Lee Anderson vs Steve Bray Round Eight

Lee Anderson had some fighting talk lined up for Steve Bray today – no doubt in preparation for their boxing match. In response to Bray criticising his new gig on GB News, Lee unveiled his three-point plan for Westminster’s biggest nuisance:

  1. Get a job
  2. Get a bath
  3. Get a life

Bray insisted he had, in fact, showered – to which Lee hit back “You don’t smell like you’ve had one”.

The assault didn’t deter Bray, who asked if Lee was going to be paying any of his new salary to charity. Lee revealed his generosity, responding “yes, 45 grand’s going in income tax to keep spongers like you”. Guido makes that 8-0 to Lee.

Lee Anderson spoke to Guido following his impressive victory:

“There is something not quite right with a man dressed in strange clothing who hangs around street corners shouting obscenities at law abiding citizens like myself. If Steve really thinks that the Great British public are on his side then he should stand against me at the next election. I will even pay his deposit.”

How charitable…

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