Keith Vaz’s Constituency Chair Resigns, Damn’s Corbyn as “Hoki Coki” Leader

The chairman of Keith Vaz’s Leicester East Constituency Labour Party, Councillor John Thomas has written to Jennie Formby, the party’s General Secretary, cancelling his membership of the Labour Party after 30 years and resigning as the chairman of the Leicester East CLP.

“This is great disappointment to me, realising that I have spent over 30 years of my life working for a party that I now know that I have nothing in common with. This is not the party I joined, the party for decent working people. I can no longer follow the clown that leads the Labour Party, he is heavily influenced by the Trotskyite Len McCluskey and is now as the Hoki Coki leader, in out, and shake it all about he has turned this great party into a laughing stock.

Please cancel the direct debit made in favour of your party by me and return all money’s taken by you through Leicester City Council Labour Group to me. I am also shocked that you have chosen a candidate who is a Councillor in Jeremy Corbyn’s Islington CLP to be the Labour Candidate for Leicester East for the next General Election. Where is the democracy in all this? It is a fix and a disgrace.”

His resignation speaks for itself…

Vaz’s Office Dismantled Over Night

Some MPs get a public send-off, lauded for their achievements in office. For the disgraced member for Leicester East – who last night announced he will not be contesting the December election – the send-off was more low-key – as the Labour Party dismantled his office signage in the dead of night. Vaz is leaving politics to spend more time with his unexplained wealth…

Abbott Urges Keith Vaz to Stand Down

Asked about the position of Jim Keith Vaz on the Today Programme this morning, Shadow Home Secretary and longtime friend of Keith, Diane Abbott urged him to stand down, signalling this really is the end of the road for Parliament’s dodgiest MP. Abbott, who entered Parliament alongside Vaz as two of the four ethnic minority MPs to be elected in 1987, told the programme:

“I think he should consider his position and I think he himself should agree not to be a candidate.”

Abbott then went on to hint that the whip may be withdrawn from Vaz if he did not go voluntarily. Guido hears he was expecting to leave the Commons this election anyway, and has been lining up his daughter to take his seat when he steps down…

Standards Committee Recommends Six Month Vaz Suspension

The Standards Committee has finally published its report on the behaviour of Keith Vaz, declaring that he breached the Code of Conduct for Members of Parliament. The investigation was sparked by a formal complaint submitted by Andrew Bridgen MP. Three years, two standards commissioners, a new office, and almost two elections later, they have finally concluded:

“This is a very serious breach of the Code. We recommend that the House should suspend Mr Vaz from its service for six months.”

Bridgen will be especially pleased. Today is his birthday…

The report claims Vaz’s defence(s) consisted of:

  1. He has argued that the audio-recording and transcript are not to be relied upon.
  2. He has asserted that the purpose of his encounter with the two men was not to engage in paid-for sex but to discuss the interior decoration of his flat.
  3. He has implied that because the encounter was a newspaper ‘sting’ operation, the two men ‘steered’ the conversation with Mr Vaz in ways which give a misleading impression.
  4. He has declined to comment on details of his encounter with the two men on grounds of the medical condition of amnesia

However, the report found that “It is difficult, to put it mildly, to see how all these separate defences could simultaneously be true“.

There are also some brilliant quotes, including “My predecessor did not accept, and nor do I, Mr Vaz’s explanation that the men concerned had come, at 11.30pm on a Saturday evening in connection with plans to decorate his flat.

This suspension meets the conditions of the recall act. Is there time for a Leicester East by-election before December 9?…

Read the report in full here…

UPDATE: Speaking to Guido, complainant Andrew Bridgen said:

“I’m glad that the standards commissioner has upheld my complaint after thee years of investigation. Hopefully this is the end of the road for Keith Vaz, a man who is not fit to represent anywhere in Parliament. Leicester deserves much better than this.”

