Greens Swerve Livingstone’s Membership Application

Today’s Guardian carries an eyebrow-raising report that Ken Livingston plans on applying to join the Green Party. Livingstone has been unaffiliated from any party after resigning his Labour membership in 2018 in the wake of his Hitler Zionism scandal. Despite the major controversy that would follow an admission into the party, the Greens’ press office were willing to only offer the following comment:

“We welcome everybody who shares our political aims and values to join the Green party.”

When pressed by Guido whether his comments on Hitler and Zionism align with the party’s values, he was merely told cases like Livingstone’s would have to go through a consultation process…

Livingstone now tells the party, “have me in!”, something Green peer Jenny Jones would be happy with, claiming that as his deputy mayor in City Hall she never saw any evidence of antisemitism. Livingston points out his record in City Hall is entirely congruent with Green Party values, not least introducing the congestion charge. I’ll tell you who else liked curbing air pollution

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Hypocritical Miliband Put Billions on Energy Bills

Labour have brought forward an Opposition Debate this morning on the subject of Value Added Tax on household energy bills, where they will call for the government to remove VAT on energy in the face of rising bills – incidentally, something only legally possible because of Brexit. This is quite some U-turn.

According to research from the Taxpayers’ Alliance, the Climate Change Levy (2001) and Renewables Obligation (2002) took £14.5 billion out of bill payers’ pockets under the Labour government. Ed Miliband was the last Labour Energy and Climate Change Secretary. The Tories have continued the trend, by upping the tax take on energy bills with green levies set to hit over £18 billion a year. These new taxes were introduced and by Labour…
As Energy Secretary, Miliband justified the added costs to business by saying we should sacrifice economic growth to cut emissions:

We can either lose three months or six months of economic growth, for the world, and act, or we face this huge risk in relation to the cost of adapting to climate change”.

Between 1997 and 2010, the average domestic gas bill went up by 105%, from £275 to £564, and the average electricity bill went up 47%, from £323 to £474. (Source DECC, Quarterly energy prices, table 2.2.1, December 2014).

The TaxPayers’ Alliance’s James Roberts says:

“It seems eco-preaching politicians are finally wising up to the fact that higher green taxes mean higher energy bills. Now they’ve got until April to do something about it, before taxpayers are hammered by rising bills and other tax hikes.”

Labour may have finally seen the light on energy taxes. Has the government?

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Extinction Rebellion Fined Just £2,650 After Costing Taxpayer Nearly £30,000

Seven Extinction Rebellion fanatics have been fined £250 each today – with six ordered to pay a further £150 – for attempting to protest a Dundee drilling rig last year, only for their dinghy to sink and the authorities having to fish them out of the freezing water. An incident which cost the police, the coastguard, the RNLI (and ultimately, the taxpayer) upwards of £30,000…

The £250 penalties handed out at Dundee Sheriff Court today will be paid to the RNLI, with the additional £150 fines going back into the public purse – a grand total of just £2,650, only £27,350 short of the total bill racked up last year. Sheriff Grant McCulloch, who handed out the measly punishment, said:

“I can understand the temptation to do things that cause maximum interference to daily public life. The flip side is, if you go too far, you endanger yourself and others and that is what happened here.”

The protest, which involved scaling the 300ft heights of the rig, was planned to last an entire week. In the end, it fell apart after a few hours. The solicitor representing the activists said I put that down to youth and inexperience”…

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Government Spaffs £314 Million on Now-Cancelled Green Homes Scheme

Boris’s green industrial revolution is hardly off to a flying start. It’s been revealed that the government’s green homes grant scheme – which cost £314 million to install heat pumps and solar panels – has fallen dramatically short of its targets, upgrading just over 47,000 houses out of the 600,000 as planned, and somehow flushing away £50 million of taxpayers’ cash on admin alone. Probably explaining why the whole scheme was scrapped after just 6 months.

According to the Public Accounts Committee, the “poorly designed” and riddled with inefficiencies scheme, with roughly £1000 spent per home exclusively on administration costs, and massively underdelivering on the promised job opportunities:

“delivered a small fraction of its objectives, either in environmental benefits or the promised new jobs”

Guido agrees with Labour chair Meg Hillier, who described the scheme as a “slam dunk fail”. Perhaps the only consolation is the scheme was scrapped before they managed to spend the full £1.5billion as originally planned. It really puts the cost of Isulate Britain’s utopian demands into context…

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Insulate Britain Cost Metropolitan Police Eye-Watering £1.6 Million in October

The Metropolitan Police spent a staggering £1,603,315.92 on clearing Insulate Britain protests in October alone. This figure – revealed in new FOI data – doesn’t even include the ongoing costs associated with processing the 153 arrests made throughout the month, so the total bill to the taxpayer will likely be even higher…

The Met have been forced to divert a huge number of resources to police this radical mob. The data also shows that in a single day in October, 176 police constables and 24 police sergeants were diverted to handle the protests. A fantastic use of their time: far better than, say, tackling knife crime… 

Co-conspirators can find a full breakdown of the costs below… 

Read More

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Scottish Government Trash Bottle Return Scheme – Again

Scottish Greens’ co-leader Lorna Slater is set to be forced into another embarrassing U-turn, delaying Scotland’s Bottle and Can deposit scheme despite promising to implement the programme in the party’s manifesto. What excuse can they possibly have now they’re in government?

The scheme – which requires shops to install recycling machines and charge a 20p deposit on every can and bottle – was due to be launched in July next year, three years after it was originally unveiled. Yesterday, Nicola Sturgeon’s cabinet was told that the scheme will be postponed until either March or October 2023 and Slater will confirm this in Holyrood today. Bottled it.

This U-turn has caused a huge upset amongst Greenpeace tree huggers who mocked Slater and the Scottish Green Party on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time Scottish Greens have U-turned on manifesto pledges. In September the Scottish Greens were forced into a humiliating U-turn after they failed to halt the construction of large scale waste incinerators despite promising to do so in their manifesto. Surprisingly it seems the Greens are just about managing to avoid suffering Clegg’s popularity death since entering government…

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