Mark Drakeford Likes Cheese

In a ‘People’s PMQs’ style Q and A earlier this week, humanoid turtle and Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford expressed his love for “slightly salty cheese”, in response to a more lighthearted cheese related question from retired cheesemonger Joe Bangles. Now Twitter account ‘WelshGuv‘ has remixed Drakeford’s answer. Go home Wales, you’re drunk…

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Welsh Government’s Testing Mess

While London-based journalists squabble about whether or not the UK Government has reached 200,000 tests on a particular day, it is clear that whichever way they are counted England now has one of the largest testing capacities in Europe. Wales, by comparison has stumbled from missed target to missed target, as of the end of last month carrying out fewer than 3,000 tests when the First Minister had set a target for 10,000. Guido has compiled a timeline of the whole debacle…

  • Early March: Welsh Government promises 6,000 tests by 1 April
  • 21 March: Welsh Government promises to boost capacity to 9,000 tests per day
  • 31 March: Welsh Government has capacity to deliver 800 tests.
  • Early April: Welsh Government promises 5,000 tests a day by mid-April
  • 15 April: Welsh Government has capacity to deliver 1,300 tests.
  • 15 April: 5,000 test target scrapped.
  • 1 May: Wales conducts 1,090 tests. England conducts 122,000.
  • 17 May: Welsh Government sets new target of 10,000 tests by the end of May
  • 31 May: Welsh Government carries out 2,945 tests.

A leaked report has stated that Wales would need to ramp up testing to 36,000 per day in order to track and trace infections, yet they are running at just 10% of that number. Yesterday Guido reported that the Welsh First Minister has not been meeting the Prime Minister. If lessons from England were learnt, there would be less of a mess in Wales…

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Welsh First Minister Has Not Spoken to PM in 3 Weeks, Despite Invitations

In his coronavirus press conference this afternoon, the First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, revealed he has not spoken to the UK Prime Minister in three weeks, adding “I have had no discussion with any UK ministers offered in the weeks that have followed”. Which is curious, because last week the UK Government made it clear the Welsh Government has an open invitation to all of its Cobra meetings and ministerial implementation groups. Welsh Office Minister David Davies told the Commons last week:

“We have made it clear that Welsh Government Ministers are welcome at Cobra meetings and the ministerial implementation groups, and we have actually asked if we could attend Welsh Government meetings in the same way; thus far we have not had a response.”

Guido is not surprised that Drakeford has kept his distance from UK meetings. Welsh coronavirus care home deaths are running at a higher rate than English ones, and testing targets are continually being missed. Not a good record…

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Welsh Assembly Poll Shows Healthy Brexit Party

In a sign that despite Nigel losing his LBC gig today, his party is not going away any time soon, a new Survation poll for the Centre for Welsh Studies has revealed that the Brexit Party is currently holding 8% support in constituencies and 10% of the regional list vote – both figures ahead of the Lib Dems who sit on 7% for both. The findings also pour cold water on Tory hopes of a breakthrough in Wales, behind Labour by double figures in each.

The Brexit Party numbers have already been privately remarked on in Tory circles. It’s clear that Farage’s party is still waiting in the wings to swoop in should the Government back down on Brexit, or surrender in the culture war to the statue dismantling mob. In the first quarter this year, despite limping away from the 2019 election with zero seats, the Brexit Party took in almost £2 million in donations. The Tories should watch their backs…

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Welsh Government Keeps Sending People Incorrect Coronavirus Letters

It’s been a little over a month since the Welsh Government sent tranches of self-isolation letters to the wrong households, giving people incorrect advice and potentially failing to reach out to those who are genuinely vulnerable. Now it’s happened all over again…

A Swansea mother received a letter last week from the Welsh Government advising her to go into self isolation, despite having no serious health conditions. This was a month after it apologies for having sent out letters to the wrong households. Plaid Cymru’s Dai Lloyd, chairman of the Welsh Assembly’s health committee, told WalesOnline:

“It is ridiculous that this error has happened again – only a month after the last error. The Labour Government in Wales needs to sort it out. You would have expected the system errors from last time to have been identified, and rectified.”

After last week’s twin cock ups, Wales is putting in a good showing for worst crisis handling in the UK…

This is not good news for Sir Keir Starmer, who just yesterday was at pains to stress how in line he is with the Welsh First Minister, saying the “perception that the leader of the Labour party and Welsh Labour are in two different places, is not right, and that’s my job to make sure people realise we’re all on the same page, all working together”. Awkward.

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Welsh Government Allows Outdoor Picnics After Health Minister Pictured Picnicking Outdoors

The Welsh Government, fresh from confusing its own guidance about meeting members of other households, has now embarrassingly further liberalised restrictions after its own Health Minister was pictured breaking them. Despite calls to ‘Stay Home’, Welsh Health Minister Vaughan Gething was snapped by The Sun picnicking in a park over the Bank Holiday weekend. This was even before England had allowed that activity…

Guidance abruptly changed on Monday, after Gething was seen in the park over the weekend. The Welsh Government is now denying the change is anything to do with the incident. Of course it wasn’t…

Readers may remember Welsh Health Minister Vaughan Gething from his swearing at a colleague during an expletive ridden virtual Welsh Assembly appearance, sending Coronavirus letters to the wrong households,  and charging the taxpayer many thousands of pounds for globetrotting. After surviving these scandals, he’s now single handedly changed lockdown policy in Wales to pretty much match England. Remarkable!

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