside headquarters. Funding for this year was pulled and the full-time roles effectively abolished. Now the final step has been taken by Labour’s ruling executive, disaffiliating the organisation as one of Labour’s ‘socialist societies’, and setting precedent to disaffiliate other less loyal affiliated groups, like some trade unions. A big pro-loyalty power play…

Abolishing the arm organising a key demographic for Labour potentially just weeks out from a general election might not seem like the smartest electoral strategy. Last night’s meeting also lowered the threshold to trigger deselection of MPs in Wales from 51% to 33%. The purge marches on…

Momentum Go Full Trot

In what stands to be one of the largest hissy fits in British political history, Momentum have announced plans to take radical action to shut down bridges and roads up and down the country in a new direct action campaign. To mirror Boris’ shut down of parliament…

In a move that is certain to get middle England on side, Momentum hailed the success of yesterday’s minuscule protest outside Parliament, threatening the Government by saying “if you steal our democracy, we’ll shut down the streets”. Doesn’t look like this political hysteria is going to lose Momentum any time soon…

McDonnell Praises Climate Protestors ‘Direct Action’ Occupations of Banks

John McDonnell joined Momentum’s ‘urgent climate organising call’ last night along with with youth climate strikers. Momentum had advertised the call by sending out an excited email informing supporters that climate strike leader Greta Thunberg has “called for a general strike.” The UK hasn’t seen a general strike since 1926…

Alarmingly, the Shadow Chancellor praised “all the work people are doing on the ground at the moment” saying

“Direct action campaigns do work, we’ve demonstrated that time and time again, shifting the whole agenda, and we’ll be supporting all we possibly can.”

McDonnell specifically referenced Momentum’s occupation of Barclays branches, expressing support for “all the work people are doing on the ground” and presumably their calls to “ruin the economy.” The would be Chancellor supporting the illegal occupation of bank branches is a taste of the future. Chavez used the mobs to physically attack the private sector, smashing up businesses owned by regime opponents. We have been warned…

Momentum Pickets Closed Bank Branch

Momentum are latching onto fashionable climate change protesting to stay relevant to millenials increasingly disenchanted with Corbyn. They are organising pickets of Barclays because they lend to industry. Industry which uses “fossil fuels”. The campaign is about as logical as picketing a closed Barclays branch on a Saturday…

Should they perhaps refocus their lobbying target? After all when he was campaigning to become leader the headlines wereJeremy Corbyn vows to reopen coal mines. Margaret Thatcher on the other hand…

Momentum Fined By Electoral Commission For Multiple Breaches Of Electoral Law

Guido’s investigation in late 2017 drew attention to the implausibility of Momentum having adhered to the laws on spending limits. The subsequent Electoral Commission electoral fraud investigation has borne this out, with Momentum today being fined £16,700 for multiple breaches of electoral law.[…] Read the rest


No, There Isn’t a ‘Purple Momentum’

The Tory TIGs, Heidi Allen, Sarah Wollaston, and Anna Soubry, have claimed as a key reason for their defections was a “Purple Momentum” that is “subsuming the Conservative Party”. But is there any evidence of this or is it just an after-the event rationalisation?[…] Read the rest


Momentum Tease Chuka with Valentine’s Video

Momentum have released a tongue in cheek video begging Chuka to stay in the party this Valentine’s Day. Ironic considering how quickly the deselection train is chugging his way…[…] Read the rest


Chuka’s Local Party Seized by Corbynites in Mass Meeting

Corbynites succeeded in seizing control of Chuka’s local Labour Party in Streatham last night, with local members turning out in their hundreds to a mass meeting in order to vote to change the model for participation at meetings, so that any member can vote no matter how long they’ve been in the party or whether or not they hold a position.[…] Read the rest


Chuka’s Local Party Making Deselection Moves This Evening

Streatham Constituency Labour Party is this evening holding a special all member meeting to vote on whether future meetings should be switched from a delegate based ‘General Committee’ structure to an ‘All Member Meeting’ structure, whereby any member can vote – a move recommended by Corbyn’s ‘Democracy Review’.[…] Read the rest


Momentum Seize Control of Labour Party Disciplinary Committee

The hard-left Momentum / CPLD slate won all the six available seats on Labour Party’s top disciplinary body.

Controversial Stephen Marks, of Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), has been vocal in attacking the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM), claiming that antisemitism complaints are part of a campaign against Corbyn.[…] Read the rest


Momentum Anti-Deal Site Registered Before Deal Revealed

Momentum have launched a new website called, encouraging MPs to vote May’s draft withdrawal agreement down. The website says the deal “will put our jobs, rights and living standards at risk.” It also confidently asserts that “this deal will leave us with the worst of all worlds, both crashing our economy and leaving us with no real say.”

But the URL was registered on 8th November, a week before anyone saw the text of the draft deal.[…] Read the rest


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