Marr Plans No Pro-Brexit Politicans on Last Show Before Euro-Elections

Brexiteers can only laugh at their lack of representation on the BBC. On the last Sunday before the Euro vote on Thursday the flagship BBC politics show will host a Brexit blocking party leader, an anti-Brexit First Minister, an anti-Brexit Tory, a party leader campaigning with the slogan “Bollocks to Brexit” and the founder of a party that has as it’s sole purpose opposition to Brexit. All flavours of remain represented.

We’ll see if Andrew Marr tries to bring up gotcha quotes from a decade ago for the likes Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon, Rory Stewart, Vince Cable and Chuka Ummuna. The Remain Show…

Marr Was A Trotskyite Paper Seller

“I knew Andrew Marr when he was a Trotskyite selling Trotskyite newspapers to bewildered railywaymen” says George Galloway in a critique of modern television interviewing and Marr’s ill judged attempt at a Farage “gotcha” interview last Sunday. Worth watching in full for his appraisal of the state of the game in the week Brian Walden passed…

HuffPost Takeover of BBC 5 Live Breaches BBC’s Own Rules

Late last night the BBC Press Office told us: “We always have complete and sole responsibility for our editorial output. Our Twenties Takeover is about hearing from younger voices. We’ve worked with HuffPost UK on this project, and we will be hearing a full range of viewpoints throughout the day. We are open to working with other platforms in the future.”

The BBC made the following points:

  • “The Takeover title refers to twentysomethings not HuffPost UK. They are doing their own coverage on the day – separate to 5 Live. They have no say over our coverage.”

Pictured above are Lucy Pasha-Robinson and Basia Cummings tweeted out from the 5 Live studio. They are respectively the HuffPost deputy blogs editor and the HuffPost news editor, broadcasting from the 5 Live studio. Basia, according to what Guido heard on 5 Live was in the BBC’s newsroom and was credited as producing “The Takeover”. George Bowden, a HuffPost reporter seems to think he’s also got a say in the BBC’s coverage:

  • “Working with an outside organisation allows us to have more impact. We wanted to work with a platform that has a young demographic in line with the BBC’s aim to reach younger audiences.”

The BBC has the biggest share of every demographic in Britain, including young people by virtue of BBC Radio 1.

  • “The involvement of HuffPost UK on air will be very limited. None of their reporters are co-presenting our programmes.”

In the 2 hours since 06:45 when we started monitoring HuffPost has been namechecked 14 times. Advertising you literally can’t buy on the BBC.

  • “There will be a range of twentysomething contributors on air – some from the BBC and some from other organisations including, we hope, Guido Fawkes.”

We tried for days to get our own twentysomething journalists involved and the BBC refused our offer of providing some balance to the left-wing HuffPost website.

  • “There are clear BBC guidelines around prominence and we will work within those. This project has been approved from an editorial perspective.”

BBC guidelines state that they must “maintain a clear distinction between advertising and editorial content. There must be no subliminal or surreptitious advertising on any BBC commercial service or in any programme made by a BBC commercial service.” The 14 name checks advertising HuffPost – so far – including on-air presenters directing listeners to the HuffPost website, are clearly in breach of the guidelines. Imagine if the BBC had made a deal with The Sun Online – a website with a young demographic –  to promote them all day. There would be an outcry…

DCMS Committee Member and Former Digital Minister Slam BBC Over Left Wing Takeover

The BBC has this afternoon come under fire by influential MPs, condemning the organisation for giving a one sided advertising boost to a U.S. owned left-wing news website for an entire day.

Former Digital Minister Ed Vaizy has thrown the BBC’s judgement into question:

“It seems very odd for the BBC to be partnering with any news organisation at all, given their role in providing impartial news. But if they are, in the interests of getting younger voices, then there need to be a range of views, not just the exclusive view of one editorial standpoint.

When the Today Programme has guest editors, they at least ensure they come from both left and right. 5 Live should do the same if they are going down this road.”

Julian Knight, a member of the powerful Digital Culture Media and Sport Committee, which oversees the BBC, has told Guido that the BBC has questions to answer…

“This is yet another instance in a long line of left-wing and left leaning people brought in to run key editorial content at the BBC. Huffington Post has a very particular leaning, and the BBC has questions to answer over its supposed impartiality.

