Lewis Goodall’s Take on “Dancing Queen” is Something

Something tells Guido that Lewis fancies himself as a crooner. You be the judge…

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Charles Walker & Anna Soubry’s Reshuffle Bust-Up

Sparks flew on Newsnight yesterday as Charles Walker – who’d clearly had his Weetabix – turned up to defend Boris’s new cabinet against a Labour spokesperson and Anna Soubry. Some might say one and the same…

Nadine Dorries provided the biggest clash, as the eternally bitter Soubry ranted that her appointment “actually says everything that’s wrong and rotten about this prime minister’s stewardship of this country”. Charles Walker had some thoughts:

“Nadine Dorries has been a health minister, a minister of state, at an incredibly difficult time for the department of health; has been an extremely good minister for mental health; and really to come onto this programme and just trash her like that is just not a very nice thing to do to be perfectly honest”

Responding to Soubry’s claim that people don’t really care about reshuffles in the real world, Walker pointed out “Why is it the lead story on Newsnight, and why are you appearing on Newsnight?” Why indeed…

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Maitlis Turns on BBC Over Cummings Monologue Slapdown

Emily Maitlis says the BBC was wrong to find her in breach of impartiality rules (twice) and accuses the BBC’s management of caving into political pressure from Downing Street. The Newsnight presenter added that she would not let the current affairs show become a “public announcement tannoy” for ministers.* No doubt Jess Brammar, whom Emily showers with sugary praise, will agree with Maitlis…

She defends her Newsnight monologue in which she delivered an American TV style personal rant: “Dominic Cummings broke the rules. The country can see that, and it’s shocked the government cannot.” She claims “it hasn’t ever been explained to me what was journalistically inaccurate about that.”

Maitlis also defends her retweeting of Piers Morgan’s anti-government tirade. At the time the BBC said it was “clearly controversial, implying sharp criticism of the Government”. Maitlis once again disagrees with her employers, saying “the tweet said nothing I haven’t actually asked on air”. 

It seems Emily’s showboating for Press Gazette has seen her called into the headmaster’s office, with a BBC spokesman saying:

“Nothing is more important than our impartiality. All BBC journalists must abide by the BBC’s editorial guidelines and social media rules. There are no exceptions. We will be taking this up with Emily.

If Emily is completely unwilling to abide by the BBC’s impartiality rules she should look for a job elsewhere. There are lots of media organisations where delivering opinionated news is fine, just they’re not funded by a universal tax to pay her recently pared back £329,999 salary

*When was the last time you can remember seeing a minister on Newsnight? Nowadays that happens as frequently as there is a blue moon.

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WATCH: Starmer Adviser Quits, Says Labour Doesn’t Stand for Anything

A Labour adviser of eight years who quit his job last month, Simon Fletcher, has now gone public to slam Keir Starmer’s Labour Party for not standing for anything. Fletcher also accuses Starmer of fracturing the broad left within the party over various whipping decisions, which have resulted in a number of MPs resigning. He warns the party risks “creating the impression that it has fallen into a pit of self-loathing”. Self-loathing” isn’t the half of it…

Fletcher served under Miliband, Corbyn and Starmer, acting as the latter’s strategic advisor during the leadership campaign, before being given responsibility for campaigns and election planning. In this final role, which he left after the May elections, he observed Hartlepool by-election voters were “uncertain over what the party stands for”. He now cites Joe Biden as the best political model to secure a path to power for the Labour party. Fletcher’s policy suggestions however are just as flimsy as his former employer’s…

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Maitlis Breaks BBC’s Rules (Again) Retweeting Piers Morgan

Retweeting one of Piers Morgan’s anti-government tirades “If failing to quarantine properly is punishable by 10yrs in prison, what is the punishment for failing to properly protect the country from a pandemic?” led to a 4 months long BBC investigation which has concluded that Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis has once again broken BBC impartiality rules. Shocker…

The BBC’s rules on impartiality clearly state:

“Expressions of opinion on social media can take many forms – from straightforward tweets or updates, sharing or liking content, following particular accounts or using campaigning or political hashtags.

If for example a member of staff repeatedly likes or shares, without comment, content reflecting a particular point of view on a matter of public controversy it might create the impression that individual agrees with that view.”

The retweet, which according to the BBC’s report was deleted after 10 minutes, “implied sharp criticism of the government”. Implied? The report added that there was “no surrounding context to make clear that Ms Maitlis was not endorsing it or to draw attention to alternative views”. Guido frets for the future of the BBC if it really took investigators 4 months to read 25 words and come up with that… 

The BBC investigation’s findings have been reported to the Board of BBC News and discussed with Ms Maitlis. So another slap on the wrist for Emily… 

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BBC Bashes BBC Over Diana, BBC Unavailable for Comment

Amol Rajan, the BBC’s media editor, absolutely spanked the BBC in this report for BBC News.

No one has been more critical of the BBC this week than the BBC…

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