Extinction Rebellion Campaigning Against Cycle Lane

The revolutionary rah’s of Extinction Rebellion have turned their attention to a new campaign, this time against – wrap your head around this one – opposing a cycle lane in Camden. Only marginally more illogical than their opposition to nuclear power…

Activists from the North London branch have spoken out against a new bicycle lane on Euston Road as they claim the friendlier environment for cyclists will, counterintuitively, lead to more car fumes. Dorothea Hackman – another entirely believable XR activist name – told the Camden New Journal that TfL “should not be doing these things without talking to people and finding out what the consequences are.” 

Extinction Rebellion Camden’s official Twitter account has tried putting clear blue (plastic-free) water between them and activists. A comms technique Guido would respect more were Extinction Rebellion a formal hierarchical organisation with an accountable leadership…

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Research Confirms Extinction Rebellion is Overwhelmingly Middle Class & Southern

Academics at the University of Exeter, Keele University, and Aston University surveyed protesters with Extinction Rebellion’s actions in London in 2019. Exeter has described the study as confirming “activists who took part in Extinction Rebellion’s major protests were overwhelmingly middle class, highly educated, and southern.” The findings will not come as a surprise to Guido readers…

Researchers observed hearings at the City of London Magistrates Court, on seven separate Fridays in August, September, and October 2019. They found that a third of those who appeared in court due to their illegal activity in London were from the West Country with hotspots in Stroud, Totnes and Frome. On the other hand just 6% were from Birmingham, Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Swansea and Cardiff combined…

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Extinction Rebellion Spokesperson Quits to Campaign for Nuclear Power

Since her infamous grilling on the Andrew Neil Show last year, Zion Lights – a former Extinction Rebellion activist and spokesperson – has had an ideological Damascene conversion, since quitting the Marxist campaign group to campaign for nuclear power. She’s seen the Lights…

Today, Zion writes in City A.M., calling on her former XR members to also embrace the clean energy solution:

the UK must find ways to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels… we need a reliable low-carbon energy source that we can invest in now.

And we have one. Hinkley Point C… which will provide seven per cent of the UK’s electricity needs and save an estimated nine million tonnes of carbon emissions for every year of its operation.”

It’s quite a departure from the views she wrote up in 2014, when she argued there is “no clear answer” to the question of whether nuclear power is safe, and that “nuclear energy is not sustainable in itself” while conceding it was more sustainable than coal.

Zion Lights (astonishingly her real birth name) also uses the op-ed to admonish her former comrades, admitting that being “surrounded by anti-nuclear activists” she had “allowed fear of radiation, nuclear waste and weapons of mass destruction to creep into my subconscious.” One unscientific nutjob down, a few thousand more to go...

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Extinction Rebellion in Favour of Extinction

Fresh from their environmental protests digging up green spaces, an Extinction Rebellion cell in the East Midlands has printed new controversially pro-Coronavirus stickers. The literature, which calls human life a ‘disease’ and Coronavirus ‘the cure’, was distributed in the West Midlands yesterday.

Extinction Rebellion ‘coordinators’ have this morning distanced themselves with this group, which is followed by scores of other Extinction Rebellion groups across the country. The trouble with having a terrorist-like cell structure is that when one group makes a PR faux par it’s hard to disavow them…

This is what Extinction Rebellion’s leaders believe, the East Midlands group is just following the logic of their messaging, which often pushes the discredited idea that there are somehow ‘too many people’ to sustain.  A perfect world for Extinction Rebellion types would be one with no travel, no industry, no jobs, and no humans at all…

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Extinction Rebellion Rebrand to ‘Fight Coronavirus’

This morning photographers arrived at No. 10 to capture footage of a new group, ‘Pause the System‘, turning up in hazmat outfits to demand the Government do more to fight Coronavirus. The group’s demands include ‘pausing the system’ to respond to the ‘health emergency’, as well as demanding the Government “provide universal basic income and full statutory sick pay for all people, pause all mortgages and rents”. Isn’t it a coincidence that every time there’s a ‘crisis’ the only solution is Marxism?

The group’s third demand – “prevent future pandemics” gives the game away:

“Both the climate emergency and the factory farming and trade of animals bring strong threats of future pandemics. The government must act to reduce emissions to net zero, halt biodiversity loss, as well as ban factory farming and the trade of animals.”

There is little information about who is behind the shady group given, however the two press officer names – Steph Zupan and Dan Kidby – are, not to Guido’s surprise, Extinction Rebellion organisers and spokespeople.

Steph organised Animal Rebellion’s ‘Veggie Swarm Action’ last October, calling on the need “to engage in strategic direct action”. She also wrote that “scientists have warned us for decades now about our fate if we don’t make serious changes”She doesn’t seem so keen on scientific advice these days…

Dan Kidby is also a spokesman for Animal Rebellion, who wroteAnimal Rebellion is a movement of people from all walks of life who have come together because the evidence is clear: a transition to a plant-based food system is critical to avert climate breakdown and mass extinction” helping to organise last year’s shut down of Smithfield Market. The climate communists will hijack any cause to push their absurd agenda…

Video Hat-tip: @rachaelvenables
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BBC Buys Into Extinction Rebellion’s Fake Miners

Earlier this week, BBC’s Politics Live passed off Extinction Rebellion protestors wearing fake miners helmets made of cardboard as being real miners. Viewers were repeatedly told that an Extinction Rebellion protest outside Bradley coal mine in County Durham contained “miners” and “former miners”. Guido can now reveal that the BBC has admitted there was no evidence of current or even former miners at the protest…

The programme portrayed the protest as an alliance of miners and Extinction Rebellion, however, in a letter to Banks Mining, who run the site, the BBC only claimed that one person who said he was the “son of a miner” was at the protest. Guido hears that initially, a spokesman for the actual miners had his invitation revoked at the last moment. Martin Raine, an actual miner, tells Guido:

“It is our jobs at stake here and instead of allowing us a voice the BBC showed fake miners with fake cardboard helmets and interviewed a student bussed in by XR who got the basic facts wrong.”

A reminder you can feed into the Government’s licence fee consultation here

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