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Guido imagines it’s quite stressful for the Tory Wakefield candidate during this campaign. Not only is the probability of Labour winning 92%, according to the bookies, tensions must be fraught within the local party’s camp. Guido understands Andrea Jenkyns is very heavily involved in both the ground and air war of the party’s campaign, so presumes she must have had time to speak to candidate Nadeem Ahmed about his 2018 views that her call for a confidence vote of Theresa May was “blatantly showboating” and her conduct was “damaging” the party:

“She’s blatantly showboating. The way she’s going about it is very immature.”

“She said: “Come on we need a hat-trick! Boris Johnson let’s be having you! Time for true #Brexiteers to make it happen.”

Coun Ahmed said: “I looked at that, and thought, “You’d expect that from a seven or eight year-old.””

There’s also no word on whether Jenkyns has unblocked her local party adversary, with Nadeem telling the press in 2018 “She’s blocked me on Twitter since last week as well because I didn’t agree with her.” Responding to Ahmed’s attack at the time, Jenkyns told the BBC he should concentrate on “being a stronger opposition leader”. Hopefully they’re all one big happy family now…

Thankfully for the Tories, any potential awkwardness between their leading Leeds lights pales in comparison to the campaign being run by rival candidate Paul Bickerdike of the Christian Peoples Alliance. His campaign has so far only garnered headlines thanks to leaflets reading “I have never sexually assaulted anyone”.
Thankfully over the weekend he came out to clarify “I do look at children but I look at children in a proper way, not the way that the previous MP was looking at children”. Glad that’s all cleared up.
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