Dawn Butler’s Hapless Numbers Interview Car Crash

Dawn Butler has had the first excruciating ‘Diane Abbott’ moment of the campaign, claiming that the numbers of rough sleepers in her constituency stood at 3,000 when in reality the number is just 248. When asked what the number of rough sleepers in the UK is, she responded:

Dawn Butler: “Now I can tell you that in 2007 I had around 3,000 or so rough sleepers in Brent.”

Nick Ferrari: “But what I find incredible is, Dawn Butler you say 3,000 people sleep rough in Brent, well the last figures that we have for 2017, is that there were 4,751 people sleeping rough in the whole of England… of whom 3,000 were in Brent? Are you sure you have got your figures right.”

Dawn Butler: No, no I said in 2006 or 7 there was around that figure… I know when we get to talk about numbers it is quite exciting for you, and… and you’re very good at that so I can…

If Butler is right that in Brent alone in 2007 there were 3,000 rough sleepers, and today there are a little over that in the whole of England – that would imply there has been a considerable drop in rough sleepers over the last decade. Today, the real number of rough sleepers in Butler’s constituency is actually 30, meaning Butler inflated the figure by 9,900%…

Dawn Butler’s on a roll at the moment, having also not quite grasped the point of the debate spin room last night when she started spinning for Boris

Boris’s Campbell…

How Long Will Labour’s Brexit Policy Actually Take?

While Corbyn couldn’t tell viewers of the debate last night how he’d vote in Labour’s proposed second referendum, even more Brexit confusion has been sparked this morning after Dawn Butler contradicted Corbyn’s claimed Brexit timetable on BBC Breakfast.

Corbyn claims 9 months; Dawn claims 6. Any Labour frontbenchers willing to haggle it down further? 

Sam Coates’ Labour Mixup

Sky’s Sam Coates made an embarrassing error this morning in Battersea, mistaking local MP and shadow minister Marsha de Cordova for Dawn Butler. Awkward.

It’s not the first time journalists have mixed up Labour MPs. Readers may remember last year the i made a similar error

Dawn Butler: Boris Johnson is Going to Win

Still Guido’s favourite quote of the conference…

When Dawn Pulled Jez

Corbyn’s no confidence motion didn’t go to plan for him in more ways than one yesterday, while taking beatings from Tory Remainers and even one of his own former MPs, Dawn Butler felt the need to tug him off the dispatch box, and back to his seat when he forgot to sit down. Weird…

McDonnell: You Can’t Break the Law “These Days”

John McDonnell had a trip down memory lane this morning on LBC, reminiscing about his days in the hard-left Labour bloc on the GLC after Dawn Butler caused a stir by praising the Militant-dominated Liverpool Council of the 1980s for breaking the law. The would-be chancellor lamented that “you can’t break the law these days”. Just the sort of man you’d want to hand the keys to the Treasury to…

Dawn Butler on the 2017 Election

Dawn Butler tells Matthew Wright…

“We didn’t lose the election. We just didn’t win it.”

Shadow Minister’s Bizarre Chicken Rant

Shadow Cabinet member Dawn Butler has been ratio’d for her bizarre rant against Jamie Oliver’s jerk rice. “Your jerk Rice is not ok. This appropriation from Jamaica needs to stop.” Guido appreciates a bit of Jamie Oliver bashing but this is beyond the pale.

Last night Tory deputy chair James Cleverly took Butler apart in a devastating thread highlighting how “We have always copied and absorbed elements from other cultures, it is a defining feature of British culture.”

Britain is a nation built on cultural appropriation. From the Romans to the Angles and Saxons, Normans, Vikings, and everyone else since.

Shadow Equalities Minister: A Bit of Support From Jews Would Be Nice

The shadow equalities minister Dawn Butler tells “all the Jewish people attacking me” that “a bit of support from you would be nice”:

Oh dear…

Dawn Butler’s £14,000 LA Jolly Paid For By Blairite Guru

Top Corbynista Shadow Cabinet member Dawn Butler lived it up on a £14,000 nine-day junket to Los Angeles paid for by a Blairite guru whose company was incorporated in the Cayman Islands. Butler, who has gained something of a reputation for enjoying the high life since taking a job in Jeremy Corbyn’s top team, jetted off to LA last month, where she mingled with the stars on the red carpet at the GLAAD Awards.

Dawn was taken to LA by Anthony Watson, who readers will remember is a hardcore Blairite who bankrolled Owen Smith’s campaign to remove Jezza. As Guido has previously reported, Watson’s company Uphold Inc was originally registered in the Caymans. Here are Butler and Watson photographed at the glitzy LA awards bash. Not sure what the Corbynistas will make of Dawn partying in LA paid for by an arch Corbyn-sceptic.

