Three Labour Activists Arrested Over Anti-Semitism

After the Met Police chief Cressida Dick was handed a dossier of anti-Semitic comments by Labour members by LBC in September, the police initiated a criminal investigation and have now made three arrests. On the advice of the Crown Prosecution Service, two men and one woman from Wandsworth, Birmingham, and Tunbridge Wells were arrested on suspicion of “publishing or distributing material likely to stir up racial hatred.” The Police said they will not comment further on the details of the investigation.” These three people were all Labour members when Cressida Dick was first handed the leaked Labour dossier by LBC…

Cressida Dick Lands Gavin Williamson In It

Gavin Williamson has found himself in the familiar position of being widely pilloried this morning after saying last night that the military “would always be ready to respond” to help fight Britain’s knife crime epidemic. Which does sound pretty silly out of context…

What all the rotten tomato throwers have failed to realise, or deliberately ignored, is that Williamson did not just make his suggestion out of the blue, it was actually in response to a direct suggestion by Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick earlier that day, who told LBC that the military could be called in to help fight knife crime. Guido is never adverse to a little bit of gentle public teasing but if the Twitterati are going to pile on anyone over this it should really be Dick not Williamson…

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Quote of the Day

The Guardian’s election editorial urges voters to back Labour with the compelling argument:

“The pain and hurt within the Jewish community, and the damage to Labour, are undeniable and shaming. Yet Labour remains indispensable to progressive politics.”


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