Ofcom Report Slams BBC for Failing to Address Impartiality Concerns

Ofcom has released a midterm report of the BBC, reviewing its approach to complaints and public perceptions of its impartiality. The report slams the broadcaster for failing to uphold its complaints procedure, demanding it “change[s] its policy and publish sufficient reasoning in cases where it decides not to uphold due impartiality and due accuracy complaints”, and warning that public trust in its impartiality had declined dramatically in recent years. As Guido reported on Monday, new figures show that public distrust in the BBC has fallen by 20 points in the last five years… 

According to Ofcom’s own figures, 11% of adults had cause to complain about the BBC in the last year, with ITV at 6%, and Channel 4 at 4%. Of that figure, most didn’t have confidence their complaints would be upheld or taken seriously. Why would they? Time and again, the BBC’s top stars clearly breach social media impartiality rules and, at worst, face a warning and slap on the wrist. A few months later, they do it again…

Ofcom chief Dame Melanie Dawes didn’t mince her words:

“Viewers and listeners tell us they aren’t happy with how the BBC handles their complaints, and it clearly needs to address widespread perceptions about its impartiality. So we’re directing it to respond to these concerns, by being much more transparent and open with its audiences. The BBC must also adapt quickly to keep up with changes in what audiences want, and how they get their content.”

The review also warns the BBC to get its act together quickly, or it will recommend the government gets involved:

“We are also expecting the BBC to alert us at an early stage to potential serious editorial breaches… If the BBC fails to do this, we will recommend that the Government makes this a legal requirement.”

One of the major proposed changes is an updated Operating Licence with a far greater emphasis on transparency. The full review is expected early next year…

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Distrust of the BBC Has Doubled

The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism‘s annual Digital News Report for 2022 is out. The data-heavy report is full of findings about how and where news is consumed. The data points that struck Guido hardest were the loss of trust in BBC News. It has fallen 20 points in the last five years, from 75% to 55%. Equally telling is the proportion who say they distrust the BBC, which has more than doubled from 11% to 26%. This the Reuters Institute says is because

“The majority of these are from the political right, echoing criticism from Boris Johnson’s government about an alleged anti-Brexit and liberal bias, but we also find that low trust in the BBC also comes from those who are less interested in news altogether. … Declining trust is a particular challenge for public media organisations, as they try to fulfil their mission to appeal to all audiences.”

As the BBC becomes a cultural pump for the woke agenda dressed up as entertainment, it loses legitimacy and weakens the case for universal funding. If it dismays a sizeable section of the population the case for moving to a subscription model funded by consenting viewers becomes overwhelmingly stronger. No doubt leftie metropolitan types will point out that the least trusting of the BBC are Brexit-backing Tory blokes without degrees in media studies, so it doesn’t matter.  It does because they are forced to pay a television tax to fund an organisation that despises them, a situation which cannot prevail for much longer…

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BBC Training Journalists to Become Trans Rights Activists

The Nolan Show has uncovered yet more wokery at the BBC: trainee journalists are being taught to become trans and non-binary activists, and to use “their magical ally powers to access influencers and influence politicians”. In other words, to become political campaigners in direct contravention the BBC’s code of impartiality. Apparently they’ve learned absolutely nothing from the Stonewall fiasco…

One of the journalists on the course – delivered by Global Butterflies – has spoken out on the condition of anonymity, revealing just how partisan the “training” actually was:

“During that session we were given a lot of different points of how allies could sort of use their influence to affect trans rights for people, and one of the slides was headlined: with your magical powers of being an ally. And it wasn’t until we got further down that slide that I realised that it talked about using your influence on politicians to affect change which was sort of the main point that they were trying to get across.”

This vital information was delivered after the new staff were lectured on the importance of impartiality. How exactly were these journalists “allies” instructed to become campaigners? By using “their privilege whatever that may be, e.g. wealth, seniority, ethnicity, connections, social status, etc to access influencers for example leaders, celebrities – change the minds of the media, influence politicians, write or share stories and articles and tell people what is happening.”

The source also claims the BBC supervisor made no effort during the session to remind new staff of their obligation to impartiality. On and on the session went, uninterrupted…

It’s only today, after being confronted with all this, that the BBC has taken action… by removing one slide from the training session:

“This is a voluntary course and includes generic training materials provided by a third party, but the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines are sacrosanct, our staff know this and they understand their responsibilities. The slide in question has not been included previously and will be removed for any future sessions.”

So future sessions like this are still going ahead, then. Guido would like to know why reporters need special training on this particular issue?

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Harwood’s Question Time Housing Crisis Truth

Tom’s right, the only real solution to the housing crisis is to build more houses – “build back better” needs to be more than just a slogan. The rest is just tinkering around the edges…

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Victoria Derbyshire’s Live College Green Shambles

First Steve Bray showed up, then she dropped her phone, then her earpiece fell out, then she forgot her phone’s pin code, then she begged her colleague to hold her umbrella, all live on air. Somebody get her a coffee…

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Nadine Announces Review into BBC Impartiality and Standards

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has confirmed it’s launching a “Mid-Term Review” of the BBC to assess whether the broadcaster needs reforming to “achieve greater impartiality” and hire more people from working class backgrounds. The review will take place at some point before 2024, and will analyse “the effectiveness of the BBC’s governance mechanisms… in ensuring compliance with its editorial standards including impartiality requirements”. Given how often their highest-paid stars flout those requirements, there’s plenty of work to be done…

Announcing the move this morning, Nadine Dorries says:

“The BBC is a world-class broadcaster but one which has to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape just like all broadcasters are. The Government is committed to ensuring the BBC is more impartial, more accessible and more reflective of our country’s variety of viewpoints. This review will build on our recent progress to make the BBC more accountable to those who fund it, level up people’s access to the job opportunities it offers and ensure it continues to work in the best interest of the public.”

There is also a review of the licence fee coming down the track “soon”…

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