Emily Thornberry Proves “Vodka Socialist” Credentials

Responding to 2019 accusations that she was a ‘champagne socialist’, Shadow Attorney General hit back saying she is, in fact, a “blue vodka and oyster socialist to you mate”. Now she’s going about proving it…

Taking to Instagram, Thornberry showed off her lovely father’s day breakfast spread from this Sunday, replete with pastries, juice, flowers, bread… and a £28 bottle of vodka.

Guido’s sympathetic to the stresses of family life, though breakfast might be a tad early for Emily’s coping strategy…

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Geidt’s Resignation Disrupts Rayner’s Pointless Letter-Writing

With Lord Geidt’s role as Independent Adviser on Ministers’ Interests still vacant, poor Angela Rayner has lost a pen pal. For now, her days of penning dozens of pointless letters are at an end. Bad news for the politician who once managed to pump out nine complaint letters in 17 days. Appearing in the Commons chamber this afternoon, Rayner quipped that with no one to send her complaints to, all her post is being returned to sender:

“As everyone knows, I love a letter, Madame Deputy Speaker. But who should I write the requests to? There’s no ethics adviser in place to hold Tory ministers to the standards of the British public and what they expect. We all know they won’t do it themselves. Under this government, madame deputy speaker, more rule breaking is just inevitable…”

Who would’ve guessed that one man’s resignation could save so many trees? 

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Labour Council Candidate Tells Tories to “Suck My Exceptionally Long Celtic D*ck”

West Sussex County Council are holding a by-election next month for its Worthing West seat. After just a year in post, the previous Labour incumbent has resigned to focus on leading the new Worthing Borough Council, leaving a vacancy for a talented new candidate to step up to the plate. Really important work – the party’s own guidance to potential candidates says they’re on the lookout for people “vision, leadership, integrity, ambition and commitment”…

All attributes perfectly embodied by Labour’s new candidate, ex-secondary school teacher Graham McKnight, who back in 2016 sent these messages to a former Conservative councillor during his election campaign:

Being a Labour councillor is “the greatest privilege“. You must be “hard working, committed and passionate about improving the area you live in“. Presumably you should also threaten to beat up Tories and boast about the size of your member. Apparently he’s now running on a platform of “empathy, honesty, integrity and respect“. Worthing residents go to the polls on 7th July…

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Ex-Shadow Security Minister Causes Security Meltdown on Commons Terrace

The explosive scenes last night weren’t confined to Committee Room 14. Earlier in the evening, as Labour MPs flocked to Strangers’ to preemptively toast the result, former Shadow Minister for Security Conor McGinn almost caused a full-scale evacuation after leaving his bag unattended on the corner of the Terrace and sending staff into meltdown. A dozen or so panicked security officers rushed to the scene, fanning away punters as they desperately tried to identify the rucksack’s owner. One member of security even warned the police would soon be on the way…

Eventually a red-faced McGinn owned up, retrieving the bag to jeers from fellow MPs and staffers. Crisis averted, just about. All it took was the threat of an evacuation and a bomb squad to jolt him to his senses. McGinn was shuffled out of the shadow security brief in December 2021. Wonder why…

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Correction and Apology to Labour’s Wakefield Candidate Simon Lightwood

Guido would like to extend an apology to Simon Lightwood, Labour’s candidate in the upcoming Wakefield by-election. This morning, Guido published a story claiming his selection over the weekend was his fourth attempt at winning a Labour nomination. Guido concedes this was factually inaccurate. It’s actually his fifth.

In 2013, in between his losing efforts in Bradford and Scarborough & Whitby, Lightwood also had a crack at Calder Valley:

Unfortunately the video in which he explained why people should vote for him has since been deleted, lost to the sands of time. Maybe he deleted it before the Calder Valley CLP even had a chance to watch it. Or maybe they thought he just hadn’t spent enough time in the constituency to justify his selection…

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Labour Stubs Out Sadiq’s Weed Legalisation Commission

Just hours after Sadiq Khan announced he is establishing the first ever London Drugs Commission to “start a conversation” about the benefits of cannabis legalisation in the city – despite not actually having the powers to do so – the Labour leadership has already blunted Sadiq’s hopes for a greener London… before the commission has even had its first meeting. 

This morning, a spokesperson for Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper waded in to remind Sadiq how his job works, and ruled out changing the party’s drug policy regardless of the commission’s outcome:

“Labour does not support changing the law on drugs… Drugs policy is not devolved to mayors and under Labour would continue to be set by national government.”

Given how Labour attacked the LibDems for being “soft on drugs” leading up to the local elections, maybe Sadiq should’ve seen this coming. One visit to a weed farm isn’t going to change the party line if the leadership isn’t high on the idea already. Even if it’s popular with their own voters…

Hat-tip: Matt Dathan

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