It feels at the moment that the BBC is alienating a large chunk of the audience, something that will damage it in the long run.”

With the left-wing Huffington Post’s “twenties takeover” the BBC is ceding editorial control to a rival media organisation. Don’t they have enough of their own young left-wing journalists?

UPDATE: Former Conservative Vice Chair for Youth Ben Bradley weighs in…

“I’m all for a focus on young people, and engaging young people with creating their news content. I’m sure that could be a very positive thing, but as an organisation that has its own vast team of journalists, including some in their 20s that I’ve met and worked with myself, I don’t really see why they need to outsource.

If they really need help why would they reach out to an organisation that anyone operating in the political sphere would recognise as having a left-leaning bias. They may as well have drafted in the Guardian or the Mirror. It’s only going to drive the theory that they’re not as balanced as they’re meant to be!”

Why is the BBC Giving a U.S. Media Corporation an All Day Advertising Boost?

Tomorrow BBC 5 Live will partner with the US-owned left-wing news site Huffington Post for an all day ‘Twenties Takeover’. Guest presenters will be joined by twentysomething producers and reporters to direct the day’s editorial planning, social media and phone-ins from 6 am to 1 am. Rozina Breen, head of news at BBC 5 Live, said: “The idea behind commissioning the Twenties Takeover was to put young people at the heart of BBC 5 Live’s journalism, from editorial leadership to commissioning and storytelling”. Sounds like an innovative idea to empower young journalists.

For some reason they are partnering with the left-wing Huffington Post for the project. Surely out of the thousands of journalists at the BBC some are in their twenties? Why bring in twentysomethings only from one outside left-wing website? We at Guido Fawkes have spent days attempting to help the BBC out and get involved, bringing a bit of left/right balance, to no avail. We asked the producers to be involved and have been firmly rebuffed...

Guido’s news editor wrote on Tuesday to the producer who originated the idea:

Dear Jason,

As the 27-year old News Editor at Guido Fawkes, I was very excited to see your #TwentiesTakeOver article in HuffPost this morning about young people taking over BBC Five Live for a day in collaboration with HuffPost this week. I think it’s a fantastic idea to help nurture young talent and get different perspectives heard.
Both myself and my colleague Tom Harwood are young journalists in our twenties, and we would be delighted to get involved in the project this Thursday. As a right-leaning site we would help to balance out the left-leaning HuffPost and provide a broader range of perspectives from people in their twenties.
Incidentally, Guido Fawkes is the only UK tabloid publication with a 9/9 NewsGuard rating. For comparison, HuffPost only scored 8/9, failing on the criteria: “handles the difference between news and opinion responsibly.”
Please do let me know how we can help take this project forward.
Best wishes
Hugh Bennett

After an initial phone call with the BBC to get a response, it seemed as if they were willing to work with Guido’s twentysomethings. Another call to firm up details found Guido rebuffed, told that the BBC and Huffington Post were running this project and there was no room for any other twentysomething voices editorially. Producers wouldn’t tell Guido how or why Huffington Post are exclusively involved, why a partnership was needed at all considering the thousands of 20-somethings hired by the BBC, and why no other publications were offered a similar deal…

Huffington Post is part of a multi-billion dollar US media and telecoms conglomerate. The value of an entire day of promotion on one of Britain’s national radio stations is hard to quantify. According to one advertising executive we spoke to it would be worth “hundreds of thousands”. Imagine if the BBC was partnering with The Sun or Mail Online, and giving them a entire day’s free advertising to 5 Live’s millions of listeners. There would be an outcry…

‘Climate Catastrophe’ Chris Packham Cashing in on Carbon-Belching Luxury Wildlife Tours

Environmental activist and BBC presenter Chris Packham has been busy of late, whether it’s causing chaos for farmers, joining disruptive Extinction Rebellion protests, writing articles warning about the “catastrophic impact” of climate change, ranting about “extreme capitalism” or generally lecturing everyone else on how to live their lives. The petition to have him sacked from the BBC has already racked up a whopping 135,000 signatures in just two weeks…

Funnily enough, Chris’s concerns with climate change and capitalism mysteriously vanish when it comes to his own “Travel with Chris Packham” business. It turns out Chris is quite happy to take punters thousands of miles round the world on luxury wildlife tours, pumping out hundreds of tonnes of carbon dioxide to fly there. Provided they’re paying several thousand pounds each:

