Jolyon Fundraising to Stop Bullsh*t Spreading

Having dropped so many stinkers of his own in His Majesty’s courts, Jolyon is now applying his expertise to pastures new. The Good Law Project is raising cash for a campaign to stop faeces running off into the River Wye along the England-Wales border. Wye not, eh…

So far, the campaign has raised £3,503 of its £15,000 target, with Jolyon vowing to challenge the Supreme Court over its decision to allow new farming developments in the area and stop the river turning into pea soup:

“The plans, which have been given the green light by Herefordshire Council, will see the expansion of Bage Court Farm in the village of Dorstone, including the construction of a giant new livestock shed. The increase in manure run-off generated by this development will see yet more ecological damage inflicted on the Dore and by extension, the River Wye. 

Disappointingly and frustratingly, the hard-fought legal efforts of campaigners so far – led by local resident, David Sahota – have been unsuccessful. The High Court and the Court of Appeal have both endorsed Herefordshire Council’s rubber-stamping of the Bage Court Farm development.

Good Law Project is supporting campaigners to challenge, and hopefully overturn, these decisions in the Supreme Court.”

Arguably a better use of his time than the deluge of judicial reviews the GLP normally pumps out.  Unfortunately, however, he has tried making this sort of case before. He lost.

Guido has a better win-win idea, instead of spending tens of thousands on lawyers, why not put the money towards financing a farm scale anaerobic digester that would turn the farm manure into bio-gas energy and compost?

The farm will be able to expand, energy will be generated. Compost will be produced for sale. Turning bullshit into cash, a process lawyers well understand…

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Barristers Back Down on Strikes After Accepting 15% Pay Rise

Criminal barristers have finally voted to end their strike action after voting 57% in favour of accepting the government’s originally proposed 15% pay rise. The Criminal Bar Association today announced the result after balloting took place last week, having backed down on their previous demands for a 25% bump. A big win for Brandon Lewis just a month into the job…

Following the result, Lewis said:

“My priority in these first few weeks as Lord Chancellor has been to end CBA strike action and reduce delays for victims, and I’m glad that barristers have now agreed to return to work. This breakthrough is a result of coming together and restarting what I hope to be a constructive relationship as we work to drive down the backlog and ensure victims see justice done sooner.”

M’learned friends will be back to work tomorrow. Now to fix the backlog…
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Jolyon Loses Judicial Review Case Against Hancock on All Grounds

Just as everyone’s about to clock off for the weekend, Jolyon’s managed to lose in court again. This time it’s for the Good Law Project’s landmark case against Matt Hancock and the Department for Health and Social Care over its awarding of lateral flow test contracts to Abingdon Health – i.e. the case splashed all over the Good Law Project’s website as “a cover up”A cover up so bad the judge has dismissed Jolyon’s claim on all grounds…

“Mr Justice Waksman has ruled in favour of the DHSC on all grounds, including lack of state aid to Abingdon Health and dismissed all claims brought by the GLP. The judgement confirms that contract award decisions by the DHSC for the development and manufacture of lateral flow test kits for COVID-19 antibodies by Abingdon Health were lawful and complied with the principles of public law. All grounds brought by the GLP in this case were dismissed.”

A spokesperson for Hancock tells Guido:

“We’re delighted the department has won yet another court case against Jolyon Maugham’s discredited GLP. The court has dismissed all four grounds brought by the GLP and in doing so highlighted the exceptional circumstances Ministers and Civils servants were working in. It’s high time the GLP stops wasting the court’s time and taxpayers’ money, on totally absurd claims.”

Maybe, eventually, Jolyon will get the message and stop wasting everyone’s time like this. Not today though.

UPDATE:  Matt Hancock is succinct

Department of Health says

“We fully welcome this judgment – with the court dismissing all four grounds brought by the Good Law Project. It captures the pace at which impartial decisions were made during the pandemic to protect and save lives, and the exceptional circumstances Ministers and civil servants were working in to deliver the best outcomes for the nation.”


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David Lammy’s On-Air Apology to Mark Fullbrook

As first revealed by Guido, David Lammy has issued his grovelling apology to No.10 Chief of Staff Mark Fullbrook. Lammy had baselessly accused Fullbrook of vote-rigging in Puerto Rico during his LBC show two weeks ago. On the same show, he’s now rowed back and offered a full apology…

“On my show two weeks ago, I spoke to the journalist Gabriel Pogrund about a story regarding Mark Fullbrook, the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff. The story related to allegations of bribery and corruption in Puerto Rico, which are now the subject of an FBI investigation. As I said at the time, Mr. Fullbrook is a witness to that investigation, and is engaging voluntarily with the United States authorities. In my discussion with Gabriel Pogrund, a suggestion was made that Mr. Fullbrook was involved with vote-rigging. I’m happy to confirm that Mr. Fullbrook isn’t facing any allegations of vote-rigging, and to apologise for any distress caused by the incorrect suggestion…”

“Happy” to apologise once m’learned friends came knocking…

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Chris Bryant Forced to Apologise in Landmark Parliamentary Privilege Case

Chris Bryant has today been forced to apologise for false claims made in Parliament. This is the outcome of an unprecedented legal challenge, which saw Bryant come unstuck over the issue of parliamentary privilege – the right of MPs to speak in the Commons with legal immunity. In 2018, Bryant and three other MPs alleged that businessman Christopher Chandler was suspected of money laundering and being a Russian spy; allegations subsequently investigated and described by the former head of the Met’s Counter-Terrorism Command as “totally false” and having “no basis whatsoever”. Just a reminder, Bryant recently won the ‘Civility in Politics award’…

In normal circumstances, Chandler would have just had to let the issue drop, the four MPs being protected from legal proceedings. Unfortunately for Bryant, he made the mistake of repeating the false allegation in a letter to Liz Truss on the 8th March this year, a letter he then tweeted out. Gotcha…

Thanks to this schoolboy error, Bryant is set to appear at the High Court today for a Statement in Open Court, and will say the “serious allegations against Christopher Chandler… have subsequently been disproved”. Chandler says he is “delighted to be able to put these bizarre and outrageous lies behind us”.

Chandler has sought neither costs nor damages and offered to pay Chris Bryant’s legal fees, only requesting a £1,000 donation from Bryant to the UN Crisis Relief Fund for Ukraine.

This whole unique case re-opens the campaign by some for parliamentary privilege to be subject to a “right to reply”, as currently exists in Australia and New Zealand, which would allow private individuals named in either the Commons or the Lords to respond to any allegations made against them by an MP or Peer. Ironically Chandler is supporting a separate campaign by Chris Bryant to allow MPs to amend their Hansard entries so they can retrospectively correct factual errors in the official record. Steve Baker is now also on board with this right to reply campaign, saying “our democracy would be healthier for it.”

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Nish Kumar Apologises for Sharing False Brendan Clarke-Smith Claims

Brendan Clarke-Smith’s learned friends have been working overtime for the past few weeks. Ever since the Twitterati shared false claims about this now infamous photo – taken at a charity event ten years ago, not during the pandemic – Clarke-Smith’s lawyers have kept the postman busy with a raft of legal letters to lefty celebrities caught on the wrong side of the truth. Alastair Campbell and Sue Perkins have already issued their grovelling apologies… 

Luckily they’re in good company. Nish Kumar has now joined in with the grovelling, tweeting:

Kumar wasn’t alone – the “progressive citizen journalists” over at Yorkshire Bylines also put out a mea culpa last night:

“Please Retweet” – Guido’s happy to oblige…

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