Comrade Rayner Defies the Labour Leadership

Discipline is increasingly breaking down in the senior ranks of the Labour Party politburo, this morning previously loyal Comrade Angela Rayner shamelessly defied her party leadership not once but twice live on state television. Counter-revolutionary treachery…

First Rayner contradicted John McDonnell’s incendiary comments on a second Scottish Independence referendum, then – even worse – she sided with calls from Enemy of the People #2 Tom Watson for Labour to work together with Enemy of the People #3 Jo Swinson to block no deal. Next she’ll be saying she likes Tony Blair…

Fat-Cat Corbyn’s Mischievous Manipulations

Since Boris became PM, Labour have been going in hard on the ad hominem attacks to try to counteract the 10% lead the Tories now have in the polls. One line Labour are particularly trying to sell is on Boris’s background and supposedly ‘wealthy friends’, with Corbyn putting a post out on Saturday claiming “Boris Johnson and his millionaire friends won’t be affected by rising food prices in a No Deal Brexit“. Beats being “friends” with Hamas and Hezbollah…

Today however he reposted the same video. With “Boris’s friends” surreptitiously upgraded to “billionaires”.

Surely it’s nothing to do with the fact that Jeremy Bernard Corbyn’s own personal net worth is reportedly a very tidy £3 million. Continuing the proud tradition of revolutionary leaders being much wealthier than their loyal proletariat followers…

As the IFS report this morning pointed out, the top 1% now pay a huge 27% of income tax. There’s going to be an even bigger gaping hole in Corbyn’s public finances if his hardline policies drive the 1% away too…

Corbyn’s Photo Op Flops

Jeremy Corbyn finally paid a visit to the residents of Whaley Bridge in Derbyshire today, whose homes are still under threat from the severely damaged dam, three days after PM Boris visited. The local residents were clearly not having a whale of a time listening to the Absolute Bore drone on...

Corbyn Whaley Bridge 1

Corbyn Whaley Bridge 2
Appropriately enough the school Corbyn chose for his belated visit appears to be called ‘St Dithers’. Perfect location for his next speech on Brexit…

‘Slave-Master’ MP to Tackle In-Work Poverty

John McDonnell was busy giving a speech this morning at the Resolution Foundation, pledging to end in-work poverty within one term if Labour get in to power. Because there won’t be any people left in work any more?

McDonnell proudly announced that he had already appointed Labour MP Lyn Brown to his Shadow Treasury team to lead on this. A strange appointment given Brown’s most relevant experience when it comes to in-work poverty appears to be when she was heavily criticised for trying to replace a paid staff member with an unpaid intern in 2011. At the time Intern Aware accused her of “double hypocrisy” and denying opportunities to people from low income backgrounds, Brown responded: “I would like to pay everyone who volunteers for me and who is ultimately seeking a wage. The reality is that I do not have the resources so to do.” Doesn’t bode well for her ability to tackle in-work poverty when the economy nosedives under Corbyn and McDonnell…

UPDATE: An ex-staff member gets in touch “She’s a slave-driver, she works her staff very hard.” Guido too is a firm believer that working hard will take you out of poverty…

UPDATE II: Another ex-staff member emails “She never seemed very bothered about overworking her staff. When an employee told her that the number of hours they were working took their average earnings below minimum wage, she told them to stop complaining.”

UPDATE III: A third ex-staff member gets in touch to say “There couldn’t be a worse person for the job; it’s a farce. Her idea of accountability when the press scrutinised her hiring of an unpaid intern was to instruct her office to unplug the phone lines and leave the office.”

“She would often have staff working evenings and weekends to accompany her, ostensibly for work reasons, to feed and clean up after her dog, visit her friends, ferry ASOS deliveries to her home, and put takeaway orders through for her. She’d ring you at 9.30 a.m. on the dot to make sure you were at your desk the next morning, and scream at you if you’d ordered the wrong curry, before telling you to get (and pay for) 4 sausages from the canteen, ready for when she arrived in Westminster.”

