Swinson Ends Election Even More Unpopular than Corbyn

From claiming she could be the next government to looking like they’ll actually lose seats, the Lib Dems have had a cracking campaign – and it’s all down to one woman: Jo Swinson. 

It’s known Swinson’s got more unpopular over the election. According to Ipsos MORI she is now officially less popular than Corbyn. Swinson’s net favourability has fallen from -20 a month ago to -31 today: 1% more unpopular than Corbyn’s -30. In the same period Corbyn’s become 9% more popular, Boris 6% less popular and Farage 4% down. Even Theresa May will be feeling sorry for Jo at this point…

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Swinson: Things Have Changed Since the Start of the Campaign

Is it really credible to blame her party polling in the low teens on Nigel Farage pulling his party out of Tory seats? In reality she has lost votes to Labour.

Jo Swinson Wiped from Lib Dem Leaflets

The Lib Dems are experiencing a similar realisation to the Tories’ 2017 campaign; they launched a presidential-style campaign centred around a figure who, the more voters saw her, the less they like her.

In initial literature from the Lib Dems, the party was branded as “Jo Swinson’s Liberal Democrats” with almost every leaflet and advert plastered with her face. Now the party isn’t even including her in ‘past vs future’ comparisons, instead opting for the Lib Dem logo rather than a picture of their leader.

The party strategy made a radical u-turn from an anti-Labour to anti-Tory focus following last week’s YouGov MRP poll, and now it seems they’ve u-turned again on their presidential strategy. Not good signs from a party that was agitating for this election in the first place…

Extinction Rebellion Glue Themselves to the Lib Dems’ Electric Bus

The Lobby were all abuzz today following Extinction Rebellion‘s ongoing ’12 Days of Crisis’ protests, and today was the turn of the Lib Dems. Only eight days left until both the Lib Dems and Extinction Rebellion buzz off…

Dressed as bees, the eco-communists swarmed the Lib Dems’ bright yellow battle bus (perhaps thinking it was the queen bee) and proceeded to glue themselves to the windscreen.

Eventually, even Jo Swinson had to get off and engage with the Wasp-Bee Women…

Just to reiterate – this is an electric bus…

Hat-Tip: @nickeardleybbc

Swinson: I Inhaled and I Liked It

For once a politician says they enjoyed their drug experiences. Sometimes when politicians talk about historic – and it always historic – drug experiences they make it out it was some kind of terrible ordeal. Which kind of begs the question why did they do it? In truth the reason millionaire rock stars do sex and drugs is because they like it and it is pleasurable. Drug prohibitionists never talk about the millions of people who enjoy doing drugs on the weekend and go to work on Monday without harming anyone else. The problems only come when people overdo it and become addicted.

The LibDems’ manifesto includes a commitment to legalise cannabis for personal consumption, with licensed and quality controlled supplies bringing an end to the carnage on the streets from criminal gangs fighting turf wars for the profits of a contraband commodity in high demand. Police forces have effectively already stopped prosecuting cannabis consumers, with many senior police officers more or less openly advocating legalisation. Labour are wary of supporting liberalisation because they fear it will be an attack line from the Tories. About time the Tories stopped doing drugs in private and criminalising the public for the same…

Who’s Killing Here?

The LibDems were making headlines this morning over allegations Jo Swinson killed a squirrel. Guido decided to compile a helpful list of prominent examples of accusations* of animal slaughter by political figures… 

Lib Dems

  • Jo Swinson: Killed a squirrel.
  • Jeremy Thorpe: Had a dog shot.
  • Michael Heseltine: Killed a dog.
  • Michael Dixon: Jailed for killing a cat.


  • Ed Milliband’s Dad: Killed a cat.
  • Roy Hattersley’s dog Buster: Killed a royal goose.


  • David Cameron: Shot a stag called Boris.

This is the only poll Guido can see the Lib Dems doing well in this election…

*LibDem leaflet style disclaimer.

Jo Swinson’s Presidential Campaign Fail

In scenes that can only remind you of May’s 2017 campaign, the Lib Dems’ campaign designed entirely around Jo Swinson is sinking like the titanic as voters slowly realise they don’t actually like her.

It took a while for the public (and Guido) to notice the Lib Dem leader, but as the campaign has rolled on a majority of voters now do have an opinion on her – an unfavourable one. This may also help explain the Lib Dem’s polling fall from 18% at the start of the campaign to 15% today.

For comparison, the most recent trackers see Boris on +2%, Corbyn on -43%, Swinson on -23% and Farage on -18%. So don’t be sad Jo, things could always get worse…

Swinson’s Leaflet Attributes Her Own Quote to Guardian

Today’s Lib Dem leaflet lie comes from Jo Swinson herself, who has put out a generic leaflet across parts of the country that includes two quotes from the media:

The Lib Dem fightback is real – and it’s changing everything” Sky News, August 2019

Lib Dems winning and on the up after by-election victory” – The Guardian, August 2019

It didn’t take long for people to check these quotes out and notice the Guardian quote was, in fact, a quote from Jo Swinson herself, which the Guardian had reported.

