Will Police Question this Inexperienced Young Interviewer?

Newsnight kicked up a storm last night after Len McCluskey was broadcast in an interview with the BBC’s Lewis Goodall, saying Peter Mandelson – who has Jewish heritage – should go away and “count his gold”. A classic antisemitic trope. This morning McCluskey apologised. In other words…

An impressionable young interviewer publishes a discussion with a well-known controversialist who comes out with a phrase widely understood to be racist and historically used to stir up racial hatred. The young interviewer doesn’t directly challenge him on it. There is an outcry and the controversialist later apologises. How soon can it be before the woke police summon Goodall for questioning? Will Lewis Goodall end up sharing a cell with Darren Grimes?

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Diane Abbott Blasts Sir Keir as Opportunist

Last night a feature by BBC Newsnight on Sir Keir and his predecessors saw big beasts of the Labour Party blast his slippery here-today-gone-tomorrow principles. Ian Lavery claimed Starmer ran a duplicitous campaign to become leader, saying “anybody who didn’t know who Keir Starmer was would think that we’ve got somebody here who’s probably as left-wing and more devoted to socialism than what Jeremy Corbyn was.” Diane Abbott went further…

The former Shadow Home Secretary says she was “suspicious of him” for scheming during his time in the Shadow Cabinet, saying “he had a project of his own to become leader of the Labour Party… I blame his mother for calling him Keir”; attacking his duplicity behind shifting from second referendum to Leave “You don’t hear much about Remain now… I think it’s fairly apparent he had other motives.” Interesting to see how many of the criticisms from the left of the party chime with the Tory attacks of opportunistic U-turns…

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How Goodall Spectacularly Broke BBC’s Impartiality Guidelines

The BBC press office is being quite evasive even by their standards, we have got from them that Goodall’s New Statesman piece was apparently signed off by his superiors. They claim the blanket ban post-Hutton on BBC journalists writing about political controversies has been rescinded. The BBC press office further claims, with a straight face, that Goodall’s piece isn’t controversial.

All we got on the record from the BBC press office on the record is the following:

“It’s a piece of journalistic analysis, based on evidence, that holds to account the handling of examinations by all of the political parties that govern the UK.”

The piece spectacularly breaches the BBC’s own guidelines on impartiality on three grounds; it expresses strong views, advocates against a policy and exhorts a change in policy.

  • The claim that “a government led by technocrats nearly destroyed a generation of social mobility” is a strong and controversial view.
  • Expresses the view that “even if a set of algorithms could ever predict with ­certainty how an individual might perform then, for reasons of politics and, yes, morality, they probably shouldn’t.” A clear statement of self-defined – by Goodall – political and moral opinion.
  • Expresses the view that the exams crisis “demonstrates the weaknesses of this form of technocracy” and is evidence that the data driven government as espoused by Dominic Cummings is a flawed “dataocracy”.

The whole article’s thrust implicitly advocates a change in government policy. That is not appropriate from the supposedly neutral policy editor at BBC Newsnight. Goodall should resign. Or be fired.

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Goodall Breaks BBC Ban on Journalists Writing About Political Controversies

Lots of rumblings after the New Statesman unveiled their frontpage cover story about the government’s exam “ineptitude”, with graphics accusing the government of lying and describing them as having created a “lost generation”. The furore was sparked because the inflammatory headline was above Lewis Goodall’s byline – who despite consistently acting like an independent comment writer, currently remains the BBC’s supposedly impartial Newsnight policy editor. Downing Street sources detest him as a hostile opponent.

Back in 2007, the BBC banned Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis after one solitary outing in the Spectator the weekly right-of-centre rival to the Statesman, with the corporation saying “Emily should never have been given permission to become a contributing editor to the Spectator, or any other magazine.” At the time, the Guardian reported:

“After the Hutton inquiry, BBC journalists were banned from writing about political and controversial events in newspapers or magazines.”

The single most controversial issue in politics this week has been the government’s inept handling of the exam grades issue, the very issue that is the cover story in the Statesman under Lewis Goodall’s byline. How can we trust Goodall to be impartial on television on Newsnight when by day he writes for a left-of-centre magazine on the controversial issue of the moment? The only difference Guido can see with the Maitlis case is the different political slants of the Spectator and the New Statesman. The BBC’s press office has been contacted for an explanation and has yet to respond…

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Newsnight’s Fake News Graph Punishes Honesty

Newsnight made a lot out of an incredible statistic: that the UK had more deaths yesterday than the entire EU. The problem is the numbers are nonsense. The FT has exposed reporting on the continent to be littered with “flawed data”…

In fact some of the data in foreign countries is so dodgy that, according to the FT’s data guru John Burn-Murdoch, if England had adopted Spain’s new ‘method’, it would have reported just 20 new deaths yesterday. England is equivalent to 13% of the population of the EU, and yet would appear to have just 6% of the death rate, if it adopted Spain’s manipulated reporting…

Newsnight is supposed to provide analysis that goes behind the headlines, did no one at Newsnight not think the data was suspect? Was it just “too good to check” and they just preferred the Twitter buzz…

UPDATE: Newsnight sourced the dodgy data from controversial website ‘Worldometer‘, a website that even Wikipedia editors have decided to avoid. The data manager for independent statistics website Our World In Data told CNN that “We think people should be wary, especially media, policy-makers and decision-makers. This data is not as accurate as they think it is.” Take note, Newsnight…

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Bias Analysed: 96.8%* of Maitlis Tweets Anti-Boris

Following the embarrassing apology the BBC eventually gave over the partisan and inaccurate opening monologue to Wednesday’s Newsnight, Guido decided to dig deeper into the institutional problem with the BBC’s flagship show. Trawling through the last 100 tweets and retweets of top presenter Emily Maitlis, Guido found just one that could arguably be positive about Boris (a retweet of New Statesman journalist Stephen Bush criticising Labour’s education policy), whereas 31 criticises the PM. Meaning 96.8% of tweets which were not neutral were anti-Boris.  Many of those classed as “neutral” included editorialised criticism of Donald Trump… 

Guido’s research did not pick up a single retweet of a centre-right commentator, although there were many retweets of commentators and journalists from left-wing newspapers, as well as left-wing campaign accounts, from Joe Politics to the UK Labour Party. This is before getting started on former Labour activist Lewis Goodall…

It’s now being reported the BBC has hired former executive Richard Sambrook to review how it maintains impartiality on social media as the corporation becomes increasingly concerned their left-wing reporters are “discrediting” the corporation. The BBC can pay Sambrook for the service, or Guido and his co-conspirators will continue to do it for free…

*96.875% (31/32) of her last 100 tweets that expressed a pro or anti-Boris stance were anti-Boris.
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