Sounds like a lovely person…

Corbyn Most Unpopular Ever Leader of the Opposition

IpsosMORI’s Ben Page has tweeted out a handy chart compiling the worst net satisfaction ratings ever scored by Leaders of the Opposition since their records began in the 70s. Turns out the absolute boy is the absolute worst:

Corbyn even beats the hapless Michael Foot with a whopping -58% net satisfaction rating. That won’t bother him half as much as the fact that the person at the opposite end of the table is none other his arch-nemesis, Tony Blair…

Labour Say Offshore Freeholds ‘Disgraceful’, Rent Their Own HQ From Offshore Trust

Labour have today gone hard on freeholds owned in offshore tax havens today, press releasing that 50,000 across the UK are under such arrangements. They neglect however to mention that among those 50,000 is their own Victoria Street HQ

Labour are thought to pay half a million pounds a year to rent their London headquarters. The money goes to a tax exempt property unit trust fund based offshore in Jersey. John McDonnell today said that “It’s disgraceful that so much control is being exercised over UK property by offshore companies based in tax havens.” When will he be making good on his 2017 pledge to ‘end dealings’ with Labour’s current landlord..?

Tom Watson’s U-Turn on Bad Al’s Brexit Agenda

Tom Watson has been making a full-throated case for remaining in the EU this morning at the sycophantic pro-EU think tank Centre for European Reform. Guido couldn’t help but remember this memorable clash between Watson and Alastair Campbell just last May. Watson tears into Bad Al for not respecting the Brexit vote and repeatedly mocks the fact he no longer decides Labour policy:

“We have to listen to the whole of the British people on this Alastair and we’ve got to make sure that we honour them by saying we’re coming out of the EU…”

“What I’m saying is: you no longer decide Labour Party policy… I know you’d like to, I know they don’t pay you a lot of money as the editor of the New European…”

Campbell might have been unceremoniously shown the exit door from Labour, its Deputy Leader doesn’t seem to mind him setting the agenda again…

Labour Candidate Offers ‘Free Hand Massages’ to Win Votes

Labour council candidate in Kirklees Lesley Warner has a novel approach to getting closer to local people. She has posted an advert in a local Facebook group promoting a Labour Party event that promises free coffee and cake. And hand massages.

Unfortunately for sore Kirklees residents, ‘Treating’ electors like this is explicitly forbidden under the Representation of the People Act. If the Electoral Commission come down hard on this, Lesley’s hand massages will not have a happy ending…

Corbyn Quotes Marx at the Despatch Box

Corbyn had a choice quote to attack May with in Parliament today:

“They say, Mr Speaker, history repeats itself, first time as tragedy, second time as farce…”

What Corbyn didn’t mention was that “they” is actually Karl Marx, in his 1852 essay The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon. It won’t be the last time we hear Marx at the Despatch Box if Corbyn becomes Prime Minister…

Faiza Shaheen Caught Saying Sadiq’s Emission Tax is “Unfair” and Will Hit Poorest Hardest

Labour’s rising media star Faiza Shaheen has been recorded at an event calling Sadiq Khan’s new pollution tax “unfair” and warning that it will hit working class traders and families hardest. As much as Corbyn and Khan don’t get along, directly attacking one of his core policies can’t be the official Party Line…

Shaheen, Labour’s candidate to take on Iain Duncan Smith in Chingford and Woodford Green – not that the media normally bothers to mention that – was speaking at an event alongside fellow ‘rising star’ Rebecca Long-Bailey. At least she appears to have a better understanding of Labour’s damaging policies than the Shadow Business Secretary usually does:

“We have completely got the politics wrong in terms of the impact on inequalities… We didn’t think about the redistributional impacts for those at the poorer end who will have to switch their car.”

