Bercow’s Filthy Flat is Being Deep Cleaned

New speaker Lindsay Hoyle is taking his time to move in to the Speaker’s House, and with good reason, Guido understands. The entire luxury residence is having to undergo an intense deep clean after a decade of inhabitation by Bercow. Guido hears much of the ornate Pugin furniture has been scratched by cats, and the place is in such a bad state that one table has had to be removed entirely because it is so damaged. Did Bercow’s anger get the better of his furniture..?

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Hoyle Promises to Rip Up Bercow’s Remainer Reforms

New Speaker Sir Lindsay has confirmed he will ban MPs trying to tear up the Commons rule book in future, and reverse Bercow’s reforms that allowed Remain MPs to block Brexit. Against the advice of constitutional experts at the time…

Speaking on Nick Robinson’s Political Thinking Podcast, Hoyle said his approach will make it much harder for a future House of Commons to resist the government of the day; specifically around whether MPs can amend business motions that set the way in which the Commons structures its debates.

Looking to restore public trust in the role of the Speaker, he has promised to tidy up, clarify and close the loopholes of the Commons rulebook, so “nobody could accuse the Speaker” of anything. Is it any wonder remainers wanted Harriet ‘continuity Bercow’ Harman to win on Monday…

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Shailesh Vara Drops Out of Speakership Race

Shailesh Vara has dropped out the speakership election just hours before MPs are expected to start voting.

In a Tweet confirming the move, Vara said he didn’t want to split the vote and would be backing Lindsay Hoyle.

Following Vara’s pulling out, and Sir Henry Bellingham withdrawing on Friday, there are 7 candidates remaining on the ballot paper this afternoon:

  • Chris Bryant
  • Harriet Harman
  • Meg Hillier
  • Lindsay Hoyle
  • Eleanor Laing
  • Edward Leigh
  • Rosie Winterton

We should know by 8pm tonight…

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Henry Bellingham Withdraws from the Speakership Race

Sir Henry Bellingham has withdrawn from the speakership race.‬ His concession letter emphasises the importance of cross-party support. Whispers are this is a tacit endorsement of Lindsay Hoyle, who is expected to pick up most of Bellingham’s second preference votes…

Read his letter to MPs in full here:

Read More

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Hillier Targets MP Staffers in Speakership Campaign

Labour MP Meg Hillier – who is currently running to replace Bercow as Commons Speaker – has taken the unprecedented step of writing to MPs’ staffers promising to address the prevalent bullying problem in parliament. Conveniently, the biggest obstacle to resolving the issue will be leaving his post very shortly…

In the email, Hillier writes

“I am running because of my concerns about the slow progress in tackling the culture of bullying and harassment that is still too prevalent in Westminster.

Whether you are employed by the House or by an individual MP, we should be nurturing the talent that chooses to work to support Parliament in its important work. All too often staff have been let down.

I fully support the establishment of an independent complaint mechanism and sanctions for those who act inappropriately. But more than that we need to see a wholescale shift in culture.

I did not want you to think that I am talking about you and not with you. I am speaking to trade unions and staff association representatives.”

Hillier is also pledging to begin representing staff on the Speaker’s Committee on IPSA and the House of Commons Commission. Like all good lobbyists, she’s realised MPs’ staffers are an effective place to start… 

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Nine Year Old Enters Race To Replace Bercow

News has come to light that a very short man, perhaps prone to temper and who enjoys ignoring the advice of his elders is interested in running to be the next speaker of the Commons. It’s not John Bercow who plans on standing again, however, but a nine-year-old constituent of Michelle Donelan’s who received a letter from Oscar today asking to be made Speaker. In response, Michelle wrote, “I think it’s great that Oscar has taken such a keen interest in politics… should we give him a trial?”.

Already, the keen kid has his second MP backer, Guido can reveal, as Andrew Bridgen tells us that Oscar’s appointment “would be a definite improvement, and even a nine-year-old can spot it!”

Sadly for Oscar, only MPs can become Speaker and since The Representation of the People Act 1969 only people ages 18 and above can stand as MPs, so Guido can’t add Oscar to our Speaker runners and riders list. Although there is technically nothing stopping him from becoming ennobled and becoming Lords Speaker…

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