Newham Council Labour Leadership’s “Endemic Culture” of Antisemitism

London’s Newham council has been plunged into chaos after accusations of an “endemic culture” of anti-Jewish racism in the council’s Labour grouping. Yesterday the group’s chairman, Mushtaq Mughal, was placed under investigation by the Labour Party for a series of social media posts, including sharing a video promoting a group calling for the dismantling of Israel. Despite the investigation, Mughal has not been suspended by Labour, despite calls from Labour Against Antisemitism to do so:

“Councillor Mughal appears to have promoted a series of antisemitic posts via his Facebook account. It is therefore astonishing that presented with this evidence the Labour Party have failed to suspend Cllr Mughal while their investigations take place.”

Newham’s deputy chairman hasn’t seen such lenience from the party, as he was suspended last week for also posting anti-Israel posts on Facebook, including the infamous “Relocate Israel into United States” meme once shared by Naz Shah that saw her quit her post.

The saga doesn’t end there; Newham’s Labour mayor has been slammed by Newham’s only Jewish councillor Joshua Garfield since she came to office in 2018 for her handling of allegations of antisemitism. A report commissioned by the mayor, Rokhsana Fiaz, is said to have “absolutely horrified” those who heard about its contents, as it accused “senior members” of the Labour group of anattempt to hide the ugly stain of antisemitism”. According to the report, antisemitic material had been published routinely on the Newham Labour Facebook Group page “since at least the beginning of 2018″. The administrator of the group? The mayor’s then-deputy John Gray who stepped down at the end of last year…

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£40,000 Raised for Jezza’s Legal Fund

Cash-laden Corbynistas have donated a solid £40,000 to “Jeremy’s Legal Fund in less than a day, in preparation for the upcoming libel battle floated by Panorama journalist John Ware yesterday afternoon. The fund, started by Carole Morgan, claims Corbyn is “a man of integrity, honesty and humility” and they now have an opportunity to offer the court battle-losing former leader support “in a practical way”. That practical support clearly stopping short of solid legal advice…

The top donors so far include three £500 donations from:

  • Dr Moray Grigor: an Edinburgh Labour member
  • Susanne Levin: a Jewish Labour member from London who previously signed an open letter attacking the Chief Rabbi, the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Campaign Against Antisemitism
  • Brian Eno: The pro-Corbyn musician who previously spent £250 on Jeremy’s soviet cap and long-time supporter of the boycott Israel movement

Guido imagines Starmer – the former Director of Public Prosecutions – took the most sensible legal route in settling with the Panorama whistleblowers. If you buy into the crackpot views of Jeremy you can fund the potential theatrics here… 

UPDATE: £135,000 now been donated. Guido’s sure charities such as food banks will appreciate left-wingers spending their money on such vital causes…

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How Corbynistas React When They Think Corbyn’s Anti-Semitism Was Said By Boris

Corbynistas were approached this week with anti-Semitic quotes to see if they think the person who said them is fit for office. But there’s a twist! When the Labour activists were told the quotes were said by Boris they said he was unfit for office. Upon being told the truth their squirming is excruciating…

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Corbyn Should Be Expelled from the Labour Party

Under the IHRA definition of Antisemitism – which was accepted by the Labour Party in full – this video from Iran’s state broadcaster Press TV shows Jeremy Corbyn implicitly questioning Israel’s right to exist, is anti-Semitic. No wonder Corbyn resisted adopting the IHRA definitions. Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry has said there is “no place in Labour for people who deny Israel’s right to exist”. Will he face any disciplinary measures..?

This is on top of:

Jeremy Corbyn has more than fulfilled the criteria to be booted out his own party for anti-Semitism…

And, of course, Corbyn’s ‘Stop the War Coalition‘ being against wars with every country and regime, no matter how barbaric, other than the Jewish State. Corbyn didn’t step down as Chair of the Start Stop the War Coalition until after he became Labour leader…


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Leicester Labour Party Suspends Deputy Mayor

In the rotting remnants of Labour in Leicester, Vaz’s friends are falling apart having lost his protection. Whether it is quitting the party altogether or being suspended, as is the case with assistant Mayor Councillor Mustafa Malik, (pictured above wearing a red rosette). Here’s a YouTube video he went to the trouble of sharing with his Facebook friends with the comment “an eye opener video”. He had clearly watched it and thought it worth sharing, this was not an “accidental like”…

It was just your average “the Jews control the banks and the media” video from David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard. Labour members are fans of Duke and he is a fan of Corbyn’s Labour Party, praising the election of Jeremy Corbyn to the Labour leadership as a sign that people were recognising “Zionist power” and “Jewish establishment power”. Telling listeners to his radio show n 2015 that Corbyn’s election was “really good kind of evolutionary thing, isn’t it, when people are beginning to recognise Zionist power and ultimately the Jewish establishment power in Britain and in the western world.” Labour have suspended Councillor Mustafa Malik pending an investigation…

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Corbyn Claimed Jewish Newspapers in Victorian Era Made Jews “Powerful”

Speaking in 2017, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn claimed that Jewish newspapers “kept them powerful, and kept them in a position to influence the politics of the environment they’re in.” The footage, uncovered by The Golem, shows that Corbyn singled out Jewish people as being uniquely “powerful” and with “influence” that he did not ascribe to other minority communities at the time. It clearly reveals his subconscious conception of Jews. Classic.

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