Standards Committee to Finally Rule on Vaz Rent Boy Scandal

Three years after being reported to the House of Commons authorities – and stretching over the tenures of two different Standards Commissioners – Guido hears this week the Standards Committee are finally due to rule on Keith ‘Jim’ Vaz’s 2016 cocaine and rent boy scandal. Until now, attempts to scrutinise Vaz’s behaviour have been blocked by Bercow…

The committee will rule on whether Vaz – who continues to sit as a Labour MP – brought the House into disrepute, and over his failure to declare an interest when chairing a Home Affairs Select Committee report into prostitution. Relive the video where ‘Jim the washing machine salesman’ asks for cocaine, poppers and unprotected sex here… 

Conveniently for Vaz he was reselected as Labour’s candidate for Leicester East just last week, after Guido spotted his local party’s trigger ballot papers in a House of Commons photocopier. How well-timed…

Vaz Re-Selection Paper Found on House of Commons Photocopier

A co-conspirator using a parliamentary photocopier in Norman Shaw North made a startling discovery this morning: the re-selection paper for Keith Vaz – Guido knows he’s a fan of large white home appliances…

This find raises two important questions:

  • Why was it being photocopied in the first place?
  • And why use tax-funded resources to do so?

Ballots are organised by the local party. There is no reason why an MP would be handling multiple copies. All very odd…

Neil Coyle Hits Out At ‘Jim’ Vaz

Labour’s Neil Coyle conducted a scathing interview on Sky News, lashing out at Labour’s process to reinstate Chris Williamson, which involved both Keith Vaz and Huda Elmi. Curiously he presumably mistakenly referred to Keith as ‘Jim’.

“I think Jim Vaz needs to look at himself and wonder if he was in the best place to make that kind of judgement or whether he would be better off sticking to laundry quite frankly.”

Surely just a slip of the tongue…

Curiously Jim  Keith is now opposing the decision he took yesterday to reinstate Williamson. Classic Labour competence… 

Vaz “Personally” Paid For Undeclared Saudi Trip

As Guido reported last week, there was one MP’s junket to Saudi Arabia which was conspicuously absent from the Register of Members’ Financial Interests. Keith Vaz’s spokesman has said that the reason why the trip wasn’t declared was because Vaz paid for it all himself:

‘’The visit to Riyadh in December 2017 was as Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Yemen to meet the Yemeni President who was living there. The cost of the visit, accommodation and travel was borne by Mr Vaz personally. It was therefore not declarable.”

Vaz visited the Yemeni President and Foreign Minister, the Saudi Foreign Minister and the King Salman Relief Centre on his trip to Riyadh last December. Yet neither the Saudi or Yemeni Governments were generous enough to reach into their pockets to help him cover any of the cost of his trip. Vaz’s £77,379 salary is the sort of money the Saudis lose down the back of the sofa – after all they’ve shelled out over £170,000 to British MPs in the last 18 months. Poor old Keith must have really rubbed them up the wrong way for them to not offer him any declarable hospitality…

Vaz is not famously keen on putting his hand in his pocket for hotel expenses. Guido remembers another time Vaz forgot to make a declaration – Vaz Didn’t Declare Hotels Used For Encounters With Young Men“. Is it possible that he has done the same again?

Vaz’s Vanishing Saudi Sojourn

Readers will have been following Guido’s series on those Tory and Labour MPs who have been enjoying the generous hospitality of the Saudi regime. However, keen Middle East observers may have noticed a conspicuous absence from Guido’s lists so far. Regular readers of the Saudi press or even the Daily Mail may recall that a certain Mr Keith Vaz also paid a visit to Saudi Arabia in December last year…

According to Arab News, Vaz visited the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center in the Saudi capital Riyadh, meeting with its General Supervisor Dr Abdullah Al-Rabeeah and making a statement praising the organisation. Vaz even brought up his trip in Parliament and added that he had met with the Saudi Foreign Minister. Yet the only foreign trip that Vaz has declared in his register of financial interests is a trip funded by the Indian Government in January this year – despite Vaz being deemed “too unwell” to face a parliamentary investigation. There is no trace of Vaz’s Saudi trip whatsoever. Will the Standards Committee have to open another investigation into Vaz before they’ve even concluded the first?

Runners & Riders: Standards Committee Chair

Standards Committee Chair Sir Kevin Baron resigned yesterday citing his frustration with the lack of transparency in Parliamentary investigations. Thankfully there are a good number in Parliament who are experienced in the field of standards investigations. As ever, Guido brings you the most experienced runners and riders to take on this auspicious role…

