Labour Leadership Contest Heats Up

The smell of blood gushing from the open wound that was last night’s PLP meeting has seemingly attracted a number of Corbyn’s potential successors to advance their cases for leadership.

Sir Keir was first out of the gates, formally announcing and setting out his piece in an interview with The Guardian and saying the same on Today this morning, that the party needed to tackle Boris’s claim of ‘Get Brexit Done’ and deal with their antisemitism problem. Starmer also identifies the problem with Labour’s manifesto “policy overload”: “We had important things, housing and public sector pay rises, but you couldn’t see the wood for the trees”. Two billion trees to be precise…

Lisa Nandy has also spent the last 24 hours in any news studio that’ll have her, denying the fact she is yet running for leader, claiming disingenuously that she instead wants to conduct a ‘listening exercise’. Appearing alongside Ben Bradley on Newsnight last night, Nandy focused heavily on her favourite subject of towns; spoke eloquently of the need to build bridges between Lewisham and Leeds to restore trust if Labour has any hope of winning in 2024. What Lewisham has to do with Leeds is unclear.

Newly-made marginal MP, Yvette Cooper has also stuck her neck out on the Today Programme this morning, saying she will decide on whether to run over Christmas; saying the party has to be both “radical and credible”. Pick one, Yvette…

In the meantime, absolutely none of them will be delighted to see Tony Blair rearing his head at a speech in central London to tell Labour “To eject Boris Johnson from Downing Street, Jeremy Corbyn had to reverse Labour’s decline in its heartlands.” A revolutionary analysis…

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Lib Dems: Tony Blair Can F*ck Off & Die

Lib Dems took part in their annual conference sing-a-long last night, and despite the referendum, their new recruits, and support from Alastair Campbell, Mrs Blair, and probably the Former Prime Minister too, they launched into the Lib Dem classic: “Tony Blair can f*ck off and die

The song, originally written in 1995 about rejecting the idea about coalition with the Labour Party, became a Lib Dem Glee Club favourite in the post-Iraq era. Guido brings you the lyrics so you can sing along at home:

So bye, bye to the great Lib-Lab lie
That it’s made in heaven
‘cos that’s pie in the sky
Us Lib Dems will take courage and cry
“Tony Blair can f*ck off and die”
“Tony Blair can f*ck off and die

Guido wonders how Chuka feels about that..?

Hat-tip: George Parker
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Labour Governments Forced Queen to Block Numerous Bills

Over the last couple of days, Government ministers have avoided answering whether they would allow the Queen to approve to any legislation passed by Parliament designed to prevent Brexit on the 31st. Naturally, Remainers have reacted with outrage…

Back in January a Policy Exchange paper by Sir Stephen Laws QC argued that the executive’s role in approving legislation is fundamental to the UK’s constitution, and passing laws without executive approval upsets the UK’s constitutional order.

Guido can now reveal there is extensive precedent of Governments asking the Queen to not sign legislation they don’t approve. Anti-Brexit spokesman Tony Blair himself used this power on a number of occasions to “quell politically embarrassing backbench rebellions”. Perhaps most notably to block a bill by Tam Dalyell in 1999 that aimed to give MPs a vote on military action against Saddam Hussein.

Going further back, Labour PM Harold Wilson used the Queen’s veto to kill off two “politically embarrassing bills” about peerages and Zimbabwean independence, in 1964 and 1969 respectively

Alastair Campbell has been reacting furiously to Gove’s refusal to commit the government to obeying any law parliament passes; when asked about Blair using the same tactic, he conveniently failed to recall the case…

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Blair: There Must Not Be An Election

Today Tony Blair has articulated what all anti-Brexit politicians have been thinking: a general election would clear out the most advantageous Parliament Remainers could possibly hope for. Remind Guido who is supposed to be the autocrat..?

“Should the Government seek an election, it should be refused in favour of a referendum.”

As long as Parliament is made up of these politicians, Blair knows it will never allow Brexit to take place. He wants to stop Brexit in a referendum where this rotten Remainer Parliament can manipulate the question, the franchise, and take a WTO Brexit off the table, as with the Kyle-Wilson May’s Deal vs Remain referendum proposal.

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Blair Claims Farage ‘Created the Swamp of British Politics’

Unbelievable twisting of words from Blair “… get this Brexit thing resolved in a sensible way which allows us to stay within the European Union.” That’s not a resolution, it is ignoring the result of the referendum.

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Thatcher Voted UK’s Greatest Prime Minister Again

There’s some more bad news for Jeremy Corbyn to digest as he chews through his porridge this morning, the British public has chosen his arch-nemesis Margaret Thatcher as the UK’s greatest Prime Minister on the 40th anniversary of her taking power.

Thatcher took 21% in the poll of post-war Prime Ministers, beating Churchill on 19% and miles ahead of the rest of the competition. There were just enough diehard Blairites left to get Tony Blair into third place with 6% of the vote. Will the ChUKas even manage to match this in the EU elections?

The country doesn’t agree with the plethora of (Remoaner) historians who’ve been queuing up to brand Cameron the worst Prime Minister in history, 2% still carry the torch for DC. There’s no such consolation for Theresa May bringing up the rear on nul points…

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