Wife Orders Tory Councillor Who Tweeted Satirical Liverpool Terrorist Attack Picture to Pay Corbyn

Conservative councillor Paul Nickerson – who posted a satirical picture of Corbyn carrying a Remembrance wreath towards the burning Liverpool terrorist attack taxi with the caption “Unsurprising” – has agreed to pay the Islington North MP “substantial damages”. The amount Nickerson agreed to pay has not been disclosed, however according to Jeremy Corbyn Paul will “pay substantial damages and legal costs”. Corbyn will use this “substantial” settlement to support charities close to his heart…

In a statement published to twitter the Conservative councillor explained:

“The false photograph (…) gave the completely untrue impression that Jeremy Corbyn supports terrorist violence including suicide bombings, which without any hesitation I wholly accept he does not.” 

Corbyn of course has sided with terrorists over and over again. It can’t be stressed enough that this did not go to Court, nor did Nickerson take formal legal advice. Guido doubts Corbyn would have won in Court because it is clearly satire. Nickerson told Guido that he decided to settle after his wife told him to pay up…

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Starmer’s Office Tries Shutting Down Second Job Earnings Questions

While Labour have been going hell-for-leather on the issue of MP’s second jobs, Starmer’s been sidelined and Rayner is doing the media work. At the start of the news storm Guido pointed out Starmer had pocketed £113,975 in second job fees since becoming an MP in 2015, including advising the government of the Gibraltar tax haven. The Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, put the work Starmer’s way because they are old pals. When Starmer won the Labour Party leadership Picardo congratulated him warmly, “I have today written to my old friend Sir Kier Starmer QC, who I have known since we were both young lawyers, to congratulate him on becoming leader of the Labour Party…”. That’s the kind of cronyism that Starmer attributes to the government.

The one interview Starmer has done – with Sky News – resulted in tough questions about his 2017 role advising Mishcon de Reya. He also was less than transparent about when he surrendered his practising certificate – Guido believes it was only surrendered last year. Guido understands Labour’s director of communications Matt Doyle is calling Lobby hacks telling them there’s nothing to see here…

Could Starmer’s subsequent silence on the issue have anything to do with claims by Corbyn’s former speechwriter Alex Nunns the day after his Sky News interview? Nunns claims that Corbyn had to stop Starmer taking a second job doing high-paid consultancy work for Mishcon in 2017, with Starmer arguing he should be free to take up the role. He says any claims by Starmer that it was his decision not to take the job are a pretence.

“Starmer’s office had argued there was nothing to worry about in him taking the job, because the Mishcon training academy, which he would be advising, was “really cool.”

When the issue blew up & the Tories attacked (Mishcon represented Gina Miller, Starmer’s brief was Brexit), Starmer wanted to stick with Mishcon’s words that “We are in discussions with Keir Starmer about reappointing him as an adviser” & say it was a limited role—i.e. ride it out.

However, the job was vetoed, whereupon Starmer switched to claim it was his decision, saying “I am grateful for Mishcon de Reya for discussing a possible role advising the Mishcon Academy with me but given my other commitments, I have decided not to further the discussions.””

Since December last year Starmer’s declared £25,934.18 in miscellaneous legal fees, with one for 70 hours billed at £17,598.60. Starmer has not declared who the end client was that paid him, the lack of transparency again makes it is impossible for voters to see if he had a conflict of interest. One of the questions Starmer must answer is, who specifically lined his pockets?

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Julie Bindel and Pink News Settle

Julie Bindel has settled litigation she initiated against PinkNews and its CEO Benjamin Cohen for aggravated damages in a libel claim over an interview – “The ‘Gender Critical’ Feminist Movement is a Cult That Grooms, Controls and Abuses, According to a Lesbian Who Managed to Escape”. The interview did not name Bindel, however the interviewee, Amy Dyess, named Bindel on social media multiple times. Both parties having settled the claim have issued the following joint statement:

“PinkNews and Julie Bindel are pleased to confirm that they have settled the case over the article PinkNews published on 17 May 2020, which chronicled a young American’s account of their recruitment to and time involved with a ‘gender critical cult’. The article made a number of serious allegations of misconduct and PinkNews accepts that if the allegations were understood to refer to Julie, they would be wholly untrue.

“Julie Bindel accepts that PinkNews published the article without intending to make any such reference to her. PinkNews is sorry for the distress the article caused. It has taken down the article and will not be republishing it. PinkNews has revised its editorial processes.

“We are all happy that this matter has been resolved.

Amy Dyess now goes by the name Beau Dyess, and has reportedly come out as transgender in recent months.

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Shameless Alexander Nix Suing Cambridge Analytica’s Shareholders After Bankrupting Firm

You don’t have to be Carole Cadwalladr to remember Cambridge Analytica and its questionable use of 87 million individuals’ Facebook data in the 2016 US presidential election. Cambridge Analytica was part of the SCL group of companies bought by Emerdata Limited in January 2018. Cambridge Analytica’s former CEO, Alexander Nix, was caught in a Channel 4 sting boasting about entrapping political opponents with prostitutes and blackmailing them:

Days later, the Information Commissioner’s Office’s shiny jacketed staff raided the SCL group offices in London and the SCL companies filed for bankruptcy protection weeks later. They are now in liquidation.

Not content with losing Emerdata’s investors millions of dollars, Nix had first made sure he was paid $8.775m by Emerdata before the SCL group collapsed. Nix admitted his blame for the failure of the SCL group and he was subsequently banned from acting as a director for 7 years.

Now Nix has resurfaced. In a true display of a sense of entitlement that can only come from an Old Etonian, Nix has sued Emerdata for a further $10 million plus that he has claims he is owed by the company whose subsidiaries he acknowledged to the Directors’ Disqualification Unit his actions destroyed.  Guido suspects that Nix will soon to live to regret this chutzpah. Get your popcorn ready.

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Raab to Ramp Up Fight Against Human Rights Act

With Raab settling down into his new job as Justice Minister, Guido hears the Lord Chancellor is setting his sights firmly on the Human Rights Act and ECHR. One of the main focuses of intended reforms will be ending the ability of European Courts to have any say in amending or changing UK legislation, as well as addressing so-called “gold plating”. While the planned reforms under Raab don’t sound like they’ll differ all that much from those planned by Robert Buckland prior to his dismissal, Guido understands the Department is to make a much bigger noise about the battle, ramping up a symbolic fight between the government and Europe on this remaining key sovereignty issue. Brexit 2.0?

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Claudia Webbe Trial: MP Accused of Verbal Abuse and Acid Threats

Westminster Magistrate’s court has heard claims that Claudia Webbe called a woman a “slag”, made a threat against her involving acid, and threatened to leak her nude photos and videos to her children after developing a friendship with the MP’s partner.

The harassment is said to have taken place over the phone during the period from September 1st 2018 to April 26th 2020. The accuser, Michelle Merritt, claims she received a string of short silent calls from a withheld number whenever she was with Webbe’s partner. On Mothers’ Day 2019 she says the harassment escalated and Claudia confronted her about her relationship with Mr Thomas:

“[Webbe] started calling me a slag and saying friends don’t send pictures of their t*ts and p*ssy to other friends… you’re a slag and you should be acid [sic].”

Despite being warned by officers in April 2019, Webbe allegedly made a further 19 calls to her victim…

On April 25th Merritt phoned Webbe, this time secretly recorded the call. Claudia told Michelle to “get out of my relationship” and repeated the threat to leak Michelle’s nudes to her family. Webbe denies the allegations…

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