Labour Candidate Shared Message Calling Pakistani Muslims “A Stain on this Planet”

Local Labour Party politics seems to be moving away from Corbynism faster than the national level. Brent Labour have selected a peculiar candidate for the safe Labour ward of Alperton, for a by-election on 23 January. Labour’s Chetan Harpale has in the last few months tweeted about “Londonistan“, the ‘so-called peaceful religion’, and shared a message calling Pakistani Muslims “a stain on this planet.” He also:

  • Tweeted that Jeremy Corbyn was ‘pro Jihadis’
  • Mocked Sadiq Khan’s slogan ‘London is Open’ telling Khan “it seems only for ‘Jihadis”
  • Called London ‘Londonistan’
  • Called Islam the “So called Peacefully Religion!!!!”
  • Repeatedly referred to Pakistan as “Pakistan Terror State”
  • Shared a message showing Pakistani Muslims slaughtering a cow accompanied by commentary saying “This is not a normal society. They are a stain on this planet. They do not deserve our taxes or any foreign aid.”

Not content with an investigation about its anti-Semitism problem, Labour seem to be getting in on some Islamophobia too…

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Labour MP Continues to Endorse Kicking Heads In

Festive cheer was somewhat lacking from one Labour MP over Christmas, who took to the BBC to defend her conjecture Italian football fans should have their heads kicked in. Distancing herself from Labour’s pro-EU stance already…

Speaking on the BBC’s The Next Episode, the new Labour MP for Warrington North Charlotte Nichols said:

“Frankly this idea that I should apologise for saying that these people should be dealt with, you know I think sometimes fascism has to be physically confronted.”

Back in October, Nichols had originally tweeted that fans of the Italian club S.S. Lazio should “get their heads kicked in” as they performed fascist salutes before a football match in Glasgow. Even the festive period that warmed Scrooge’s heart couldn’t mellow her…

“You shouldn’t be doing Nazi salutes on the streets of Britain if you don’t want your head kicked in.”

It’s not just football fans she’s unimpressed by, but also LGBT campaigners

Will Nichols be taking the same violent attitude towards her own Labour Party colleagues that she did towards these idiot football fans..?

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Extinction Rebellion Start Hunger Strike Outside Labour HQ

The Climate Communists, Extinction Rebellion, have launched their most audacious tantrum yet: beginning a 25-day hunger strike outside the Labour Party’s Southside Headquarters.

In a plan so cunning Guido suspects the hand of Baldrick in it, the activists are demanding that Labour commits to the objectively impossible agenda of completely decarbonising the UK in just five years and one month, or else they will quietly starve themselves. Guido isn’t sure that XR threatening to shut up and go away is the wisest strategy for the group…

The protest comes as Labour mysteriously deleted an Instagram post promising to go carbon neutral by 2030, five years later than Extinction Rebellion and Greta demand, but 20 years earlier than the IPCC recommendation, and a move that would require extreme moves such as outlawing non-electric cars, cancelling most flights, and scrapping all gas boilers.

A small group of protesters are also outside Tory HQ. The Tories have committed to accept the IPCC recommendation of decarbonising by 2050 – a move that will still cost more than one trillion pounds. If their Hunger Strike really does go on until the election, the only thing that will become extinct is their campaign…

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Labour Candidate Reported To Police Over Claimed False Declaration

Labour’s candidate in Morecambe and Lunesdale has been reported to the police for providing falsified information on her nomination papers. Lizzi Collinge is listed on the nomination papers as residing in ‘An address in Morecambe and Lunesdale’, when the report claims her home address is, in reality, in Lancaster and Fleetwood.

Collinge declared her address as in another constituency when running for County Council in 2017, in a house she purchased in 2013 and has not been up for sale or rent since. The last electoral roll address to which Collinge was registered was the home she purchased in 2013, where she was listed as living at until December. Since then a new address for her hasn’t appeared in either her old or new constituency…

The last Labour Candidate in the same constituency allegedly tried the same trick listing herself as living in the constituency at the last minute. Paul Nuttall would be proud

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Party that Wants to Run the Internet Sends Out Blank Web Page Press Release

Fresh from Labour’s announcement they want to run all broadband, the party has now published Richard Burgon’s response to crime figures… only, they haven’t posted it at all; It’s blank. To be fair, this is about as much of the farting commie Guido ever wants to hear from…

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Labour Candidate’s Campaign Reported to Police Over Office Bust-Up

A Labour activist in Ashfield has reported the candidate’s mother to the police following a bust-up in the party’s office in which she was attacked around the head. Not the press Labour want from one of their seats with a 441 majority…

The Labour activist had just resigned from candidate Natalie Fleet’s campaign over accusations Fleet “wasn’t taking the campaign seriously” and is “heading for defeat”; however when she returned to the candidate’s office to collect her belongings, Fleet’s mother struck her head as she attempted to leave – in front of Fleet herself.

The activist tells Guido they have subsequently reported the incident to the police. Nottinghamshire Police have confirmed to Guido a report of an incident in Labour’s Ashfield Office has been made. Guido has contacted Fleet for comment…

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