Ministers’ Kids Spill the Beans on TikTok

Chris Whitty’s abuse from a 15-year-old wasn’t the only political event of note to play out on TikTok this week. Guido wonders how many of his SW1 readers could answer these questions:

  • Which Cabinet minister’s child told their followers this week “I would assassinate” their high-flying political parent?
  • Which Cabinet minister’s nephew told their followers this week “if you think you have it bad then just imagine your auntie is one of the biggest Tories in the UK”, promising to spill the beans on some personal drama.

TikTok is fast becoming fertile ground for political events and news, as Guido proved when Michael Gove’s secretive forced self-isolation was revealed by his own offspring. At some point poltician’s  Gen Z children will become adults, and the press will be on the hunt for their stories. Politicians may want to take advantage of their home working and start monitoring their young family-members’ social media output…

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Pass the Duchy: Beatrice Gove TikToks Coronavirus Weed Woes

When Michael Gove entered self-isolation yesterday he assured us he himself did not have the symptoms, though a family member had come down with some signs of Coronavirus. Sarah Vine took it upon herself to spill the family beans yesterday in her column, specifying that her daughter is the one who has put her father out of circulation. The joys of parenthood…

“In my own case, for example, our daughter Beatrice came down with a high fever and assorted Covid-19 symptoms on Sunday. She seems perfectly fine now (oh, blissful youth), but, as a precaution, the rest of us are now self-isolating, including my husband. It’s unlikely, in my view, that he will have caught it from her — being a typical teenager, she spends most of her time in voluntary self-isolation in her bedroom.”

Vine’s confession will have come as no surprise to the 18,000 TikTok followers of Gove and Vine’s daughter, who on Monday uploaded a video confessing “my family wont even talk to me now bc i have all the corona symptoms” along with another video captioned Sidenote I have corona like I’m not even capping”. Bea’s greatest Coronavirus concern? “Cant even smoke my ouid bc my cough is so bayd”

Her very public TikTok videos – which have almost hit 830,000 video likes from her 511 uploads – include 17-year-old Bea boasting of her love of cannabis weed; smoking a blunt with a friend out of her bedroom window and accidentally calling her dealer “daddy”.. She must be annoyed by the current market’s corona-induced high prices…

Bea may find that after lockdown ends inflated weed prices means that ‘3 years of birthday money’ won’t be enough for an ounce…

UPDATE 15.40 : The TikTok account – which we did not identify above – is now set to private.

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