SNP MP: “I Have Nothing to Say” on Male Rapists in Female Prisons

Interviewed by LBC this morning, SNP MP Alyn Smith was asked “Do you think trans people convicted of [rape] should be in women’s jails?”

“I have nothing to say on that”

Everything’s going well in SNP Land…

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Lisa Nandy Backed Male Rapists in Women’s Prisons

It seems like the neverending push for wokeness hit the buffers this week as both the Labour leadership and Nicola Sturgeon managed to unite on the tricky question of whether a male sex offender pretending to identify as a trans woman should be housed in a women’s prison. The news comes as unfortunate timing for the SNP given their recent virtue signalling over gender self-ID, which opponents warned would lead to absurdities like this and who were called bigots for doing so.

Given both Yvette Cooper told the Today Programme that “This dangerous rapist should not be in a woman’s prison”, Guido reckons there may be some awkwardness around the shadow cabinet table.

Back when she was campaigning to become Labour leader, Lisa Nady was asked directly whether men identifying as women should be allowed in women’s prisons. The questioner used the 2018 example of a child rapist who was convicted and then went onto claim he was a woman. Nandy was asked whether he should be accommodated in a women’s or a men’s prison…

“I believe fundamentally in people’s right to self ID… so I think that crimes that are recorded should be recorded as that person wishes.”

You asked about whether trans people should be in women’s or men’s prisons. I think trans women are woman and trans men are men. So I think they should be accommodated in the prison of their choosing.”

Labour and the SNP now claiming that this trans rapist is not a woman despite the individual’s claim to the contrary entirely undermines the ‘trans x are x’ argument…

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Pat McFadden Criticises Lloyd Russell-Moyle’s “Wrong” Behaviour in Commons mdi-timer 22 January 2023 @ 11:19 22 Jan 2023 @ 11:19 mdi-twitter mdi-facebook mdi-whatsapp mdi-telegram mdi-linkedin mdi-email mdi-comment View Comments LISTEN: Lisa Breaks Rank to Back Trans Treatment for Children

In news that may take co-conspirators back to Labour’s 2020 leadership contest, Lisa Nandy has broken from Keir Starmer on the issue of trans rights. Speaking to Times Radio, the Shadow Cabinet minister undermined Sir Keir’s stance that children shouldn’t transition medically. Nandy criticised the “bureaucracy” and “hurdles” that prevented a trans 13 year-old in her constituency getting treatment. When pressed on whether a teenager could self-certify, she said:

“I think they deserve to be taken seriously. 18 is largely the age where we believe that young people become adults and can make decisions for themselves. But we do have, we do have inconsistencies in the law in this country. We believe, for example, that there are certain things that you can do at the age of 12, like the age of criminal responsibility”

On this rare occasion, Guido is siding with Starmer.

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Gillian Keegan’s Teen Transition Lesson Learned From New Education Adviser

As the government comes out against Sturgeon’s trans bill, which would allow 16-year-olds to change gender with minimal effort, Guido was surprised to hear one minister contradicting this message. Speaking to Kay Burley this morning, Education Secretary Gillian Keegan said she thought 16 was old enough to change gender, despite even Sir Keir saying it was too young at the weekend. At least she’s not overseeing the publication of new gender identity guidance for schools…

It seems odd that a Secretary of State would deviate so wildly from the government line, however a recent DfE appointment might shine a light on Keegan’s thinking. The Department for Education recently announced the hiring of Russell Viner as their Chief Scientific Adviser.

Russell Viner has spent much of the last decade researching the effects of puberty blockers. Recently a paper of his found that the effect of puberty blockers was “positive for the majority”. His research involved giving such blockers to 12–15-year-olds with gender dysphoria. To be fair to Russell, he did also say that “we are dealing with unknowns” and that further study was “essential”. This didn’t stop the controversial and discredited Tavistock Centre from citing his paper as the justification their decision to give hormone treatment to pre-teens.

Co-conspirators will not need reminding that the Tavistock Centre was shut down last year after an independent review found it to be “inadequate”, with doctors saying it was referring patients onto a gender transitioning pathway “too quickly”. Guido imagines Kemi will have a word or two to say about Keegan’s medical beliefs…

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Drakeford Pledges to Copy Sturgeon’s Loony Trans Bill

Mark Drakeford has come out in support of Nicola Strugeon’s incredibly controversial gender recognition bill and told the Welsh parliament he intends to copy the move, despite government lawyers threatening to block the Holyrood legislation. Responding to a question from Tory Welsh Assembly member Laura Anne Jones yesterday, Drakeford told the chamber:

“We will do as I’ve said; we will seek the powers, if we obtain those powers we will put them to work here in Wales and we will put proposals in front of this Welsh Parliament so that those people seeking gender recognition are able to do so in a way that is not stigmatised and does not involve them having to go through a lengthy medicalised route in order to establish themselves in the way they themselves would wish to see established.”

Responding to the proposals, a government source fires a warning shot at Drakeford, telling Guido that bad legislation is bad legislation. Whether in Scotland or Wales.” 

Government lawyers are still poring over the Scottish bill, and Rishi is weighing up the various options between blocking the bill, involving the courts or merely refusing to recognise gender certificates in England that were issued in Scotland. Guido’s sure the people of Wales, experiencing strikes, a collapsing health system and a stalling economy, will be delighted that Mark Drakeford’s spending his time on this vitally important issue…

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