BBC Admit “Lapse of Editorial Standards” Over EU Parliament Results Coverage

The BBC has admitted its representation of the European Parliamentary election results in May represented a “lapse of editorial standards” when it refused to count the Conservative Party as a ‘pro-Brexit’ party. The organisation’s Executive Complaints Unit is now “consider[ing] what further action is required”…

The notorious chart used by the BBC to present the election results attempted to present the Conservative Party as holding a similarly ambiguous position on Brexit as the Labour Party did at the time, in order to deliberately imply anti-Brexit parties received the most votes. Incredibly, it is still up on the BBC website. At the time Guido proposed an alternate chart

A heroic co-conspirator has pursued the issue for months, and despite being rebuffed twice by the BBC, yesterday finally had his complaint accepted. It was only accepted after threatening to take the matter to OFCOM…

Read the BBC Executive Complaints Unit’s letter in full here.

The End of This Week

It was cringe-making at times, it was devastating at times, it was much loved by political obsessives and it was a ratings success. That was This Week that was. Andrew Neil long complained about the late night scheduling, which gave it a slightly alcohol glazed tinge for many viewers. All part of the charm…

Corbyn Sponsored EDM Backing Panorama’s Anti-Semitism Investigator

The latest Corbynista hate figure is BBC Panorama’s investigative journalist John Ware for daring to make a programme featuring former Labour staffers blowing the whistle on anti-Semitism. The programme hasn’t even been broadcast yet and Corbyn’s unofficial mouthpieces have already been aggressively going after him for days…

Funny how the hard left didn’t always have such a problem with Ware, here’s an Early Day Motion from 2002:

“That this House warmly congratulates BBC Panorama and the ever-vigilant investigative journalist, John Ware, for their perseverance and courage in researching and broadcasting, Licence to Murder, an investigation into collusion between British intelligence services and loyalist paramilitaries…”

And who exactly sponsored the EDM? None other than a certain Jeremy Bernard Corbyn…

Raab “Exclusive” Does Third Round

PoliticsHome had an “exclusive” investigation this morning into the vast sums splurged on targeted Facebook ads by Dom Raab’s unsuccessful leadership bid. As Guido suspected at the time, he was targeting the wrong audience during the MPs’ phase…

One problem with this exclusive story, The Sun already had it as an “exclusive” two and a half weeks ago on 19th June. That’s not all, a full eight days before The Sun ran it the story was actually broken by the BBC’s Joey D’Urso on 11th June, ironically the one person who didn’t plaster “exclusive” all over it. Exclusive to all news outlets everywhere…

Brillo Destroys New EU Leaders

As Guido readers are well aware, the new set of EU leaders thrust upon us following days of secret backroom Brussels horse-trading aren’t exactly the most illustrious bunch – from the Karen Bradley of German politics to the deeply unpleasant Spanish Foreign Minister convicted of insider trading just last year. Safe to say Andrew Neil is not impressed. The poor pro-EU journalist doesn’t stand a chance…

For Once, One of Us, Says It

Labour MP’s Bare-Faced TV Licence Hypocrisy

Scottish Labour MP Hugh Gaffney went on a rant at PMQs over the Government not doing enough for free BBC TV licences. As May pointed out, it’s for the BBC to answer why they can afford to increase their “talent bill” yet again while taking away pensioners’ free licences…

Not that Gaffney needs to be too worried himself, it turns out he’s quite happy for other people to pay for his own TV licence – despite his MP’s salary of £79,468 a year, he’s claimed his £150.50 TV licence off the hardworking taxpayer instead. Classic!

Lineker Costs All the Licence Fees of Everyone in Buckingham

Guido’s number crunchers have calculated that the total amount of money spent on each of the BBC’s top ten stars is equivalent to every single resident of some of the UK’s most significant towns paying a licence fee directly to the loaded luvvies.

Gary Lineker, for example is paid £1,750,000 a year. Including employer’s National Insurance the BBC is paying £1,991,500 for him, divided by the licence fee that would cover every man woman and child in Buckingham. And that’s not even taking into account that licence fees are per household rather than per person!

