Clive Lewis Promises to Hold Another Referendum

Flagging leadership contender Clive Lewis is attempting to pick up the Corbyinite republican vote, not by refusing to sing the national anthem or kneel for the Queen, instead by offering the public a referendum on whether or not to abolish the British Monarchy. Because referendums are so popular right not. Although who’s to say he would respect the outcome if he disagreed with it…

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Corbyn Suggests Queen Should Apologise

Hang on a minute, does this mean Corbyn thinks McDonnell should apologise for his pension investments being managed offshore?

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Corbyn Refuses to Bow to the Queen

As everyone around him nods their head to acknowledge Her Majesty, Corbyn stubbornly refuses to bow. He then winks to a colleague. Emboldened, Jezza not selling out on his republican views…

UPDATE: Team Jez say Corbyn observed the correct protocol and that he was not expected to bow. They reckon Theresa May got the protocol wrong…

UPDATE II: Guido and Damian McBride have had a look through the archives at previous State Openings of Parliament to check the precedent. Neither Dave nor Jez bowed last year, though in 2013 Cameron and Ed Miliband did bow their heads to acknowledge the Queen. In 2009 Gordon Brown bowed his head too, so the previous Tory and last two Labour leaders all felt bowing was appropriate at some point. Guido reckons it is fair to say bowing is very much optional and not mandatory, and Corbyn – as expected with his long-held republican beliefs – decided against…

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Diane Abbott Won’t Say If She’ll Swear Allegiance to Queen

The Shadow Home Secretary who once said she wanted to “dismantle” the “police, armed services, judiciary and monarchy” refuses to say if she’ll swear loyalty to the Queen. McDonnell sold out, will Diane?

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Sovereign Grant Doubled to Pay For Buckingham Palace Makeover


The taxpayer will foot the bill for a £370 million makeover of Buckingham Palace over the next ten years. The Treasury has approved a doubling of the sovereign grant, which will go up from £40 million last year to an estimated £76 million next year. This will continue for the duration of the works being carried out. Have they got Baroness Scotland in to do it up? Guido has asked the staunch republicans in the Labour leader’s office if they will be standing up for the taxpayer…

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Team GB Sing National Anthem on Victory Jet Home

Victorious Team GB athletes launched the first of the days renditions of “God Save the Queen” while departing Rio on BA’s specially chartered VictoRIOus 747. Team GB’s post-Brexit spirit seems fine just hours after Owen Smith begged for “a Britain we can be proud of once more.”

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