The event took place at the Beverly Hills Hilton, where a room fetches up to $530 a night. Well, it beats an evening in Brent…

Butler has declared the purpose of the visit as a “Women and Equalities LGBT fact finding visit“. For some strange reason, she decided not to mention any of the facts she found, or indeed anything about her nine day trip at all, on any of her social media accounts. Guido would have thought it was at least Instagram worthy. For the many, not the few…

Piers on Labour’s Twitter Mob Hypocrisy

Read the stories on Jared O’Mara and Angela Rayner, both broken by Guido. Piers another happy reader…

Rayner Laughed As McDonnell Talked About Killing Thatcher

Angela Rayner and Dawn Butler were outraged about some old Toby Young Twitter jokes, yet either stayed silent or actively defended Labour MPs guilty of real-life violent misogyny. Rayner said she was “happy to sit alongside” Jared O’Mara and Dawn Butler supported his “journey”, despite him calling a woman an “ugly bitch” in a nightclub just a few months ago. Neither Rayner nor Butler had anything to say about Clive Lewis shouting “get on your knees bitch”. They have had nothing to say about Labour’s whitewashing of the Kelvin Hopkins’ sexual harassment allegations. They had nothing to say about John McDonnell calling Esther McVey a “bitch” and calling for her to be lynched. And they had nothing to say about McDonnell talking about killing Britain’s first female Prime Minister. Worse than that, Rayner was sitting next to him at the time and burst out laughing – watch above. Almost as if she doesn’t really care about the sisterhood and is happy to let the brocialists get away with actual nailed on sexism…

Labour’s “Easy Movement” Muddle

Unlucky Dawn Butler was tasked with explaining what Keir Starmer’s proposals for “easy movement” of people means this afternoon, and she did not rule out it could entail unlimited number of EU migrants coming to the UK after Brexit. Speaking on the Daily Politics, the Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities seemed unsure what Labour’s position on free movement would mean for migration:

“It means that… there has to be movement… well, that is something that he will then develop in terms of detail… we will need movement in people… we will need movement of people but it won’t look exactly as it looks now…”

Butler went on to say: “we never talk about caps on numbers.” Asked whether Labour’s proposals could mean an unlimited number of EU migrants coming to the UK, Butler said:

“I think to be honest that’s part of the negotiations… if we were round the negotiating table we could come back with more detail”

Meanwhile, the Labour manifesto opposes continued free movement. “Easy” movement not quite so easy…

Dawn Butler: Theresa May Is No Friend of Women

Charming as ever from Labour’s Dawn Butler, who says Theresa May “might be female but she is no friend of women”, and that the Tories have done nothing for women despite having had two female Prime Ministers. Bold given Labour hasn’t even had a female leader.[…] Read the rest


Thornberry: “I’m Happy To Go”

Some confusion over the precise sequence of events regarding Labour’s suspended MP Kelvin Hopkins this morning, as Dawn Butler said on Marr:

“My understanding is… when the chief whip was informed of an issue against a member it was dealt with and both sides were happy with the outcome.”

Thornberry later stressed Kelvin “Twerk Me” Hopkins is under investigation and wouldn’t be drawn further on what Labour knew.[…] Read the rest


Dawn on Jared

Labour Shadow Women and Equalities minister Dawn Butler on Jared O’Mara:

“He probably still has further to go on his journey.”[…] Read the rest


Dawn Butler: May Trying to Rig Democracy By Holding Election

Dawn Butler on Radio 4 this evening: “This election is Theresa May trying to rig democracy in our country”. Dawn voted for the election yesterday. First car crash interview of the campaign…[…] Read the rest


Article 50 Splits Shadow Cabinet

Jeremy Corbyn is facing a Shadow Cabinet split after imposing a three line whip on his MPs to back the triggering of Article 50. Several shadow ministers have previously committed to voting against Article 50 – Shadow Cabinet minister Dawn Butler has said: “I will reflect the decision of my constituents which was to vote Remain”, Shadow Foreign minister Catherine West has pledged “I will vote against Brexit in parliament”, Shadow Transport minister Daniel Zeichner has said: “When the vote on the EU comes before Parliament, my vote will reflect the overwhelming result in Cambridge – to Remain”, whip Thangam Debboniare has said: “I’ve told my constituents publicly that, at the moment, I would have no hesitation in opposing Article 50 from being invoked”.[…] Read the rest


Dawn Butler on Nick Brown Whip Appointment

Dawn Butler refreshingly honest or touchingly naive about Nick Brown’s chief-whip appointment

“It shows Jeremy isn’t scared of putting someone in a position who doesn’t really support him.”[…] Read the rest


“Sh***ing All Over the Working Class” Labour MP Charged Taxpayer For Whirlpool Bath

Corbynista MP Dawn Butler indulged us with the “new, kinder politics” at PMQs:

Dawn would know all about “sh***ing all over the working class”.[…] Read the rest


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