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Chris Whitty’s abuse from a 15-year-old wasn’t the only political event of note to play out on TikTok this week. Guido wonders how many of his SW1 readers could answer these questions:

  • Which Cabinet minister’s child told their followers this week “I would assassinate” their high-flying political parent?
  • Which Cabinet minister’s nephew told their followers this week “if you think you have it bad then just imagine your auntie is one of the biggest Tories in the UK”, promising to spill the beans on some personal drama.

TikTok is fast becoming fertile ground for political events and news, as Guido proved when Michael Gove’s secretive forced self-isolation was revealed by his own offspring. At some point poltician’s  Gen Z children will become adults, and the press will be on the hunt for their stories. Politicians may want to take advantage of their home working and start monitoring their young family-members’ social media output…

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