  • Gary Lineker – Buckingham, Bucks
  • Chris Evans – Abergele, Conwy County
  • Graham Norton – Bidford-on-Avon, Warwickshire
  • Huw Edwards – Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire
  • Steve Wright – Gilberdyke, East Yorkshire
  • Alan Shearer – Busby, East Renfrewshire
  • Andrew Marr – Kirton in Lindsey, Lincolnshire
  • Claudia Winkleman – Thorpe Willoughby, North Yorkshire
  • Jason Mohammad – Stocksfield, Northumberland
  • Vanessa Feltz – Brewood, Staffordshire

The BBC hands out this sort of cash to its top tier luvvies yet can’t bring itself to find the savings to not tax the over 75s. All of this would cease to be a problem if they just scrapped the licence fee and moved to a sensible subscription model like Netflix, Sky, HBO, Amazon Prime, BT Sports, Apple Music, Spotify…

Maitlis Squirms Reading Out ‘BBC is Biased’ Live on Air

After the extent of the BBC’s Tory Leadership debate fiasco came to light throughout the day, presenter Emily Maitlis had to read out stinging criticism of the flawed show on Newsnight last night, all while looking at a picture of herself pointing at Boris Johnson. Awkward…

Lib Dems Deselect Sarah Olney

Poor old Sarah Olney hasn’t had the best of times since her fleeting stint in Parliament was brought to an unceremonious end in 2017. After being dumped back out by Zac Goldsmith, she got a cushy job as Vince Cable’s Head of Staff, only to lose it after just six weeks. She briefly held on to her bumper £68,000 pay packet despite going part time, only to lose that too after another four months. Then she had a visit from the Old Bill a month later over her criminal breach of spending laws in the 2016 by-election. Her one stroke of luck was that the police bizarrely decided not to press charges despite evidence she had been deliberately dishonest, would they have been this lenient with a Leaver?

Olney was hoping to waltz straight back into the role of Lib Dem candidate for Richmond Park – it turns out the local Lib Dems have other ideas. Despite her only losing by 45 votes last time, they’ve deselected her as the candidate and are forcing her to fight against two other candidates if she wants the position back, including David Campanale, an NUJ rep who works for the BBC. Olney’s website expired last month on ‘Europe Day’ – now redirects to the Kingston Independent Residents Group. Looks like it’s not just the local Lib Dems who are happy to see the back of her…

“Aman from London” Worked for Labour HQ… Investigating Anti-Semitism

The BBC’s highly suspect guest selection for last night’s flagship debate has been under scrutiny after Guido uncovered Abdullah from Bristol’s tendencies for Zionist conspiracy theories and blaming women for being taken advantage of by men. Now Guido can reveal that the person who asked the final question wasn’t exactly an ordinary member of the public…

The panel were accused of having no democratic mandate by Aman Thakar. It turns out that not only was Thakar a Labour Party council candidate in 2018 in Southwark, he even worked in Labour HQ. As this letter sent in October 2018 from Labour’s Acting Head of Disputes to a party member under investigation for anti-Semitism reveals:

The General Secretary has appointed Aman Thakar, Legal Assistant, to arrange conduct of the Party’s own investigation.

A source who worked in Labour’s complaints department at the time says Thakar was “uber partisan” and claims he was brought in by Shami Chakrabarti to help “close down” cases of anti-Semitism. The BBC’s dubious excuse for letting Abdullah slip through the net is that his Twitter account was only reactivated after the programme. How did their background checks manage to miss the fact they’d got a Labour Party appointee on?

UPDATE: Turns out the BBC’s background checks didn’t miss the fact that yThakar had worked for Labour, according to Henry Zeffman they just didn’t think it was either a problem or worth informing viewers about. One partisan Corbynista is a mistake, two starts to look like….

UPDATE II: Aman has now deleted his tweets, unfortunately for him not before Guido got this. Aman describes himself as “a nationalist” in this tweet:

Tip for BBC researchers when doing vetting, search for the word “Hitler”….

