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Guido hears that Starmer has been to see Unite union boss Sharon Graham today. Starmer could, of course, be begging for more funding or perhaps to ask for the union’s help with upcoming Labour conference votes. Momentum have picked up where they left off and are once again upset with the Labour leadership. Today the Labour NEC has voted to change the Party’s constitution so that any amendments put forward by a Constituency Labour Party (CLP) must now proposed at least a year before Conference. Within the hour, Momentum put out a furious statement promising to fight the move in Liverpool next week:

“This is yet another power grab from the Party Leadership, with Starmer further centralising power in his hands at the expense of party members. We will oppose this anti-democratic move on Conference floor. Given that Starmer last year brought forward a major rule change at barely a day’s notice, it beggars belief that this rule change would force members to propose rule changes over a year in advance. It’s one rule for the Party leadership, and another for the rest of us.”

Momentum had already pledged to force a vote on strikes and pay increases on the Conference floor in a campaign led by Sam Tarry. Now with Starmer fighting back, it’s looking like all-out war…

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