Bercow Casts Momentum Out of Battersea Labour

Labour member John Bercow has admitted participating in a local coup against his branch’s Momentum-supporting chair, and installing the Brownite John Oughton as the new chair – the former Treasury efficiency czar. As Mark Wallace retorted, “Momentum versus John Bercow is the 2022 equivalent of who would you like to win the Iran-Iraq War”…

Paul Waugh revealed the Wandsworth revolution overnight, claiming Bercow had played a key role. However just before PMQs the former speaker – who is shortly to formally learn the outcome of his bullying investigation – clarified “I simply attended, listened to candidates and cast my votes on merit by secret ballot.” It’s not like John to downplay his own importance…

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Tory Party Chairman Confirms CCHQ’s Hedonistic Intentions

Momentum – yes, they still exist – put out the above meme on social media, which seems to Guido to say “Tories are more fun”. Momentum’s viral attack meme has not had quite the impact they intended. Instead, it’s resulted in many on social media expressing a preference for Tory hedonism…

In fact, it seems to be true that the Tories really are more hedonistic: undaunted by Omicron fears, they do intend to have more fun this Christmas. Oliver Dowden made clear this morning: “I think there’s a Conservative Party political party, as it were, Christmas party, I think is still planned, and I don’t intend to cancel it as chairman of the Conservative Party.” Challenged on the nature of the planned party, in the light of allegations of lockdown-breaking party games in Downing Street last year, he told BBC Breakfast: “This is not a children’s party so I wouldn’t expect games… It will be a social gathering at our London office.” Presumably no Peppa Pig this time…

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Despite John McDonnell’s Plea, Momentum Still Paying Staff Below £15 Per Hour

Yesterday morning former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell went on Sky News to reignite Labour’s £15 minimum wage row. On the show, McDonnell argued that the Labour Party should give [a £15 minimum wage] commitment by the next election.” Yet McDonnell’s mates at Momentum are still advertising jobs that fail to pay staff anywhere near the proposed £15 per hour minimum for which they are campaigning…   

At the beginning of the month, Guido revealed that at least six jobs at Momentum paid less than McDonnell’s proposed minimum wage. Almost a month after Guido pointed out this hypocrisy, Momentum have advertised three new jobs – all of which still offer less than £15 per hour. The ‘Administration and Governance Officer’ role offers between £26,380-£30,020. The ‘Northern and Midlands Organiser’ role offers between £22,880 – £26,520 –  which according to McDonnell, is barely enough to live on. Finally, the ‘Head of Communicationsjob offers between £29,765 – £33,370, the lower end of which is still below the £15 minimum. Momentum can’t credibly campaign for businesses to pay a minimum wage that they don’t pay their own staff…

*Unions have long campaigned for paid breaks and holidays which means, annualised, £15 x 40 x 52 = £31,200.

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Most of Momentum’s Campaign Jobs Don’t Pay £15 Per Hour

Trade unions and the Labour Party campaigned for, and won, paid holidays and breaks, which means that the £15 per hour national minimum wage the Labour Party membership voted for at their conference equates to £31,200.* Yet we’ve gone through Momentum’s job advertisements and found that most of the jobs at the campaign pay well below that figure…

How can Momentum credibly campaign for businesses to pay a minimum wage that they don’t pay their own staff – “be the change you want to see” is a basic test of credibility. We’ve asked Momentum’s press office to explain themselves. GB News also invited Momentum on this morning to make their case. Embarrassed silence.

They’re not the only left-wing organisation guilty of hypocrisy, as our senior reporter Christian Calgie explained this morning on GB News. The £15-an-hour mandate is ridiculously above the market rate for most jobs, it is above the average wage for experienced staff in many roles. That is proven by the fact that those organisations campaigning for it, don’t even pay it themselves.

*£15 x 40 x 52 = £31,200

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Momentum Advertising for Head of Communications on Less Than £15 per Hour

Fresh from shaming the bosses at Novara Media – who as of next week will be paying staff £16.50 per hour – as well as highlighting the low rates the Baker’s Union were paying, Guido has spotted the low rates of pay being offered by Momentum. The same Momentum which campaigns for £15 per hour pay.

By Guido’s calculations, an organisation offering paid holiday and lunch breaks for a typical 40 hour week has to pay a basic £31,200 annual salary to meet the generous £15 per hour rate that Momentum and other left-wing campaigns are demanding. The faction is seeking a Head of Communications with interviews commencing next month. Their advert specifies pay ranges with starting salaries of £29,765 with London weighting or £26,265 without London weighting. That works out at £14.26 for a Londoner or just £12.62 for someone from the provinces.

Clearly the high national minimum wage they campaign for is, in this case, some £5,000 above the market rate they think someone from out of London should start on. It is clear that their rhetoric of “£15 per hour” doesn’t match the reality of what they think they need to pay.

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Those “Baseless Rumours” About Angela Rayner

Starmer’s sacked PPS Carolyn Harris – even according to allies of Starmer – was “a bit of a liability”, so it is no surprise she has had to go. Or as a statement released by Starmer’s office to The Times put it, Harris said she was “stepping back from this role”, after she was asked to justify what The Times delicately described as “baseless rumours” she was said to be spreading about Angela Rayner. Guido’s not convinced the rumours are baseless.

Last October The Sun reported Angela Rayner had grown close to her Momentum backing leadership campaign manager Sam Tarry, under the headline “Labour deputy Angela Rayner strikes up close friendship with married MP after split from husband”. The Sun euphemistically said “Angela Rayner has struck up a close friendship” with Sam Tarry. In return Rayner helped Tarry win the Ilford South seat, going out of her way to campaign for him to successfully get into parliament during the 2019 general election:

Soon after Rayner gave the newly-elected Tarry a position which would mean he would work with her as “the Deputy Leader’s Parliamentary Lead on Campaigns & Organisation.” Carolyn Harris saw this as a dangerous opportunity for a Momentum hardliner to organise within the PLP and help rig candidate selections for the left. Negative briefing from Carolyn Harris about Angela Rayner and Sam Tarry therefore combined the personal and the political. 

When The Sun asked if Rayner and Tarry were having an intimate relationship, they got the reply “Any suggestion that she has made any appointment based upon anything other than professional merit, experience and ability will be considered highly defamatory.” Which is of course a denial that she gave his a career leg-up, not that he got a leg-over…

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