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Brexiteers are waking up to the fact that the writing is on the wall after May’s capitulation on no deal and the Benn / Letwin successful coup on Monday night. First Jacob Rees-Mogg, now Boris and even Dominic Cummings have effectively put themselves in Guido’s camp of “the deal is rubbish but it’s better than all the other options left on the table, provided we get a new PM for phase two”. Tory MPs are now starting to switch in significant numbers…

Key pro-Brexit economists have also been quietly making the switch. Professor Patrick Minford had a “blunt message to politicians that want to deliver Brexit”: they need to “weigh up the risks and not give way to their natural feelings of hatred for Mrs May’s deal. Let not the best with little chance be the enemy of the good with a reasonable chance.” Minford is Chair of Economists for Free Trade has long been the High Priest of No Deal…

Liam Halligan used his latest Telegraph column to say “May’s deal is ghastly – now it’s the best hope” and has warned that “NOW” is the time to back the deal “before Brexit is lost altogether”. He literally co-wrote the book Clean Brexit

Even Shanker Singham, the key intellectual driving force behind a clean Brexit, has all but switched – Shanker retweeted David Campbell Bannerman’s endorsement of Rees-Mogg’s position yesterday before defending him against accusations that this made him a “traitor” and saying Brexiteers “must be realistic about alternatives”:

This coming from the “Brexiteers’ Brain”. Brexiteers can’t ignore him…

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