The political equivalent of money laundering…

PCH Cordoned Off as White Powder Delivered to Swinson’s Office

Numerous sources are confirming to Guido that the police shutdown of Portcullis House’s 3rd floor was due to a suspicious package of white powder being delivered to the Lib Dem leader’s parliamentary office. Not the Monday morning any office worker would hope for…

According to one eye witness, five members of the Met were stopping staffers accessing the floor. Sounds like the incident has now been resolved…

UPDATE: A statement has been released by Swinson’s office:

“Staff immediately notified police who attended and have now assessed package as non-suspicious. We would like to thank parliamentary authorities & police for swift response.”

Brillo vs Swinson: ‘Will You Rule Out Global Domination?’

Corbyn’s New Chief of Staff’s Love-In with Jo Swinson

As Guido reported yesterday, Corbyn has a new Chief of Staff following the unceremonious removal of Karie Murphy two days ago. Whilst we know the new appointment, Helene Reardon Bond, is a married woman (purely on the basis her husband also works for Corbyn as his chauffeur), it looks like Bond has been flirting with someone else: Jo Swinson.

A quick scroll through Helene’s twitter shows a long history of overtly friendly messages with the Lib Dem leader, including “that’s the @joswinson I know!” and buying a signed copy of her book (apparently she has written one…)

Helene’s flirting with the Lib Dems shouldn’t come as a surprise though. Half of Labour’s voters are also doing it…

Remainers Turn on the Lib Dems

After years of pushing to cancel the result of the 2016 referendum, it turns out there is a line some Remainers don’t want to be seen to cross – and the Lib Dems have crossed that line. 

Yesterday, Anna Soubry’s sent an email attacking the Lib Dems’ new extremist position, and over the course of today a number of fellow second referendum-supporting MPs have also come out to attack Swinson, including the ‘Independent Group for Change’s Chris Leslie and Greens’ Caroline Lucas who launched a blistering attack of the Lib Dems’ new policy, saying:

The revolution eats its own…

UPDATE: Anna Soubry’s attack is particularly audacious, given that she herself called for revoking Article 50 during the EU elections.

Boris’ Popularity Up Since Prorogation

New YouGov polling has shown Boris’s popularity has risen since he prorogued Parliament. Further revealing the gap between Westminster Bubble outrage and public perception…

The new polling also shows Corbyn’s unfavourability rating has risen by 2 points since the question was asked three weeks ago, and the public are beginning to notice Jo Swinson, with her ‘don’t know’ ratings falling by 11%.

The poll also dismisses the idea that Boris’s pro-Brexit policies will scare off ‘millions of remain Tory voters’, with 91% of current Tory voters approving of his leadership, compared to Corbyn’s 75% approval among Labour voters and Swinson’s 78% with Lib Dem supporters. Perhaps another prorogation will edge Boris’s popularity up even further…

Ghost of Paddy Haunts Jo Swinson’s Speech

Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson lent on the memory of Paddy Ashdown in her keynote speech this afternoon. Swinson mourned “I wish he could see our party now.” Guido is happy to provide some words of wisdom from the former leader…[…] Read the rest


Lib Dems Axe Candidate who Called for Boris’ Execution

A Lib Dem parliamentary candidate who called for Boris Johnson and other top ministers to be hung, drawn and quartered before being burned at the stake, has been axed by Jo Swinson. With Guido keeping you in the loop, he was always beheaded for deselection…

Galen Milne – who was due to stand in the Scottish seat of Banff and Buchan – made the comments on Facebook, where he also called Tory MPs “rats” and advocated a “final solution” to split the Tory Party.[…] Read the rest


Jo Swinson’s Brexit Referendum U-Turn

Damning vintage footage of Jo Swinson calling for an in-out EU referendum has emerged today, reminding Guido of a time when the Lib Dems were both liberal and democratic… 

Watch the excruciating u-turn here:

The footage emerged just one day after the Lib Dem’s new party leader said she doesn’t “forgive David Cameron for calling the referendum”.[…] Read the rest


Rich’s Monday Morning View

[…] Read the rest


Swinson More Popular than Corbyn With Labour 2017 Voters

New Opinium approval ratings for party leaders has shown that Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson is 8% higher than Corbyn… among Labour’s 2017 voters. 

The news of this reality was responded to by utter disbelief by members of the Absolute Boy’s Fan club, naturally.[…] Read the rest


Corbyn’s Backdoor Bid to Become ‘Temporary’ PM Bombs

Jeremy Corbyn has finally made a move of sorts on Brexit, in the form of a letter to various MPs which is less about stopping no deal and more about making himself Prime Minister. Corbyn says he will “seek the confidence of the House for a strictly time-limited temporary government with the aim of calling a general election, and securing the necessary extension of Article 50 to do so.” In the same way the dictatorship of the proletariat is only meant to be temporary…?[…] Read the rest


Comrade Rayner Defies the Labour Leadership

Discipline is increasingly breaking down in the senior ranks of the Labour Party politburo, this morning previously loyal Comrade Angela Rayner shamelessly defied her party leadership not once but twice live on state television. Counter-revolutionary treachery…

First Rayner contradicted John McDonnell’s incendiary comments on a second Scottish Independence referendum, then – even worse – she sided with calls from Enemy of the People #2 Tom Watson for Labour to work together with Enemy of the People #3 Jo Swinson to block no deal.[…] Read the rest


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