Lee Anderson Blasts “Petty Hostility” of the EU for Endorsing Argentine Name for the Falklands

Conservative Deputy Chairman, Lee Anderson, has some fighting words for the EU, after the international bloc implicitly endorsed Argentina’s preferred name for the Falkland Islands. Buenos Aires was able to laud a “diplomatic triumph” after the EU supported an Argentinian declaration referring to “Islas Malvinas” at a summit on Tuesday. British diplomats requested clarification from Council President, Charles Michel, and the Prime Minister’s spokesman today confirmed that the EU “clarified that their position on the Falklands has not changed”. Now then, even this couldn’t constrain the Red Wall Rottweiler’s anger.

Speaking to Guido, Lee Anderson hit out at the EU’s “desperate act of petty hostility”:

“This is nothing but a desperate act of petty hostility from the EU. British troops have put their lives on the line to protect not just the Falklands’ freedom, but the freedom of multiple countries around the world. The EU should put a sock in it.”

Guido doubts Brussels will make the same mistake twice.

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Does Thornberry Want to Respond to Falklands Hero? “No, Not Really”

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Emily Thornberry began this Talk Radio interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer by saying we should talk to the Argies about the Falklands, and it did not get much better from there. Asked if she wanted to respond to the views of Falklands veteran Rear Admiral Chris Parry CBE, the Shadow Defence Secretary replied: “No, not really”. McBride still has work to do…

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FCO Vows to “Resist Argentine Threats”

The stretched twig of peace is once again at melting point.

Tension is high as Argentina’s state prosecutor orders an embargo of UK assets involved in Falklands hydrocarbons operations, demanding the seizure of more than $156m of international equipment, including ships, drilling platforms and bank accounts.

FCO minister Hugo Swire is threatening appropriate measures over this “flagrant and unacceptable campaign to strangle the Falkland Islands”.

“We have been absolutely clear that Argentine domestic law does not apply in the Falkland Islands, nor in the waters that surround them… The government of Argentina should refrain from unjustified provocations of this kind… The Falkland Islanders have every right to decide their own future, including through the development of their economy. As ever, we stand behind them and are confident that the international community will continue to resist these Argentine threats.”

We will not flinch…

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