Kemi Slams “Appalling” Harassment of Lecturer Over Trans Views

Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch and Education Select Committee chair Rob Halfon have blasted radical trans rights campaigners at the University of Sussex and labelled their behaviour “appalling” and “unacceptable” today, after a mob of balaclava-clad activists covered the university in “Fire Kathleen Stock” posters and allegedly burnt effigies of the professor on campus. Her crime? Stressing the existence of biological sex and “favouring gendered categorisations in sport”.*

The campaign, which started two days ago and is being run by “an anonymous, unaffiliated group of queer, trans, and non-binary students”, accuses Stock of being “… one of this wretched island’s most prominent transphobes”, and claims that she has contributed to the “dire state of unsafety for trans people in this colonial sh*t hole”. This is a woman who stresses in her new book that “trans people are trans people […] they deserve to be safe, to be visible throughout society without shame or stigma“. Apparently that qualifies her as a Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF).

Despite the frothing outrage, Sussex University have defended Stock, stating that:

“…Everyone at the University has the right to be free from harassment and intimidation. We cannot and will not tolerate threats to cherished academic freedoms and will taken any action necessary to protect the rights of our community.” 

Still, the trans-rights mob have nonetheless warned that, unless Kathleen is fired, “you’ll see us around”. Charming.

*A phrase which Guido thinks means, to take one example, not wanting hairy-arsed, burly, 20 stone trans-women flattening the ladies rugby team’s back row.

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Rachel Reeves Fannys About Over Trans Rights

Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves was on LBC this morning answering the question that has been dominating the start of the Labour Party conference… “is it transphobic to say only women have a cervix?” The clip features an unsure Rachel Reeves flustering and stumbling over a perfectly predictable question about transphobia and trans rights. It’s a wonder she wasn’t more prepared for this obvious question… 

After two minutes of umming and aahing Reeves managed to choke out:

“…if someone identifies as a women or a man they should be able to do so whatever their body parts are.” 

The Labour Party needs to come up with their collective party line on this issue and fast…

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Jess Phillips Confronted by Pro-Rosie Duffield Protestors in Brighton

With Sir Keir having already thrown Rosie Duffield under the bus by insisting this morning that she shouldn’t have said “adult human female”, Jess Phillips has now been caught up in the transphobia fray. Asked whether she stands with Duffield, Phillips said:

“I stand with her literally all the time!”

Which is not the same thing as “yes”…

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Rosie Duffield: Starmer Won’t Clarify Policy on Trans Issues

Labour MP Rosie Duffield has slammed her own party over its inability to discuss trans issues properly. On the Today Programme this morning she said this failure has led to even MPs not being certain about the party’s policy. The discussion comes amidst the party’s ongoing trans rights row, and Duffield’s announcement that she’ll be avoiding this year’s Brighton conference:

“There are groups that would be at Labour Party conference that my presence would irritate … It’s hard to know how serious to take threats by people who post them online. I don’t always take them that seriously but they’re pretty awful and I did not want to subject myself and other people to that kind of abuse.” 

This isn’t the first time female MPs have felt threatened at Labour Party conference…

Whilst Duffield has been defended by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, and Speaker of the House Lindsay Hoyle, there has been a deafening silence from Keir Starmer, who has failed to meet Duffield once since the abuse began:

“He’s always positive about trying to organise a meeting, it just hasn’t happened yet. I think it is really necessary that we actually talk about this.”

He’s clearly been too busy writing his 14,000 word credo…

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Sian Berry Quits Green Party Leadership over Party Trans Row

Green Party co-leader Sian Berry has resigned over a trans rights row in the party. This follows the resignation of her fellow co-leader Jonathan Bartley last week…

In her resignation letter Berry writes:

“There is now an inconsistency between the sincere promise to fight for trans rights and inclusion in my work and the message sent by the party’s choice of front bench representatives. 

“I can no longer make the claim that the party speaks unequivocally on this issue. And my conscience simply cannot agree with the agreement that there is anything positive in sending these mixed messages.”

Despite resigning Berry states “I love the Green Party” and promised to “put even more energy into my role as a Green London Assembly member”. If the Greens have any common sense they’d use this leadership election as an excuse to drop their loony left policies and focus on polar bear-hugging local Toryism that won them swathes of seats in the May elections…

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Stonewall Received £2.6 Million in Government Grants Between 2015-2019

Despite Liz Truss, Equalities Minster, urging all government departments to withdraw from Stonewall’s employment scheme, the controversial LGBT+ charity has received over £2.6 million in government grants between 2015-2019. Guido wonders why the taxpayers are subsidising Stonewall’s extreme lobbying… 

The Department of Education has spent the most, handing out an eye-watering £934,424 to Stonewall between 2015-2019. In descending order, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office has paid £660,028 for Stonewall’s services, the Welsh Government £552,326, the Scottish Government £390,000 and NHS Scotland £79,324. Guido imagines taxpayers will be frustrated that their money is being wasted this way… 

Stonewall – which has campaigned for all female-only services to be abolished since 2015 – additionally offers 250 departments and public bodies guidance on issues like gender-neutral spaces, pronouns, and transgender inclusion, meaning the total cost to taxpayers is likely much higher than the £2.6 million reported by the Taxpayers’ Alliance. Whilst Stonewall is using government money to push its new free to be campaign, taxpayers have noticed that Stonewall is definitely not free for them… 

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