Rayner Admits She’s Lost her Taxpayer-Funded AirPods mdi-fullscreen

Having billed the taxpayer £249 for a pair of noise-cancelling AirPods Pro earlier this year – and then refusing to apologise on the grounds that she “uses them four hours a day for Zoom calls” – Angela Rayner has now admitted to losing the luxury headphones on the train, and is hoping a good samaritan will return them. Confessing to LBC’s Eddie Mair, Rayner added that while the AirPods cost £249, her personalised name engraving was at least free:

“If anybody knows where they are, they were left on the train, and it did have my name on it. And I was kind of hoping they would come back to me.”

Unfortunately for Rayner, the phone line cut out just as she was about to justify the expense with the same “Zoom call’ excuse as before. Given how little she actually used the AirPods throughout the pandemic, Guido will be keeping an eye on her expenses to make sure she doesn’t try billing the taxpayer again…

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