Nannying Welsh Government Declares Energy Drinks to be Gateway Drug

During the local elections last year, Keir Starmer hailed the Welsh Labour government, under Mark Drakeford, as “incredible”, and an example of how things can be run “differently and better” without a Tory government. Well, checking in with the People’s Soviet of Wales we are currently seeing a classic example of that “better” leadership, as they plan on banning the sale of energy drinks to children on the basis consumption acts as a gateway to “alcohol and tobacco use”. As well as, somehow, school exclusions…

Responding to a question by Tory leader Andrew R.T. Davies about the assessment they’d made about the policy’s affect on personal freedoms, minister Lynne Neagle wrote:

“Our approach to the consultation which was launched on 9 June and runs until 1 September is evidence based. It has been shown that children who drink energy drinks on five or more days per week were most likely to have low psychological, physical, educational and overall wellbeing. In turn, this can cause headaches, sleep problems, increased alcohol and tobacco use, irritability, and school exclusion. We want to protect the health and wellbeing of our population and to take the necessary measures to protect our children and young people

Detailed consideration is given to all Welsh Ministers’ statutory obligations including those under the Human Rights Act. Of course, as the policy is developed, further analysis will undertake including the impact of the policy on the rights of those affected.

Guido would warn Drakeford of the unintended consequences: for a country that allows 14-year-olds to register to vote, how on earth will they be able to engage with a Drakeford speech without the help of high-sugar, high-caffeine drinks?

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Drakeford Fiddles While Economy Burns

With all the gloomy headlines fretting about the cost of living and inflation, conventional politicians are coming up with the usual tin-eared ideas on how to help working families. Cut taxes here, raise benefits there – boring solutions to a major problem. Fortunately the Welsh First Minister marches to the beat of his own drum, and has come up with a better idea: soon, all Welsh minors aged between 3-16 will be offered a free musical instrument as part of the new “National Music Service“. Overall, the scheme will cost £13.5 million over 3 years – a trebling of the existing figure… 

Drakeford will start handing out the instruments, along with half a term’s tuition by a musician, at the start of the new school year in September. Just as Attlee provided the NHS, Drakeford will provide the next Tom Jones…

It’s also good to see he’s finally recognised the value of a good sing-song. Last year, the Welsh government discouraged tenors from singing in choirs because they were “more likely to emit more virus than altos and sopranos“. A suggestion they lifted directly from a meme page, and for which they later apologised. Nice change of tune…

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Drakeford Extends Welsh Covid Act Powers into September

Tomorrow Mark Drakeford is expected to decide whether it’s finally time for Wales to join England in lifting the last of its Covid restrictions, including masking and mandatory isolation. Sturgeon’s already announced she’s delaying doing the same for Scotland, after overreacting to yet another variant. Now Wales might be in for disappointment as well…

Earlier this week, the expiration date for provisions in the Welsh government’s Coronavirus Act 2020 was quietly pushed all the way back to 24th September. The first provision extends the ban against business evictions, while the second relates to homeschooling. Unlike in England, where the final temporary measures of the Coronavirus Act expire tomorrow…

It’s two years and a day since the UK went into lockdown, yet Scotland, Northern Ireland, and now Wales are all still holding onto emergency powers into the autumn of 2022. What are they waiting for?

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Welsh Labour’s Mixed Messaging on Nuclear Deterrence

It turns out Nicola Sturgeon isn’t the only devolved leader who doesn’t understand foreign policy. Not to be outdone, Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford has waded in to offer the usual Corbynite lunacy on nuclear deterrence, insisting that now is somehow the perfect time to discuss disarmament. If there’s one person Putin will no doubt listen to, it’s Mark Drakeford…

Speaking at a Welsh Labour Grassroots event at the weekend, Drakeford said:

“If ever there was a moment when the world should again become serious about nuclear disarmament, it is now…”

He then doubled down in a BBC interview:

“I think anybody sensible looking at the world we are in, knowing that President Putin has nuclear weapons in his hands, would want to see a world in which the reduction in nuclear weapons across the world ought to be an effort that any sensible government would wish to pursue.”

Yet during questioning by Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies MS, who asked Mark Drakeford to confirm the Labour Government’s support for NATO, Drakeford said: “the Welsh Government is entirely signed up to the protections that NATO membership provides to us”. So which is it, Mark?

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Plaid Cymru’s Refugee Rhetoric Undermined by Record

With Plaid Cymru spending the last few weeks reminding everyone of their pro-migration bona fides – claiming Wales should become a ‘Nation of Sanctuary’ and slamming the government’s visa policy – Guido thought it was worth checking their own record on asylum seekers to make sure they put their money where their mouth is. Given they’re supposedlycommit[ed] to easing the experience of migrants and people seeking asylum“, surely the Plaid-controlled local authorities would be the blueprint for everyone else to follow. Not so much…

According to official asylum and resettlement data, Plaid-led local authorities supported a grand total of 5 asylum seekers between 31st March 2017 and 31st December 2021. Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Anglesey and Gwynedd are either Plaid controlled or have a Plaid leader (Gwynedd), and yet only Ceredigion and Gwynedd supported 2 and 3 asylum seekers respectively in the last five years. The other authorities don’t even appear on the database. Presumably because pressing ‘0’ for five years’ worth of data is a waste of time… 

An average of one a year. Still, if they want to bump those numbers up, here’s a good place to start…

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Welsh Labour Suggests Giving Lawmaking Powers to Children

After dumping hundreds of thousands into TikTok advertising, Welsh Labour have now decided it might be time to let kids actually run the country. Speaking in the Senedd yesterday, Labour MS Jack Sargeant revealed his bright idea for solving the issue of single-use plastic: hand the legal powers on the policy over to the Welsh Youth Parliament. Membership of which is open to children above the age of 11…

Recognising how the adults in his party just aren’t up to the job anymore, Sargeant said:

“I’m really keen for Members of our Youth Parliament to be given the opportunity to make a real lasting difference… One of the issues that’s continually raised with me […] by young people is the use of single-use plastics.

“Can I ask the Commission what thought they’ve given to facilitating the handover of this important policy area so that progress can be made by these passionate individuals on behalf of the people of Wales?”

Speaking to Guido, a Welsh Conservative source said “…We look forward to the next Labour backbencher saying toddlers should run public services.”

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