Extinction Rebellion End Ceasefire After Just 18 Days

Extinction Rebellion has broken its New Year’s resolution after just 18 days. Having made a “controversial resolution” at the end of the year to stop vandalising property, gluing themselves to the road, and wasting everyone’s time, today they fell off the wagon and returned to their bad habits. Never make a promise you can’t keep…

A group of protesters showed up outside the Home Office this afternoon, armed with black paint and ponchos, to prat about on the pavement and scream like children. Even treating pedestrians to a strange, ritualistic dance…

To be fair, they did also promise to “stand together and become impossible to ignore” this year. Living up to that part, at least…

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Home Office: “Homosexual” An Offensive Phrase, Don’t Say “Mate” or “Sex Change”

Guido’s got a hold of the latest woke briefing churned out by the Home Office. Hopefully you’re sitting down. This one’s a whopper. 

Over the course of just ten pages, civil servants working in the Home Office’s Homeland Security Group – the UK’s actual counter-terrorism unit – are told:

  • “Some people use ‘mixed’ or ‘split’ prounouns”
  • “Not all non-binary people use ‘he’ or ‘she’ pronouns.”
  • “Many use ‘they’ and ‘them'”
  • “Neopronouns like ‘zie’ or ‘ey’ also exist.”

Staff are also warned to “use the right language” and to “be clearly and openly supportive”. God forbid you “assume the gender of a person’s partner“, or fail to “use neutral language“. For those unsure on what language is permitted by the Praetorian Guards marching through Whitehall, the briefing lends a hand:

Don’t use:

  • Homosexual/homosexuality – generally considered a medical term now. People tend to use gay instead. Can reduce the person to purely sexual terms.
  • Hermaphrodite – for intersex people.
  • Transsexual — this was used in the past as a medical term. Some people still use it, but many prefer the term trans or transgender.
  • Transgendered – suggests a condition of some kind.
  • Transgenderism – suggests an ‘ideology’ that could be argued against.
  • Transvestite, tranny, or shemale.
  • Sex change, sex-change operation, pre-operative, post-operative.
  • Don’t deadname or misgender.

So the Home Office have now cancelled “homosexuality“, and warned against calling someone “mate” in an email. At least they’ll remember to use split pronouns for the next terrorist cell…  

Read the full document below:

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Rishi Launches Major Push to Tackle Illegal Migrants

Rishi Sunak has launched a surprisingly decent campaign to crack down on illegal migration, including robust plans to crackdown on illegal migration from Albania. During his Commons statement, he announced an agreement embedding border force officers in Tirana airport for the first time. The government will also be issuing guidance for Home Office caseworkers making it “crystal clear that Albania is a safe country.”

Another major change – which will help bring down the number of approved asylum seekers both from Albania and elsewhere – is the plan to raise the threshold to claim victimhood of modern slavery, requiring for the first time, proof. Rishi also told the Commons that the government’s setting up a new 400-strong unit to expedite Albanian cases. 

As a result of these changes and others, the PM put on the record that the government expects the massive backlog of initial asylum decisions to be abolished by the end of next year. A big promise. And if broken will help to break the Tories…

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Union’s Civil Service Recruitment Drive

Civil Servants entering 2 Marsham Street, the building that houses the Home Office and DLUHC, were met with a barrage of union campaign literature this morning.

The Public and Commercial Services Union is clearly on the lookout for new members, encouraging people to “join today, right now”. More than a hint of desperation there…

The literature also advertises the opportunity to join the PCS’ ballots for a national strike.

With the union calling for pay rises above inflation and a £15 minimum Living Wage, Guido would urge the blob’s union comrades to exercise restraint and look forward to their fabulous, index-linked, public service pensions.


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Home Office Civil Servants’ Trans Inclusive Sports Day

Last Friday Guido reported civil servants at the Department for Transport and Levelling Up were enjoying a full day out in Chiswick participating in a sports day, on company time, while being paid by taxpayers. Now it’s the Home Office’s turn…

Today it’s the 69th Home Office Sports Day, with over 800 players turning up to take part in rounders, football, petanque “and many more in other sports.” There’s also great news for the swathes of trans Home Office civil servants: “Non-binary and intersex competitors are welcome to compete in whichever category they would feel most comfortable” In other equal opportunity news, fun-quashing civil service bosses have made clear “any team names that do not comply, particularly in relation to negative stereotyping, will not be accepted and the team will be disqualified.”

Those members of the blob adverse to physical wellbeing shouldn’t worry either. Volunteers will also be on hand “for you to try out watercolour painting from a wellbeing perspective”. 

To top all of this off, the intranet invite specifies that because the sports day promotes health and wellbeing, as well as developing team working skills, participation should be regarded as a developmental activity and should not be counted as a day’s leave. Guido additionally hears the Treasury permanent secretary vetoed their sports day, given the optics are so poor…

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Home Office’s “Preferred Pronouns” Campaign Continues

The Home Office is continuing its push toward compulsory pronouns for Civil Servants. In a new email sent today to all customer services staff – including in Asylum and Protection, UK Visas and Immigration, and the HM Passport Office – civil servants are once again being told to add their preferred pronouns to their email signatures as an “important step towards inclusivity in the workplace“. Along with a helpful guide on how to do it…

Back in April, the Free Speech Union wrote to Home Office Permanent Secretary Matthew Rycroft to express concerns that the department was compelling staff in Visa, Status and Information Services to also add mandatory pronouns to their email signatures. They claimed it was a violation of the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion and the right to free speech (Articles 9 and 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights). At the time a Home Office press officer contacted Guido to deny – in the face of evidence – the pronoun push was a mandatory instruction, merely a recommendation. This renewed agitation suggests it wasn’t the voluntary exercise they claimed…

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