  • This August you’ve got a “a rare opportunity to spend time in the company of Chris whilst surrounded by the spectacular wilderness of Alaska” on a Wildlife Photography Cruise – for a cool £7,195 per person excluding flights.
    • Over 11,000 miles return from London via Seattle. With 22 passengers on board that’ll be 75 tonnes of CO2 pumped into the fresh Arctic air…

  • In December 2018 you could have spent two weeks exploring Antarctica with Chris on the luxury RCGS Resolute, complete with gym, spa and steam room, all for the modest sum of £8,799 per person excluding flights.
    • It’s a 16,740-mile round trip to Ushuaia via Buenos Aires. If the full 110 people went that’s a staggering 588 tonnes of CO2 Chris has helped pump out…
  • This February you could have enjoyedThe Ultimate Birdwatching Trip to The Gambia with Chris Packham’ – with three separate tours of up to 17 people each and prices varying from a few hundred pounds to over £1,000.
    • Banjul’s a mere 5,560-miles return. Only 88 tonnes of CO2 on Chris’s conscience, although he’s been running this tour for over a decade

  • There’s still time to book onto a “Stunning Photographic Safari in Kenya with Chris” this September, a lucky group of 12 will stay in luxury tents for 8 days for just £7,699 per person.
    • Just the 8,500 miles return to Nairobi. Chris’s safari group will only be adding 58 tonnes of CO2 this time…

All in all that’s over 800 tonnes of extra carbon dioxide Chris Packham is helping to pump into the atmosphere in just 9 months, while trousering big bucks for himself. Good to see he’s taking the climate “catastrophe” as seriously as he’s busy ordering everyone else to…

‘Arrogant Little Man’: Rosindell Hits Back at Verhofstadt Aide’s “Tory F**kers” Jibe

Tonight BBC 4 are airing a documentary showing the inside workings of the EU negotiating team. The Sun reports that at one point Guy Verhofstadt’s chief aide fawns over him after a conversation with Tory MP Andrew Rosindell, saying:

“I’m most proud of you when you take on a Tory… You should shoot* the f***ers out.”

Rozza tells Guido:

“I didn’t hear anyone say they were going to “shoot me”, but to be frank, I really couldn’t care less what this arrogant little man’s people have to say. We Brits and especially Essex folk are made of stronger stuff. If it’s true, he really needs to calm down and behave like a responsible politician . He represents a failing project and is obviously very bitter, but I will always defend Brexit and our great country against those that want to keep us locked under control of the EU!”

Good diplomacy job from Verhofstadt as ever…

*Could be shoo, audio is not clear.

Corbyn: Israel Has “Unbelievably High Levels of Influence” Over the BBC

Fresh from making clear that he doesn’t subscribe to the anti-Semitic “elements” of Hobson’s “brilliant” theories about how “men of a single and peculiar race” control the policy and press of European nations and the “house of Rosthchild” has enabled every European war, Jeremy Corbyn has been uncovered giving his own views about who controls the BBC. You’ll never guess who he thinks is behind it all:

“What this embarrassing saga demonstrates is the contempt that the BBC directors appear to have for the views of the licence fee-payers and the unbelievably high levels of influence that Israel’s government appears to have in the upper echelons of parts of the media.”

The Campaign Against Antisemitism respond:

“Due to the weight of evidence, we have had no option other than to conclude that the reason Mr Corbyn promotes these views is that he himself is an antisemite.”

Not that it will make a jot of difference to his diehard supporters and media outriders who will happily continue twisting themselves in knots to defend the indefensible. He’s just the unluckiest anti-racism campaigner in history…

H/t @magnitsky

BBC-Guido Syndication Deal

As part of the BBC’s efforts to broaden its supplier base the BBC commissions stand-alone new media propositions. They are aimed at ensuring the BBC is able to meet its public service commitments while at the same time allowing independent suppliers to retain and exploit rights where appropriate. They are intended to apply to stand-alone new media commissions.

Guido parent company GGN and BBC News & Current Affairs have agreed a syndication framework which will see the Nevis based media corporation supply BBC content under the following terms:

Framework 1: GGN owns any new stand-alone content proposal they bring to the BBC; the BBC has an exclusive licence only.

Framework 2: GGN retains all rights in a stand-alone new media commission based on an existing BBC created format, associated with an in-house programme or based on a BBC developed idea.

