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Boris Brandishes Kipper

Hunt: No Deal Could Be Almost As Bad As 2008 Recession

Jeremy Hunt has told ITV he believes a WTO exit could be almost damaging for the UK as the 2008 financial crisis was, which saw unemployment rise by 50% more in less than three years. Worse than even George Osborne was predicting before the referendum…

He replied to Peston citing Bank of England studies saying that they argue “it could be very serious.” In 2016 these same kinds of studies predicted a vote to leave would cause a recession. Instead wages, employment, and the economy all grew. He just can’t help himself…

James Cleverly Jumps In Leadership Race

Guido hears James Cleverly will officially announce he is standing to be Tory Party leader tomorrow, just as a flashy grassroots website encouraging MPs to back the popular former Deputy Chairman of the party appeared online. So far he has one supporter…

Social Media Race To Succeed Theresa May

Over the last few days a host of new flashy twitter accounts have popped up, urging some serious, and some not so serious contenders to throw their hat into the ring in the race to succeed Theresa May. With flashy graphics, subtitled videos, and decent jokes, the Tory grassroots are itching for a race…

Guido has compiled a handy list of the active ‘Ready For’ accounts for co-conspirators to check out:

Some of the sillier accounts are worth a follow…

Guido was sad to see that no grassroots Tories seem to yet be ‘Pumped for Hunt’ or ‘Happy For Hancock’…

78% of Local Tory Members Now “Oppose Continuing Leadership of Theresa May”

The Orpington Conservative Association’s Political Forum met the week before last and local Tory MP Jo Johnson was in attendance. The purpose was to discuss the Withdrawal Agreement. Local constituency meetings are not something that Guido would normally report on, however it is worth looking at this to get an insight into what Tory MPs are hearing in their constituencies and the pressure they are under over the vote. This is from a minute of the meeting:

Sixty email responses from members unable to attend the meeting, together with fifty members present have given us a very clear message to convey to Theresa May’s government. As before, we gave an opportunity to vote on a number of positions: 87% were against the WA and did not see it as a good deal for Britain 78% were opposed to the continuing leadership of Theresa May. 63% supported our MP Jo Johnson in his resignation, and those that did not largely gave as their reason Jo’s call for a 2. referendum. 86% were opposed to a second referendum 90% were in favour of leaving under WTO rules (no deal). And notably for an MP that has preferred remain and an association that stongly supports leave: 98% agreed with Jo Johnson’s description of the deal which can be summarised as the worst of all worlds and a historic failure.

Given these figures it is hard to credit the govemment’s claim that associations support Theresa May’s deal in contrast to the many back bench MPs that have stated their opposition. From our contacts with other associations we know that Orpington Association is not alone in its views.

A stunning three-quarters of Jo Johnson’s local members were “opposed to the continuing leadership of Theresa May” with nearly nine out of ten opposed to the May’s Withdrawal Agreement. According to ever useful ConservativeHome polling, about a third of Tory members support a WTO terms “no deal” and another third a Canada-style deal. This is the position across the Conservative Party back in MPs’ constituencies. It is hard to see how if May loses the vote next week Tory MPs will not be under pressure from their members to trigger a leadership vote…

Watch/Read in Full: Boris’ Speech

Eager punters have been queuing round the block for hours ahead of Boris’ big speech at Tory Conference, with an extra tier being opened up to take the hall to its full capacity of 1,500. Here’s what they heard Boris say:

“Good afternoon my friends and fellow ConHomers.

It is great to be here in Birmingham where so many thoroughfares in the city are already named after our superb Conservative Mayor. I know this conference is going to be a staggering success because just in the last couple of days about a dozen far left momentum activists have kindly pledged their loyalty by ringing my private mobile phone. I put them straight on to Brandon. Continue reading

Boris Storms Ahead of Rivals

Number 10 will be spluttering into their cornflakes this morning after seeing the latest ConHome survey. Boris has stormed ahead of all the other contenders with 35% of Tory Party members now backing him to be next PM, ahead of Sajid Javid on 15%. The Mogg is third on 10% while Gove is languishing in fourth with 6%.  Another boost for Boris as he ramps up the pressure on Chequers…

Gavin Lets the Cat Out Of the Bag

Prolific Instagram liker Gavin Williamson has let the cat out of the bag… liking a comment suggesting his cat could soon replace Palmerston in Number 10. (Palmerston is actually the FCO mouser but can often be found prowling up Downing Street.) Quite possibly the clearest declaration of intent yet ahead of the coming Tory leadership battle. Gavin Williamson wants to be Prime Minister? Who knew?

First Picture of new Cabinet


David Cameron: Musical Tribute

Dave’s best bits, put to music…

Cameron’s Last Laugh Over May, Labour, and Watson

An email from “Judith” over Tom Watson’s threats to the Labour leadership poses a particular highlight in Cameron’s last PMQs against Corbyn. The buoyant PM looks raring to go…

Cameron’s Empty Schedule

“Other than one meeting this afternoon, the diary for the rest of my day is remarkably light.” Classy…

Ruth Davidson’s Lobby Lunch

ruth davidson

Ruth Davidson didn’t spare Leadsom or Brexiteers at today’s lobby lunch:

The top Tory Scot left no Brexiteer safe, taking a pop at the member for Uxbridge’s recent departure from front line politics:

After the room broke up into laughter she said “Sorry that’s not even my speech, that’s just a text from Stephen Crabb….”. […] Read the rest


Prime Minister Elect Addresses the Nation

“We need a strong, new positive vision for the future of our country. A vision of a country that works not for the privileged few, but that works for everyone of us, because we’re going to give people more control over their lives.[…] Read the rest


Auntie’s Kidding No-One on Leadsom Quitting “Scoop”


Note the timestamps…

Laura Kuenssberg follows Guido on Twitter.[…] Read the rest


Brady Signals May Coronation

1922 chair Graham Brady says he has to consult with the party board before Theresa May is confirmed as the new leader. Gove is not going to stand against her:

“Andrea Leadsom spoke with great dignity and courage today. I wish her every success in the future.

[…] Read the rest


CONFIRMED: Leadsom Pulls Out


As of 11:32am sources say Andrea Leadsom is pulling out. She had been genuinely shattered by the motherhood row over the weekend. A statement is coming at noon…

UPDATE 12:13pm: Confirmed, she’s out. You read it here first.

[…] Read the rest


LISTEN: Partial Times Audio Excerpt

The Times have released a partial excerpt audio recording of the key part of Andrea Leadsom’s interview with Rachel Sylvester:

Rachel Sylvester: “Does your family inform your politics?

[…] Read the rest


FLASHBACK: Leadsom Grills Bob Diamond in 2012

Sky’s Faisal Islam has dug out this video of Andrea Leadsom forensically grilling Bob Diamond at the Treasury select committee in 2012. She may well have given her CV a bit of a gloss. But no one can deny she knows her stuff…[…] Read the rest


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