Does Robert Jenrick Work for… Boris Johnson?

Build, Build, Build is Boris’s big policy. Yet is Robert Jenrick’s MHCLG the smooth planning machine needed to roll out the PM’s vision? Hardly.

Constructing Britain’s hospitals and homes will involve huge amounts of carbon-intensive steel and cement. Yet getting rid of carbon is the First Commandment of the nation’s new religion. And MHCLG is paralysed by fear of the climate priests of Twitter…

However a poll out today shows that ministers have nothing to dread. Because XR – just like all the other media manias – is massively out of touch with voters. The poll by Kantar asked people to list their top priorities for the Government:

You – and every member of XR – can download the poll here.

People do still care about CO2. But the poll shows that the XR claim of mass support for sending the economy into reverse is rubbish. As Chairman Mao said “all reactionaries are paper tigers”…

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‘Eco-Davey’ Still Pocketing Thousands from Private Jet Company

Despite running on a very green leadership platform, Sir Ed Davey has continued pocketing thousands from a couple who make their money from renting out 23,000 private jet flights a year.

After Guido discovered last week that 80% of Layla Moran’s leadership funds coming from European royalty, it’s only fair to give Davey’s dosh the same scrutiny. Over the last year, Sir Ed has pocketed £16,500 from Chris and Tina Leach, the duo behind private jet rental company Air Charter. As Guido previously reported, he’s been taking their cash for seven years…

Davey’s LibDem leadership platform is centred around a £150 billion “Green Revolution”. In a video on his campaign website, Davey tells LibDem members:

“Too many political leaders would let us sleepwalk into a global catastrophe. Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have never cared about the Climate Emergency… we owe it to our children and grandchildren to fight for our planet”

Sir Ed also accuses Boris and Trump of serving those with vested interests in pollution. Davey’s clearly more than au fait with polluting private punters…

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Extinction Rebellion Spokesperson Quits to Campaign for Nuclear Power

Since her infamous grilling on the Andrew Neil Show last year, Zion Lights – a former Extinction Rebellion activist and spokesperson – has had an ideological Damascene conversion, since quitting the Marxist campaign group to campaign for nuclear power. She’s seen the Lights…

Today, Zion writes in City A.M., calling on her former XR members to also embrace the clean energy solution:

the UK must find ways to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels… we need a reliable low-carbon energy source that we can invest in now.

And we have one. Hinkley Point C… which will provide seven per cent of the UK’s electricity needs and save an estimated nine million tonnes of carbon emissions for every year of its operation.”

It’s quite a departure from the views she wrote up in 2014, when she argued there is “no clear answer” to the question of whether nuclear power is safe, and that “nuclear energy is not sustainable in itself” while conceding it was more sustainable than coal.

Zion Lights (astonishingly her real birth name) also uses the op-ed to admonish her former comrades, admitting that being “surrounded by anti-nuclear activists” she had “allowed fear of radiation, nuclear waste and weapons of mass destruction to creep into my subconscious.” One unscientific nutjob down, a few thousand more to go...

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£3 Billion-a-Year Cost to Prevent Green Energy Blackouts

An in-depth study for the Global Warming Policy Foundation has revealed the skyrocketing costs of balancing the national grid, largely due to the intermittency of green power generation sources, most notably wind and solar. Since 2002, when these power sources began to be introduced at scale, the cost of balancing the grid has risen from £367 million to £1.5 billion per year by 2019. And now with the lockdown shrinking demand, balancing costs are optimistically projected to be £2 billion, potentially rising to £3 billion if the lockdown persists…

The conclusion of Dr John Constable, energy expert and author of the study, is stark:

“If demand remains low during the post-Covid recession the multi-billion pound costs of managing and subsidising renewables must be recovered from a much smaller volume of sales. That is a recipe for rapid and abrupt price rises, the like of which the British public have never seen. Enough is enough. In what everyone agrees is a very difficult moment the national interest demands a cost minimisation strategy for electricity, based on gas and nuclear.”

Fortunately, the UK could be on the brink of a nuclear revolution in small modular reactors (SMRs). Rolls Royce is leading a consortium of businesses urging the Government to accelerate plans for a swathe of high tech micro nuclear reactors across the north of England:

Plans are being discussed for sixteen micro-reactors to be built by 2050, providing enough consistent energy to power a city the size of Leeds and directly employing 40,000 people. Who knew that nuclear power stations even run when it’s not windy and at night!

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UK Has Been Coal Free For Two Months

In news that will annoy green groups more than it should, under the Tories Britain has been running coal-free for two months. The transition away from coal has been remarkably rapid following the establishment of the Powering Past Coal Alliance by the UK and Canada. Long before any Extinction Rebellion protests…

Last night’s BBC News, however, chose to imply that this success was due to wind turbines – despite the same segment showing just 1.7% of UK generation was coming from them. In reality their footage confirmed that gas and nuclear power are the two largest energy sources for the UK – forms of energy that are both much cleaner than coal and are regularly campaigned against by confused environmentalists. Without Green campaigners’ opposition to nuclear power perhaps this target could have been achieved earlier…

UPDATE:  Unite the union is balloting over strike action in protest at the closure of the Drax coal power plant next year.

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BBC Invented Claim Of Hottest May On Record

The BBC informed the nation this morning that “last month was the hottest month on record globally as well as in the UK.” Today Programme listeners heard:

The trouble is that’s not what the EU funded Copernicus climate bulletin the BBC cited actually says. It does say that globally May was the warmest May in their data record, it also says “May was colder than average for Europe”. The BBC seems to have invented their claim about the UK from thin air…

In reality, the Met Office tracks monthly temperature in the UK. Users can see that there have been five Mays on record with a higher “Mean daily maximum temp”, and a full fifteen Mays with a higher Mean temperature. Pretty shoddy from the Beeb…

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