Framework 3: GGN licences their existing third-party content or services to the BBC on a non-exclusive basis.

Framework 4: GGN licences their content to the BBC on a non-exclusive basis, but the BBC owns (or may take a non-exclusive licence in) the bespoke development which it specifies and pays for.

This morning on the Victoria Derbyshire show saw the first fruit of the collaboration as Heidi Allen MP was challenged using Guido produced video content. Guido editor in chief Paul Staines said:

“We’re happy to syndicate our content to other media organisations and for the BBC it will be a welcome diversification from their normal suppliers. The GGN deal represents value for money for licence fee payers.”

Flora Loip, the BBC’s Director of Commissioning said:

We are thrilled to licence Guido’s content to the BBC. The Guido Fawkes brand is a strong news brand and the BBC has been wanting for some time to synergise our content aligning our core competencies in this dynamic and exciting new partnership.

The syndication deal is not the first time a major media organisation has syndicated Guido-produced content. News UK had a three year syndication deal with Guido. The BBC deal is open-ended…

BBC Admits Scandal-Hit Lord Deben Spread Fake Green News

Guido readers will remember Lord Deben from the ongoing inquiry into his multiple conflicts of interests over £600,000 payments funnelled to his family business. The scandal-hit Climate Change Committee Chair has been dealt another blow with the BBC publicly admitting that he misled viewers of the Today Programme with his daft claim that there was a ban on onshore wind power. Which there isn’t. Obviously.

But the BBC Executive Complaints Unit made an embarrassing mistake themselves over Deben’s claim on the same programme that onshore wind was the cheapest form of generating electricity. They say that according to a BEIS formula, onshore wind is the cheapest form of electricity today. The actual government tables clearly show that gas turbines are cheaper. A pretty shoddy mistake to make after two rounds of BBC investigations…

Adam Fleming Whispers Sweet Brexit Nothings

The BBC’s Adam Fleming has produced a video reading out sections of the Withdrawal Agreement in the style of a YouTube ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) video. This might be peak 2019 Brexit…

BBC Trolls Brexiteers

Ted isn’t alone. 60% of Brits say the BBC is biased against Brexit

Impartial Fact Checkers Trash People’s Vote’s Claim that One Million People Marched

The People’s Vote campaign had already come under fire for grossly exaggerating the number of people on their last march after official figures revealed that it was only attended by around 250,000 people, barely a third of the 700,000 they claimed. Now it looks like they’ve shamelessly puffed up the numbers on their second march by exactly the same margin…

Impartial fact checkers Full Fact carefully examined their claim that one million people attended their march on Saturday, finding that “experts in crowd estimation put the number at between 312,000 and 400,000.” Again, barely a third of the dodgy numbers the People’s Vote were putting out…

Full Fact say that:

“even if this density of 4.5 people per square metre [as the People’s Vote claimed] had been observed across the whole march site of roughly 160,000 square metres, that would only account for 700,000 people. Helicopter footage shows that there were areas where the crowd was much less dense than 4.5 people per square metre.”

Not that it stopped the BBC’s risible “Reality Check Correspondent” Chris Morris from endorsing their claim of a million. Remainers never stop complaining about numbers used by Brexiteers, all the while they’re fiddling their own figures on an industrial scale…

Naughtie Sorry for ERG Slur

Following Guido’s reporting of ERG outrage at BBC Today’s Jim Naughtie slurring the ERG as far-right types equivalent to the French Front National he apologised last night:

“I was wrong to say in a live discussion this morning that members of the ERG would be happy in a far-right party. That was not my intention, because I don’t believe it. I was trying to make the point that if our parties fracture in some way after Brexit – on Right and Left – we could see a political landscape emerge that looks more like the rest of Europe than it does at the moment. But my words were ill-chosen and I’m sorry for any offence caused”.

The ERG’s Andrew Bridgen responds “I was grateful for Jim Naugthie’s ‘almost apology’, as the referendum demonstrated the ERG’s views are those of the mainstream majority.” Quite.

