BBC Quietly Removes Glowing Praise for Wales’ New Gender ID Laws

The BBC has quietly edited their report on the Welsh government’s plan to implement new gender self-ID laws, hoping nobody would notice. Unfortunately, Guido did.

The article, covering the news that Wales plans to follow Scotland in making it easier to change gender (because that’s going so well), initially contained vox pops showering the Welsh government in praise for the move, with one grateful local claiming it was “pretty cool“, and another student saying it made her even prouder to be Welsh. Along with a pat on the back from Davinia Green, director of Stonewall Cymru…

A few hours later, the vox pops are gone, vanished without a trace. Having seemingly realised that dedicating an entire page to applauding the government, the article was adjusted to at least include a comment from the Welsh Conservatives. The wall of text suggesting the government could go “even further” is now lost to the sands of time…

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David Baddiel Accuses Labour MS of “Softcore Holocaust Denial”

Antisemitism campaigner and comedian David Baddiel has weighed in on the latest row around a Welsh Labour Minister. Julie Morgan, Deputy Minister for Social Services, sponsored a vigil dedicated to “remembering all”, which paid tribute to holocaust victims who were “Gypsies, Roma and Travellers” – yet forgot to mention Jewish people. This is despite Jewish victims outnumbering Roma and Sinti by 30:1.

Baddiel tweeted that Morgan’s actions foster an attitude implying Jews “deny other victims of the Holocaust”, adding it’s a form of “softcore Holocaust denial”.

This must be an error of omission, rather than deliberate, surely? Julie is yet to make amends…


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Drakeford Pledges to Copy Sturgeon’s Loony Trans Bill

Mark Drakeford has come out in support of Nicola Strugeon’s incredibly controversial gender recognition bill and told the Welsh parliament he intends to copy the move, despite government lawyers threatening to block the Holyrood legislation. Responding to a question from Tory Welsh Assembly member Laura Anne Jones yesterday, Drakeford told the chamber:

“We will do as I’ve said; we will seek the powers, if we obtain those powers we will put them to work here in Wales and we will put proposals in front of this Welsh Parliament so that those people seeking gender recognition are able to do so in a way that is not stigmatised and does not involve them having to go through a lengthy medicalised route in order to establish themselves in the way they themselves would wish to see established.”

Responding to the proposals, a government source fires a warning shot at Drakeford, telling Guido that bad legislation is bad legislation. Whether in Scotland or Wales.” 

Government lawyers are still poring over the Scottish bill, and Rishi is weighing up the various options between blocking the bill, involving the courts or merely refusing to recognise gender certificates in England that were issued in Scotland. Guido’s sure the people of Wales, experiencing strikes, a collapsing health system and a stalling economy, will be delighted that Mark Drakeford’s spending his time on this vitally important issue…

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FoI Reveals Senedd Shunning South Korea for Commie North

In a potential hint at Mark Drakeford’s personal politics, a successful FoI has revealed that the Senedd Commission has spent over £12,000 on 82 flags for use on the Senedd flagpoles and in the speaker’s office, including North Korea, Belarus and nominally still communist Vietnam. Despite having the flag of the world’s most totalitarian communist state, the FoI bizarrely shows that the country’s free-market southern neighbour, South Korea, has no such honour.

In equally worrying vexillological news, the Senedd also holds two Basque regional flags, while not holding the national flag of Spain. Including the two Quebec flags, the Welsh parliament has twice as many flags for famously pro-independence regions than they have Union Jacks…

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Welsh Labour Government Send Out Press Release During Two-Minute Silence

Keeping a close eye on MPs’ Twitter accounts during the two-minute silence, Guido thought politicians had managed to avoid any Remembrance Day comms cock-ups. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the Welsh Labour government, who thought it a prime opportunity to email out a press release on a council tax consultation at seven seconds past 11 o’clock.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will draft regulations to extend exemptions on second home premiums…

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Free Welsh Lessons For 16-25-Year-Olds to Cost Taxpayers Millions

The Welsh Government’s decision to cover the cost of registering with the National Centre for Learning Welsh for people between the ages of 18-25 could cost taxpayers a whopping £4,335,000, according to research by the TaxPayers’ Alliance.

With the Welsh Government aiming to attract 2,500 learners aged 18-25, and 350 education staff, the investigation shows it could cost the taxpayer £1,521 per learner… 

Joe Ventre, the TPA’s digital campaign manager, said:

“Supporting the Welsh language is a worthy aim, but questions will be asked about the large sums involved. The Welsh government needs to review this project to see if the goals fit the funding.”

You might have to wait hours for an ambulance – at least you get a free violin and a few Welsh lessons. Gwaith da. Beth yw’r gymraeg am gwerth arian da?

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