Elphicke Initiates Court Proceedings Against Sunday Times

Former Dover MP Charlie Elphicke has initiated court proceedings against the Sunday Times over articles they published around April 2018, launching a libel case against the paper over the stories of alleged sex crimes that caused him to lose the whip, and ultimately losing his seat. Elphicke claims the words the Sunday Times used implied he was guilty of rape…

The full case, which can be read here, was initiated back in December, no one picked up on it now Elphicke has lost prominence along with his MP status. It will be costly either way…

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Twittering QCs Tetchy Over New Bar Standards Rules

Some of the most erratic QCs on Twitter really did not like Guido’s report yesterday on new guidelines for barristers on social media. Former Change UK candidate Jessica Simor QC asked Guido to take her picture out of the article which shows examples of her questionable language. Simor even attempted to argue that she had only ever sworn once on Twitter, which came as news to Guido whose cursory search quickly collated multiple instances

It seems to Guido that one of the reasons QCs were so upset by yesterday’s article is that that there quite possibly have been a good few of breaches of these new guidelines, with the twitterers in question regularly engaging in language that may be considered distasteful” and that is “designed to demean or insult.”

Jolyon Maugham QC has even encouraged complaints, stating that he welcomes regulatory oversight. To be fair to him, Guido can see that he has been much more careful and measured in his online conduct than other members of his profession. If you see behaviour online that is genuinely in breach (comments that have clearly been designed to demean or insult), why not report the barrister using the Bar Standards Board’s online reporting form here?

UPDATE: See more colourful tweets from Sweary Simor here…

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Bar Standards Board Slaps Down QC Twitterati

In news that will seriously unsettle Twitter’s pompous raft of Remainer QCs, the body that regulates the legal profession issued new guidance today, urging barristers to avoid getting into “heated debates or arguments” on social media. The Bar Standards Board has now warned barristers that (even when using social media in a private capacity) they will face disciplinary action if their action is inappropriate. As a former Prime Minister once said: “too many tweets make a twat”…

Among the guidance are the key points that:

  • “Comments designed to demean or insult are likely to diminish public trust and confidence in the profession.”
  • “You should always take care to consider the content and tone of what you are posting or sharing. Comments that you reasonably consider to be in good taste may be considered distasteful or offensive by others.”

Guido hopes some of his favourite Twittering QC’s read it carefully…

Read the full guidance here…

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Gullible Crowdfunders Waste Their Money Again

Jolyon has lost again. Badly. Jolyon’s legal bid arguing the Brexit deal was unlawful has been rejected by a judge sitting at the Court of Session who concluded “that the petitioner’s applications for interim orders are misconceived and unjustified. They have no or at best a weak prima facie case.” Which is legalese for “this is a load of cobblers”…

Read the full opinion here.

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Jolyon Going to Court Friday to Stop Deal

Jolyon Maugham is at it again, this time he wants to stop Britain leaving with a deal. He has just tweeted “I intend to lodge an immediate petition for an injunction in the Court of Session preventing the Government from placing the Withdrawal Agreement before Parliament for approval. We expect that petition to be lodged tomorrow and to be heard on Friday.”

He believes the Government’s proposed Withdrawal Agreement is contrary to section 55 of the Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Act 2018. Guido is no legal genius, even so it seems obvious that the government will, if need be, as part of the deal’s legislative package amend this Act. That is pretty obvious. So why is he grandstanding pointlessly?

Could it be that he is addicted to the attention? Guess what, he’s going to need more money again from a crowdfunder…

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Remainer Court Challenge To Force Boris to Send Extension Letter Fails

Edinburgh’s Court of Session has dismissed a legal challenge that was attempting to more concretely force Boris Johnson to send a letter to the EU requesting another Article 50 extension at the end of this month. The Judge decided it is “neither necessary nor appropriate” to force the Government’s hand.

This effort in the latest legal war of attrition against the Government was yet again led by Twitter-Remainer-lawyer Jolyon Maugham, who took to Twitter to explain his loss.

Naturally, Remainers have not accepted the result and are appealing the decision. True to type…

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