Andrea Jenkyns Submits Letter of No Confidence in Sunak

Andrea Jenkyns has sent a letter of no confidence in Sunak to Graham Brady. The first of how many?

Jenkyns calls Rishi “machiavellian” in getting rid of Boris, and says Braverman was the only person left “with the balls to speak the truth“. No punches pulled…

Read the full letter below:

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Andrea Jenkyns Slams “Vitriolic” Simon Hoare and Admits She Blocked the Chief Whip on Twitter
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Wakefield By-Election Exposes Old Tory Brexit Divisions

Guido imagines it’s quite stressful for the Tory Wakefield candidate during this campaign. Not only is the probability of Labour winning 92%, according to the bookies, tensions must be fraught within the local party’s camp. Guido understands Andrea Jenkyns is very heavily involved in both the ground and air war of the party’s campaign, so presumes she must have had time to speak to candidate Nadeem Ahmed about his 2018 views that her call for a confidence vote of Theresa May was “blatantly showboating” and her conduct was “damaging” the party:

“She’s blatantly showboating. The way she’s going about it is very immature.”

“She said: “Come on we need a hat-trick! Boris Johnson let’s be having you! Time for true #Brexiteers to make it happen.”

Coun Ahmed said: “I looked at that, and thought, “You’d expect that from a seven or eight year-old.””

There’s also no word on whether Jenkyns has unblocked her local party adversary, with Nadeem telling the press in 2018 “She’s blocked me on Twitter since last week as well because I didn’t agree with her.” Responding to Ahmed’s attack at the time, Jenkyns told the BBC he should concentrate on “being a stronger opposition leader”. Hopefully they’re all one big happy family now…

Thankfully for the Tories, any potential awkwardness between their leading Leeds lights pales in comparison to the campaign being run by rival candidate Paul Bickerdike of the Christian Peoples Alliance. His campaign has so far only garnered headlines thanks to leaflets reading “I have never sexually assaulted anyone”.
Thankfully over the weekend he came out to clarify “I do look at children but I look at children in a proper way, not the way that the previous MP was looking at children”. Glad that’s all cleared up.
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MPs Compete to Show Most Loyalty to the Queen

Since Guido’s exclusive, monarchists have been tripping over themselves to defend Her Majesty. As Robert Jenrick declared on the BBC this morning, he proudly hangs a picture of the Queen in his office. Jenrick isn’t the only patriotic parliamentarian to show their love for Liz today, though. Other members of Her Majesty’s government have also taken to Twitter to declare their loyalty to the crown… 

Andrea Jenkyns told her followers that she is “sick of this woke nonsense”, and posted a photo of her home shrine to Queen Elizabeth with the hashtag “GodSaveTheQueen”.

Not to be outdone, Joy Morrissey told her followers that she’s “ordered another portrait of the Queen” for her office, and that she plans to send one to Oxford’s Magdalen College. Guido’s sure they’ll be delighted. 

Andrea Leadsome, who told Politics Live that the students who voted to take the portrait down were “utterly pathetic”, also showed off her photo:

Andrew Rosindell has a picture of Her Majesty in his office. Rumour has it that for the 2012 Jubilee he bought thousands of portraits of the Queen and sent them to friends and colleagues all over the world. You can never have too much of a good thing… 

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Government Member Calls for No Deal, Breaking Collective Responsibility

A classically forthright Andrea Jenkyns raked in the retweets on Sunday evening, calling for No Deal with the EU, saying “No more talking or moved deadlines, let’s just leave without a deal.”

Yet, as Politeia’s Jonathan Isaby points out, Jenkins is Parliamentary Private Secretary to Robert Jenrick and is therefore regarded as an (albeit junior) member of the government payroll vote and bound by collective responsibility. Guido doubts No Deal is now official Government policy…

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Young Tory Sentenced for Threatening to Beat Up Yvette Cooper

Young Tory Activist and former council candidate, Joshua Spencer (25), has been sentenced to 9 weeks in prison for claiming to have paid some “crackheads” £100 to beat up Yvette Cooper. In a message on a dating website, Spencer wrote:

“We should have left no deal on the 29th before the whore Yvette got her hands on to it and voted to revoke democracy. She will pay. I’m already organising … to hurt her. Amazing what crackheads will do for £100. I’m going to get her beat up”

Spencer also told Cooper, “if you make peaceful revolution difficult you make a violent one inevitable.” 

Awkwardly for the Tories, Andrea Jenkyns MP provided a character statement for the young Tory, describing him as a “decent and honest person whose heart is in the right place and who always helps people in need”; although saying he had been “let down by the system” and needed help for his mental health problems. He was still allowed to stand as a Tory council candidate in 2019 after being arrested for the messages

UPDATE: Andrea gets in touch to emphasise she wrote the personal reference for James Spencer to “make absolutely sure that [his severe mental health] factors were taken into consideration as part of the trial”, going onto say “I do not condone in any way, having been a victim myself, any threat to MPs or any other member of the public.”

“I wish to express solidarity to Yvette, her staff and all my colleagues who, like me, have been threatened in these difficult past months of political tension.”

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