Layla Moran Claims China “Already Ahead” on Net Zero Transition

Nobody seems to have noticed the LibDems’ Foreign Affairs spokesperson Layla Moran dropped this absolute howler on Any Questions. Admittedly listening to the LibDems talk about Net Zero is a low priority for most people on a Friday evening. Perhaps Moran would have gotten away with it if Guido hadn’t rewound the tape…

 Moran lamented how “economically illiterate” the government’s Net Zero changes are, and claimed we should be following the lead of the US… and China:

“You look at the States, where they’re already pumping billions of dollars towards this, you look at China, which is already ahead, actually we had an opportunity – we have still an opportunity – to forge an economy for the future… not only are the Conservatives intent on trashing today’s economy, they seem to want to also trash the future economy as well.”

Apparently China is “already ahead” on climate and Net Zero. This will, of course, be news to anyone living on planet Earth, where China accounted for a whopping 30.9% of carbon emissions in 2021, and is currently rated “highly insufficient” on

With a Net Zero target date of 2060, not 2050, they are, by a mile, belching out more emissions than anyone else, and building coal power projects faster than you can blink. “Already ahead” in that sense at least…

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On Bastani Being Bastani

Guido has an editorial policy of trying to ignore the ever attention-seeking Aaron Bastani. Currently he has however managed to attract widespread tabloid attention by soiling himself on the subject of the Poppy Appeal; arguing “Close down the British Legion”, “It’s racist, it’s white supremacist”, “F**k off the Invictus Games” and apparently “Mocking people who live on housing estates”. He’s entitled to hold his stupid views in a free society.

He’s on the BBC’s Any Questions tonight. Note there are no calls from conservative leaning politicians or media for him to be no-platformed. That is a left-wing tactic of closed minds. Suspect the infantile leftist will enjoy the all attention, the Devon crowd’s questions however will be less than enjoyable for him…

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BBC Flagship Shows Still Have Remain Panel Bias

Brexiteers always like to complain about Brexit bias on the BBC, so Guido has crunched the numbers on the BBC’s three flagship panel shows, Question Time, Politics Live and Any Questions to see if they have a point. They certainly do…

Since the start of the political season in September, 72% of the official panel guests across the three shows have been Remainers, while a mere 28% have been Leavers. A whopping 87% of the panels had a Remainer majority – only 13% of shows had a panel equally balanced between Leavers and Remainers. Not once have Leavers outnumbered Remainers.

Eight shows since the start of September have seen Brexiteers outnumbered 4 to 1 by Remainers, while two shows in the last two weeks managed to feature four Remainers and no Brexiteers at all. No-one is disputing that the Remainer elite are the majority in the Westminster politico-media bubble, the Beeb should however try to reflect the majority of the country…

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Minister Media Monitor: Sky Winning Battle of Producers

MMM April the shows

Sky News won the battle of the producers to book ministers for their programmes in April. The usually minister-heavy Today Programme drops out of the top three for the first time, while Newsnight rises up the rankings. Marr features a minister a week. The whole of ITV (The AgendaGood Morning Britain, and ITV News) managed to get just three ministers in the entire month. Overall there were 44 ministerial broadcast appearances in April, expect that to ramp up when the referendum campaign gets going…

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