Labour’s Backbench Undermine Starmer’s Anti-Vaxxer Conspiracy Fight

This morning Sir Keir, surprisingly for lawyer, called for a new law banning anti-vaxxer conspiracies being shared, claiming they “cost lives”:

“… misinformation will cost lives. We need as many people vaccinated as possible, we all need to give people confidence to be vaccinated”

If Starmer wants to stop the spread of misinformation that undermines public confidence in the vaccine, he may want to get his own house in order. Over the last week, Labour MPs have been lining up in a competition of ‘who can spread the most misinformation?’, featuring defamation, unsubstantiated rumour and wild posturing.

Now Guido has found video footage of Ian Lavery from last week, positing, “why would anybody have any confidence in the vaccine?” and amplifying illegitimate concerns about “how these vaccines have come onto the market”, implying the jabs haven’t gone through a thorough regulatory process. Sir Keir’s welcome to push his anti-conspiracy laws, though he may not be left with many MPs able to do the media round…

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Judge Blocks Assange Extradition

Judge orders Assange’s discharge, blocks extradition on the grounds that his mental state makes it likely he would commit suicide if extradited. US government likely to appeal decision…

Guido’s view, for the record, is that whilst Assange is a monumental pain in the arse and an unpleasant person in many ways, it is a dangerous and slippery path to jail him for journalism. Mainstream newspapers published his stuff without facing consequences. Why should he feel the might of the US government’s anger at him, for embarrassing them by publishing the truth?

Not certain he’ll be released from custody. Though in full lockdown it won’t be much of a change for him if he is released.

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Amal Clooney Takes Up New Government-Sponsored Role, Just One Month After Quitting Over Internal Market Bill

On the 18th September, top international human rights lawyer Amal Clooney very publicly quit her UK government envoy role, so opposed was she to the Internal Markets Bill, which she called “lamentable”. Guido is surprised, therefore, to spot that Clooney quietly took up a new government role on the Attorney General’s Public International Law (PIL) panel last month, working “to undertake public international law on behalf of all government departments”. As a member of the panel, Amal will earn £100 per hour from this so-called “lamentable” government…

Those with a keen memory of the dates surrounding the Internal Market Bill will note Amal Clooney took the new high-paying role on the 18th November; three weeks before the government dropped the IMB’s Notwithstanding clauses, and exactly one month after quitting over her opposition to those – at the time – steadfastly unremoved sections of the bill. Guido is surprised Clooney was so much less willing to leak her new appointment to the Guardian as she was her virtue signalling resignation…

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Oh Carole: Admits Russia Claims Untrue, Agrees to Pay Banks’s Costs

Late last night with the Banks v Cadwalladr hearing scheduled for 10:30 this morning, Carole Cadwalladr finally admitted what we all knew, there was no evidence to back up her claims that the Russians financed the Brexit campaign or that Arron Banks was involved in shady deals with the Russians. Why she left it to the eve of the hearing to admit it was all bollocks defies belief, cynics might note she still has two crowdfunders running. One to fund this hopeless case and another to fund her “investigative journalism” – which produced the Russia nonsense.

Cadwalladr now has to pay £62,000 of costs on account this morning as a down payment, expect that figure to go higher. Cadwalladr has avoided the humiliation of appearing in court this morning by submitting in writing an amended defence which

“… removes the Truth Defence and the Limitation Defence”

Which is legalese for “it was all complete cock ‘n bull”

She has not stopped milking the crowdfunding mugs yet, Carole has learnt there are plenty of gullible idiots who still want to believe her fairy tales. She intends to continue battling Banks by trying to mitigate her costs with the argument that, despite there being no truth  to the allegations, she has being making around the world to much acclaim, they were made in the public interest. So she will run up her crowdfunded legal bill to argue that her disinformation was in the public interest. Guido admires the novelty of that argument.

Cadwalladr has tried to portray this legal case as some kind of freedom of the press battle, it wasn’t. She has for years made unchallenged allegations, which were motivated out of political malice. Finally she has had to admit they were untrue. A lucrative, prize winning, journalistic hoax…

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Curfew Judicial Review Set for First Day Lockdown Eases

The legal challenge to the Government’s curfew spearheaded by the owner of London and Manchester’s G-A-Y bars, along with the Night Time Industries Association has advanced today, with its hearing now set for the December 3rd, the first day of post-lockdown freedom. In a statement this afternoon G-A-Y owner Jeremy Joseph said:

“The court date is perfect for us to challenge the curfew if the government decides to reinstate it following the current lockdown. G-A-Y Legal team plan to do everything they can during the lockdown to persuade the government to see sense and not re-impose the curfew. We would much rather not have to go to court. However, if the government decide to bring it back, we are able to challenge them through our hearing immediately.”

After first pushing for it, Sadiq Khan has now come out against the curfew, and Sir Keir has tentatively dipped his toe in the anti-curfew water. It is fair to say the loudest opposition to the measure, which has no scientific research behind it, has been from the Tory back benches. Covid Recovery Group deputy chairman Steve Baker tells Guido that he is “highly confident that the vast majority of Conservative MPs will not be in favour of the curfew continuing in principle”. How they would vote on it however is another matter…

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Вы нашли какиенибудь российские доказательства?* @carolecadwalla

Still no sign of Carole Cadwalladr producing evidence to support her claims of Russian backing for Arron Banks and the Leave.EU campaign. Ten days to the hearing, tick, tock…

*Did you find any Russian evidence?

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