Nicky Morgan Hints at BBC Licence Fee Reform

Speaking to Nick Robinson’s Political Thinking podcast this week, Culture Secretary Nicky Morgan hinted that substantial reform for the national broadcaster might be just around the corner. Morgan said that the funding of the BBC is an issue that increasingly comes up on the doorstep: “why do I pay my licence fee, I don’t watch it, I don’t agree with it.” She went on to hint that scrapping the archaic licence fee was on the table going forward…

“This is the start of a process… people outside politics expect politicians to ask those questions, not just go ‘it’s all fine'”

Guido can’t wait…

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Read In Full: Tony Hall’s Resignation Letter

Lord Hall has written to all BBC staff to explain his abrupt decision to step down from his role as BBC Director-General this summer. He wants the same person to be able to lead the corporations’ 2022 review as will see through the 2027 charter renewal. Read his letter in full here…

Dear colleagues,

First of all, thank you for all your comments and feedback since I spoke to you from Cardiff last week. It was really important to me to set a clear direction for us, as well as celebrating some of the outstanding work you’re doing.

My reason for writing is however more personal. I wanted you to be the first to know that I will give my all to this organisation for the next six months, as I have done these last seven years. But in the summer I’ll step down as your Director-General.

Read More

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64% Think the BBC is Biased

64% of the public think the BBC is somewhat or greatly biased.

This includes 35% of Leavers, who think it is greatly biased. Conversely, 30% of Remainers think there is little to no bias on the BBC.

The BBC likes to boast that is the most trusted media organisation. Unfortunately people, perhaps wisely, don’t trust the media in general…

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BBC Ban Tory Ad, Allow Labour’s

The BBC had a Tory ad banned for using BBC intellectual property, but is leaving Labour’s similar ads totally untouched. And somehow the Corbynite left claim the BBC is biased against them…

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Jewish Journalists ‘Not Helping’

Is Andrew Neil Jewish too?

UPDATE: Carole has deleted her account.

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Labour Comms Officer Was the Question Time Liar

Remember this guy? The gobby Question Time audience member who made the false claim that Harold Wilson remained neutral in the 1975 referendum, rather than ask a question on Question Time. Jeremy liked his contribution so much he tweeted it out:

He name is Liam Shrivastava, he is according to his LinkedIn profile, a Communications Officer for the Labour Party:

So when people complained that it was like a Labour Party rally they weren’t wrong…

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