60% of People Think the BBC is Biased Against Brexit

Both Brexiteers and FBPErs both like to complain that the BBC is biased against their side, now the country as a whole has given its verdict and come down on the side of the Brexiteers. A new ComRes poll for Leave Means Leave has revealed that, excluding don’t knows, 60% of people think that “organisations like the BBC seem in favour of remaining in the EU and have not provided an impartial view of Brexit.” This rises to 75% among Leave voters…

The same poll found that 64% of people with a view think that “The Civil Service seems in favour of remaining in the EU and could have misled both ministers and the public with research designed to put Brexit in a negative light.” An anonymous whistleblower confirmed as much in the Telegraph this morning. The British people know an establishment stitch up when they see one…

Simon McCoy Calls Himself a “Professional Knob”

Re-living the spirit of some of his classic moments live on TV, the BBC’s Simon McCoy had some more fun with his job filming a bit for This Week last night. Yes, sadly readers this time it’s just art imitating life…

BBC’s Ill-Advised Podcast Promo

Guido can’t help but thinking the BBC could have found a better strap-line for their new podcast

H/t: Jess Brammar

An “Institute for Public Interest News” is a Very Bad Idea

The Cairncross Review published yesterday recommends the creation of a news quango, the “Institute for Public Interest News”. Cairncross says it would work like the Arts Council, channeling public and private funding to “those parts of the industry it deemed most worthy of support”. It is a good analogy, the Arts Council takes taxpayers’ money and spends it on things most taxpayers don’t want, like opera. Public interest news is often something the public have little interest in.

The supposed problem is that local papers are going to the wall because advertising has dried up and shifted to Google and Facebook. This is apparently a threat to local democracy because local politics goes unreported. The Institute for Public Interest News would fund high quality public interest news. No doubt this will cost taxpayers hundreds of millions, though this was unspecified…

According to the report, the quango would be

“a dedicated body [which] could amplify efforts to ensure the future sustainability of public-interest news, working in partnership with news publishers and the online platforms, as well as bodies such as Nesta, Ofcom, the BBC and academic institutions.”

Hold on, don’t we already have a dedicated body, with billions in public funds, dedicated to public-interest news? It is called the BBC.

Why do we need another public body? Isn’t the BBC actually part of the reason independent local journalism is dying? The expansion of the BBC into local radio and covering local affairs online is killing off independent private sector journalism. The billions in revenue that the BBC has supports 46 local radio stations and the most visited news website in Britain, how can local newspapers compete with that? That the BBC has started funding a “Local Democracy Reporting Service” is an admission that it is part of the problem. The BBC’s lavish funding enables it to suck up the audience that otherwise would go to independent news sources, thus undermining their viability.

State mandated and funded “public interest news” is a dangerous idea, even if it didn’t degenerate into propaganda it is unlikely that it would ever bite the hand that feeds it. The state should stay out of the business of journalism.

BBC Should Make Billions Worldwide from iPlayer, Not Over-75s

If you started paying the TV licence fee in your student days and are now 75, you would – at today’s rates – have paid approximately £7,500 into the BBC’s coffers. After half-a-century of being forced to fund the likes of Gary Lineker’s multi-million pound fees, it seems not unreasonable that your retirement from working should coincide with getting him and all the other overpaid celebrities off your back. That is why the government exempted OAPs from facing jail for non-payment of the BBC’s regressive telly poll tax.

The BBC is lobbying hard for the government to pay the licence fees, claiming it is costing them hundreds of millions. This is not really a “cost”, it a loss of revenue. The BBC collects some £3.5 billion from the telly tax and £1.5 billion from commercial revenue. It greedily wants to get a few hundred million more from the over-75s. Here’s a suggestion, cut back on Lineker and the likes’ bloated pay packets and generate some more revenue from iPlayer worldwide.

If Netflix and Amazon can generate billions worldwide from online streaming, so can the BBC. There is no technological reason the BBC can’t do it. The reason they don’t do it is purely political. If iPlayer was a pay-as-you-go streaming service the rationale for the licence fee, such as it is, would be destroyed.

The BBC funding model is based on coercion, it is out of date. Netflix’s global success shows just how badly the BBC missed the opportunity to be a global streaming media company with the headstart it had with iPlayer. Now they want to make OAPs or younger taxpayers pay for their commercial mistakes…

What the Humphrys Saw

Guido understands that Nick Robinson decided that he was very interested in what was on his computer monitor rather than the studio guest during this morning’s interview with Dr Victoria Bateman. The eccentric naked Remainiac campaigner called on Jacob Rees-Mogg to debate her naked.[…] Read the rest


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