Armed Police Cordon Off Home Office After ‘Stabbing’ Incident

A large number of armed police and motorbike outriders have appeared outside the Home Office. Armed police have now cordoned off the area, a paramedic has also been spotted in the vicinity.

Sources inside the building say the Peel Building is now on lockdown. There are now multiple unconfirmed reports that there has been a stabbing, a man with a bloodied face has been spotted being led out by paramedics with blood on his chest which appears to have dripped down from his face.

The latest reports are that a man was stabbed on Marsham Street outside the Home Office and went inside for help. The Met Police has now confirmed that there was a stabbing outside. Reuters now have a picture of the victim:

Another man has been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm.

UPDATE: The man’s injuries have been reported as “life-threatening

UPDATE II: Home Secretary Priti Patel has commented on the “unprovoked attack”.

The word going about the Home Office is that the man who was stabbed is a member of HO staff.

UPDATE III: The Met have released the following statement, confirming injuries are not life threatening

Police were called at 13:06hrs on Thursday, 15 August to Marsham Street, SW1 following a report of a man with a knife at the location.

Officers attended to find one man with knife injuries.

London Ambulance Service attended the address where they are with the injured party.

The injuries are not life threatening.

One man (no further details) has been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and taken to a police station.

Enquiries are ongoing into the exact circumstances of the incident.

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Rudd Case Shows Sedwill Wrong to Put Civil Servants Above Criticism

Amber Rudd levelled some remarkable accusations at her former civil servants in the Home Office this morning following the publication of a report into the events surrounding her resignation over the Windrush Scandal. Sir Alex Allan’s report, which was completed on May 23rd but not published until today after being leaked to The Times, pointed the finger of blame at civil servants for not providing Rudd with correct briefings which led her to misleading MPs about the existence of removals targets.

Rudd herself went further on Today, effectively accusing senior civil servants of politically-motivated leaks against her:

JW: You were leaked about at the time as well – do you have a sense that this was just incompetence or was there something political as well – was there an attempt to embarrass you?

AR: It certainly felt like the latter as well… yes, there were a series of leaks during the past year at quite a high level that were definitely intended to embarrass me.

The two civil servants singled out for criticism in Allan’s report, Director General for Immigration Hugh Ind and Permanent Secretary Patsy Wilkinson, have simply been moved to other high level jobs within the civil service. Ind is now Director General at the Cabinet Office while Wilkinson has moved into a national security role. Classic civil service promotion for failure.

The whole affair makes a mockery of Mark Sedwill’s protestations only two weeks ago that civil servants should not be subject to scrutiny from the press. It is a basic fact of politics that individual civil servants have agendas and leak to the press for political reasons. It is a basic fact of life that civil servants are not infallible and sometimes make mistakes when carrying out their jobs.

Yet the notion still persists in some quarters that civil servants should be immune to political criticism despite carrying out political attacks of their own, while politicians take the flak for officials’ mistakes even as the Whitehall gravy train ensures that the officials responsible still have a cushy job at the end of it all. Funny how many of those rushing to defend Robbins now want officials’ heads to roll over Rudd…

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Saj Drops ‘Hostile Environment’ Rhetoric

First significant change in tone from the new Home Secretary…

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Sajid Javid New Home Secretary

The first BAME Home Secretary, a reformer who can help the Tories recover from the Windrush scandal, a Remainer who has since been a strong proponent of leaving the customs union. Astute appointment by May…

James Brokenshire replaces Saj as Housing Secretary.

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Rudd Audit Revealed She Missed Operational Targets

Worth noting that it isn’t the Guardian’s leaked memo from yesterday afternoon that brought down Amber Rudd. That referred only to the government’s overall ambition for increasing removal targets.

What Rudd missed was the fact that there were specific operational on the ground targets for deportations – and she knew nothing about them. Guido is told an audit ordered by Rudd over the weekend found numerous mentions of specific operational targets in documents she should have seen.

She missed them, knew they would be leaked, and, despite efforts from Number 10 to keep her in place for obvious reasons, decided she had to go…

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Home Secretary Runners and Riders

  • Sajid Javid: Would be astute of May to make her only BAME Cabinet minister Home Secretary in response to the scandals of the last few weeks. Saj made a powerful intervention on Windrush in the Sunday Telegraph. Remainer so wouldn’t upset the Cabinet balance. You get the impression he’s one of the few who could sort the Home Office out.
  • Michael Gove: Has shaken up every department he’s run, and goodness knows the Home Office needs it. Fell out with May while she was there, though relations have thawed since. Being a Brexiter may hold him back. The early bookies’ favourite.
  • Jeremy Hunt: If May’s main concern is allaying Remainers’ fears about losing one of their main Cabinet supporters, she might replace Rudd with the Remain leadership favourite Hunt. He refused to budge from the Department of Health in January though.
  • Karen Bradley: A former junior minister in the Home Office under May, and one of her few allies. Would maintain the gender and Brexit balance of the Cabinet. She’d be a typical uninspiring May hire.
  • David Lidington: Another of May’s most trusted allies, moving Lidders in is the sort of thing she’d do. Though again would hardly be the jolt the Home Office needs.
  • James Brokenshire: Stood down in January after being diagnosed with lung cancer, he has since had successful surgery. Will inevitably return at some point as he is one of May’s key allies. This may have come too soon.
  • Penny Mordaunt: One of the more impressive female Cabinet members, and it would be good to see a proper Brexiter in the Home Office. Not like May to promote ambitious younger talent.
  • Brandon Lewis: Wasn’t Number 10’s first choice for party chairman back in January, and as former immigration minister it’s safe to say Lewis wouldn’t have forgotten about the migrant removal targets. May well be tainted by his time there.
  • Caroline Nokes: Rudd’s deputy in the Home Office. Maybe not.

Downing Street says the new Home Secretary will be announced on Monday…

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