  • Keith Vaz: On the two year anniversary of the formal investigation being opened into his conduct, who else has more experience of standards investigations? His litany of misadventures is like that of no other MP. Vaz seems to be the clearly most experienced for the post.
  • Jared O’Mara: Although new to parliament O’Mara has already made a big impact. A rising star who the Standards Committee will already know well.
  • Damian Green: Time on his hands now he’s out of the cabinet. Very driven. Hard worker.
  • Stephen Crabb: Gets on very well with potential staff. Too well.
  • Debbie Abrahams: Sacked from the front bench after bullying allegations. On the look out for a new job…
  • Dan Poulter: Experienced with disciplinary investigations. Plenty of hands on experience.
  • Ian Paisley Jr: Despite his 30 day parliamentary suspension beginning yesterday, he would be a perfect fit for the role. Once he returns to work.
  • John Bercow: Had promised to retire from his current job by now. Knows how to get away with all sorts of shenanigans. He acts like a shop steward already…
  • Clive ‘On Your Knees Bitch’ Lewis: Erudite, used to complaints, and out of favour with his party leadership after he and Owen Jones appeared to be manoeuvring to oust Corbyn last year. He has enough time on his hands…

Keith Vaz Bullying Claims

Former Commons clerk Jenny McCullough has come forward to BBC Newsnight with evidence that Keith Vaz bullied and intimidated staff, especially those who attempted to call out his improper behaviour.

This follows the charge sheet that Vaz has accumulated so far.

The person who answers for Labour on bullying and harassment of clerks is… Valerie Vaz…

Vaz Investigation Vanishes As Anonymity For MPs Comes In

This was what the “current inquiries” section of the parliamentary standards commissioner’s website looked like this morning, with Keith Vaz and Robert Courts listed as under investigation:

After the new rules giving anonymity to MPs under investigation came in this afternoon, the “current inquiries” section of the website vanished. Vaz and Courts’ names are gone. If they had been placed under investigation now, their constituents would never know. Well, until Guido finds out…

Possibly the Stupidest Urgent Question Bercow’s Ever Granted

The Speaker has allowed one UQ from Keith Vaz MP as below:

To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will make a statement on the reports of an imminent Saudi/UAE- led coalition attack on Hudaydah port, Yemen and the humanitarian impact.

Of the 7 Urgent Questions tabled today only his mate Vaz’s got granted – inserted just before the Prime Minister addresses the House on the G7 meeting. Ridiculous to ask the Government to comment on a speculated foreign military attack on a third country. What exactly does Bercow expect Alastair Burt to say?

Now Vaz Reports Bridgen to Standards Commissioner (Again)

Keith Vaz has reported Tory MP Andrew Bridgen to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards – again. Bridgen first complained to the Commissioner about Vaz’s conduct in September 2016 after the Labour grandee was the subject of an infamous newspaper expose.[…] Read the rest


Bercow Welcomes Vaz Back From Illness

Good news for those concerned about the health of Keith Vaz, who has been missing from parliament after being declared ill, delaying the investigation into his coke and rent boys mishap indefinitely. Vazeline is back at work today. “It’s very good to welcome him back to the Chamber,” said his old friend and protector John Bercow…[…] Read the rest


Vaz Case Referred Back to Police

The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner has referred the Keith Vaz coke-and-rent-boys case back to the Metropolitan Police. Developing…[…] Read the rest


NCA Taking Vaz Allegations Very Seriously

The National Crime Agency says it has not ruled out launching a probe after it received allegations about disgraced Keith Vaz’s property empire. Following a complaint from Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, Britain’s FBI did not rule out looking into the situation and said it takes such matters seriously.[…] Read the rest


Labour Cold Case Unit: Four Never-Ending Investigations

Back in December Guido asked what progress Labour had made on their internal investigations into MPs accused of various forms of wrongdoing. At the time probes had been launched into Jared O’Mara, Keith Vaz, Kelvin Hopkins and Ivan Lewis. No progress has been made in five months.[…] Read the rest


Vaz Investigation is Back On

Good news, Vaz’s amazing recovery in health since the investigation was suspended has led the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards to re-open the investigation. Rumour is the Commissioner arranged an independent medical evaluation…

Guido revealed how Vaz was spotted opening a swimming pool, attending council meetings, an APPG and a music gig in Leicester.[…] Read the rest


‘Too Sick to Face Investigation’ Vaz Attends Two Dance Festivals in One Week

‘Too sick to be investigated’ Keith Vaz was spotted at both a Bollywood and a dance festival at different ends of the country in the last week. The MP was a VIP guest at the Polish Folklore festival at De Montfort Hall, Leicester on Sunday.[…] Read the rest


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