Starmer’s Own Momentum Branch Sticks Knife In

Camden Momentum, which organises with Keir Starmer’s Holborn and St Pancras CLP, has launched a blistering attack against the Labour leadership frontrunner in the pages of the Camden New Journal. The article does not hold back…

“Basedon on our experience, we do not trust him to follow through on these [hard left] gestures and warm words…”

“He has built a team around him that has worked tirelessly to marginalise the left within the CLP, yet now he calls for an end to “factionalism”…”

“Starmer abstained on the welfare bill that forced poverty on the poorest, mostly women…”

“His history says what we need to know about his political instincts.”

The message goes on to talk about his record as Director of Public Prosecutions, focussing on his dismissing Camden-based group Women Against Rape. Guido notes no one has signed a ‘clean campaign pledge’ yet…

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Labour Leadership Outrage on All Sides

There’s anger from different wings of the Labour Party today as both antisemites and Momentum members accuse each other of stitch-ups preventing them from voting for candidates of their choice. Whatever happened to democratic socialism?…

In Momentum land, any premise of a voice of the membership has been thrown out of the window as they are asked to merely confirm their support for Rebecca Long-Bailey and Angela Rayner with a yes or no response – something described to the Independent by one member as ‘ludicrous’ and ‘a joke’, and a farce even Owen Jones and Paul Mason are blasting. Imagine how they’d have lobbied to run the next general election if Corbyn had won…

On the other hand, all five candidates are receiving abuse from antisemitic Labour Members who are outraged that they have all signed the British Board of Deputies’ reasonable pledges

The list of demands – which includes radical anti-Corbynite principles like ‘provide no platform for bigotry’ and ‘deliver anti-racism education’ – has been slammed by the usual suspects, including the Morning Star, and other far left Corbyn fans who have naturally pivoted the debate to one of Israeli foreign policy and said they don’t want an outside organisation interfering in the Labour Leadership election. That’s the kind of outward-facing attitude that’ll win them the next election…

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Momentum’s National Leader Quits

Laura Parker has quit as Momentum’s national coordinator. In an email to supporters last night she said “I’m leaving the Momentum staff team, I’m not leaving the movement.” Guido suspects she will be happy to avoid the post-election post-mortem. Guido is also willing to bet Momentum will be fined again by the Electoral Commission for their brazen flouting of the electoral spending laws.

Going through the archives Guido noticed the above clip. Lansman at least kept this promise…

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Momentum Thugs Organising Cash Reward for Attack on Boris With Milkshakes

Boris was forced to call off a visit in hyper-marginal Bishop Auckland earlier today after a gang of Labour activists turned up to cause trouble, at least one of whom claimed to have “a milkshake ready and everything”.

A group of Labour Momentum activists has been organising in WhatsApp groups to attack the Prime Minister with a milkshake, Guido can reveal. The first successful attack is to be rewarded with a cash bonus. Momentum activists have been sharing a now-deleted professional website (the internet never forgets) which encouraged people to assault the Prime Minister for a bounty. The shipped-in thugs aren’t unique to Leeds Hospitals

Desperation leading to dirty tricks… 


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Labour Accused of Accepting Illegal Foreign Aid

Labour and Momentum have been accused of accepting illegal foreign donations during the election campaign, with the Tories reporting both to the electoral commission and demanding an urgent investigation. Read the letter in full here

Despite Labour constantly pointing their own fingers at supposed ‘dark money’ coming in from abroad to influence elections, new evidence shows Labour and Momentum have received support from the Bernie Sanders-supporting Democratic Socialists for America who have been running phone banking sessions for the party from five US states. Not surprising given how similar they are – the presidential hopeful even nicked Corbyn’s slogan

Such activity – also being donated by the Party of European Socialists – is illegal as it’s being undertaken by overseas corporate bodies with no connection to the UK, and there is no indication of where the money is coming from. Only the second most worrying foreign donation Labour have accepted this week, following the Russian-originated unredacted trade documents…

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Momentum Admits there was No 2017 ‘Youthquake’

Despite it being made ‘word of the year in 2017’ – and the media landscape somewhat shifting in response to it – the myth that a surge in youth turnout changing the course of the 2017 election has finally been acknowledged as untrue by Momentum.

A few months after the election it had become clear that there was no youthquake, as the authoritative British Election Study made clear, much to the protest of Corbynista Millenials who purported to speak for their generation. Now, belatedly, Momentum have told their supporters “just 57% of young people voted in the last election” in a fundraising email sent to supporters. Twelve points lower than the average turnout…

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