She is right, plumbers and carpenters with diesel vans or families with affordable diesel cars will be clobbered by Sadiq’s £12.50-a-day ULEZ charge. The ULEZ zone is set to be extended to the North and South Circulars in October 2021, just ahead of a provisional 2022 election. It just so happens that the North Circular runs right through Chingford and Woodford Green…

H/t Ross Lydall

Anti-Corbyn Staffers Leaking Labour Briefings to Tories

It’s a bad time to be a moderate in the Labour Party – Guido hears that anti-Corbyn Labour staffers have become so disgruntled with the current Labour leadership that they have actually started sending Labour briefings over to their Conservative opponents in advance of Departmental Questions in the Commons. Here is Andy McDonald’s PLP briefing which was leaked to the Tories ahead of Transport Questions today:

One Tory adviser told Guido: “It’s pretty clear from all the info we’re getting it’s not a question of if they split – but when.” Who is going to jump first?

Corbyn’s Unlawful Left Turn

As this screenshot shows, Jeremy Corbyn MP was seen cycling the wrong direction up a one-way street live on Sky News. The route he is taking goes in the direction of Parliament, therefore it is safe to assume it is not a mistake and he knows where he is going, even if he seems unaware of the Highway Code. There is no bike lane or alternative route for cyclists in this direction. Jeremy is of course going leftwards against the rightwards flow…

McDonnell v Corbyn on Tax Cuts

Labour haven’t quite worked out what their line is on the perennially popular idea of letting people keep more of their own money.

“We wouldn’t reverse” versus “ideological tax cuts.”

Corbyn didn’t really know how to respond yesterday and just blurted out his usual slogans and soundbites…

Kimono No No

Labour’s new MP for Canterbury has publicly criticised a local nightclub called the Tokyo Tea Rooms because workers dressed in kimonos and “geisha-style makeup”The Labour Party is now taking cues from the kind of nutty students’ unions that banned newspapers, clapping, and sombreros.

Neville Southall’s Adult Baby/Diaper Love Moment

Woke Corbynista and ex-Everton goalie Neville Southall saved us on this quiet recess Wednesday by announcing that he was going to allow his Twitter account to be taken over by an advocate of adults defecating in nappies, a fetish and apparent therapy known as ‘adult baby diaper love’ (AB/DL).

Grace Rogers’ own Twitter bio describes herself as a promoter of “Non-fetish therapeutic #ABDL care”, before linking to a user account on ‘FetLife’, “the Social Network for the BDSM, Fetish & Kinky Community”.

After some bemused responses, Southall ended the takeover.

Neville present but not involved in the AB/DL scene…

Finally Found Corbyn on a Candidate’s Leaflet!

A co-conspirator has sent in a copy of Diane Abbott’s election leaflet. Finally we have found a candidate willing to be pictured with Corbyn.

The former lovers who want to be the Brexit negotiating team…

Oh Gloria

Gloria De Piero has, as befits a former TV presenter, produced a campaign video which urges Labour voters to get out on June 9.

It’s not a typo she actually says it in the video. Gloria, the election is June 8…

Labour Fields Two Candidates in Same Ward

Labour has dropped a clanger in Scarborough: a nomination form mix-up means the party has put up two candidates in the same ward. Local reports say it was an “accident” and Guido understands the cock-up is “under investigation” by Labour’s regional office. Talk about splitting the vote!

Labour’s New Pollsters Delete Polls Saying Corbyn is Doomed


Labour have hired the polling company BMG in anticipation of a snap election, but what do Jezza’s new pollsters think about his chances of success? BMG polls have previously given Labour a “close to zero chance” of winning under Corbyn, who they have found to be “out of touch“, an “election loser“, “incompetent” and “naive”. BMG are clearly aware of this potential awkwardness – the dire Labour poll results have mysteriously been deleted from their website. Unfortunately the internet never forgets…

Diane Abbott Offered Interns £2 Below London Living Wage


Diane Abbott has called for London to have its own minimum wage and says the Greater London Authority should not work with companies that don’t pay the voluntary London Living Wage. Unfortunate, then, that she’s been advertising for jobs in in her Westminster office well below the London Living Wage.[…] Read the rest


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