UPDATE III: Aman apologises for Hitler joke tweet.

Debate Mess Means BBC Could Miss Out On Next Round

One senior Downing Street source with plenty of television experience told Guido bluntly that the format didn’t work, the down the lines (Abdullah from Bristol) from the regions were a badly contrived gimmick that broke the flow of the show. The national broadcaster attempted to deliver the big impressive debate last night yet it descended into a shambles…

From the awkward set design, to the questions from crazy people who want to ban all CO2 emissions and worse, even media darling Rory Stewart was driven to decry the format. Insiders are telling Guido that the BBC made a big pitch to candidates that this would be the big defining debate of the campaign, and after tonight the Beeb will struggle to gain candidates’ approval for the one vs one debate in the next stage of the contest. It’s now more likely to go to Sky or ITV…

Abdullah from Bristol Wants to Know “Does the Panel Agree Words Have Consequences?”

Yes Abdullah…

Has Abdullah met Naz Shah?

Because she got into a lot of trouble for tweeting this very graphic…

UPDATE: BBC 5 Live’s Nicky Campbell apologises for having Abdullah on the show this morning…

Sneak Peak of Tonight’s Debate

The BBC’s Rob Burley has revealed the set for tonight’s ‘Our Next Prime Minister’ debate, and it’s not particularly Prime Ministerial, with spindly chairs and no lecterns. Look more like the set of the Victoria Derbyshire Programme than a grand debate on the future of the nation…

BBC Scotland Viewing Figures Too Low To Measure

Twenty-one programmes on the BBC’s new Scottish channel have been measured to have no viewers at all by since the £32 million channel went live at the end of February. According to the Scottish Daily Mail, on one day last month The British Audiences Research Board found that the new channel’s audience averaged “only 7,200 people in the core evening hours.” How does the BBC justify such a huge waste of money while it’s taking away free licences for the elderly?

BBC Empty Chairs Simon McCoy

Quick-witted McCoy naturally has a joke at the ready by the time the camera finally finds him…

Boris Doing BBC Debate, Ditching Channel 4

Boris has made his decision on the TV debates, he will do the BBC debate next Tuesday but he’s spurning Brexit-afflicted Channel 4’s Sunday offering. Channel 4 have made clear that they will be going hard on their efforts to “empty chair” him, Team Boris have evidently decided that’s preferable to spending an hour with Jon “f**k the Tories” Snow. See you next Tuesday…

Jo Brand’s Hate Speech

Last night on Radio 4 (where else?) leftie luvvie Jo Brand fantasised about throwing acid over politicians she doesn’t like. Making the kind of joke that leaves a bad taste, she told Victoria Coren Mitchell “why bother with a milkshake when you could get some battery acid?” It’s okay because Jo is left wing so she’s really compassionate…

“Certain unpleasant characters are being thrown to the fore, and they’re very, very easy to hate, and I’m kind of thinking, why bother with a milkshake when you could get some battery acid?

That’s just me, sorry, I’m not gonna do it, it’s purely a fantasy, but I think milk shakes are pathetic, I honestly do. Sorry.”

She’s not the first to promote an acid attack. Nigel Farage tells Guido: “This is incitement of violence and the police need to act.”

McVey Calls for BBC to Reverse Licence Fee Hike

Former BBC employee Esther McVey has become the first Tory leadership candidate to wade into the BBC licence fee row, accusing the BBC of breaking a deal it made to increase the licence fee on the condition it kept them free for over-75s. Esther has pledged to force the BBC to reverse the decision…

The licence fee remains a deeply unpopular tax and Guido is surprised the other Tory leadership candidates are not trying to make more hay with it. Even Theresa May (remember her?) has got involved. Pledging to stop Gary Lineker cashing in at pensioners’ expense is hardly going to be an unpopular policy…

Victoria Derbyshire C-Bombs Jeremy Hunt

The BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire has become the latest broadcaster to fall victim to the infamous curse of Hunt, before curiously blaming it on men as “it’s usually men who say that”. On the basis of past incidents both genders are more than capable of making the slip-up…[…] Read the rest


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