How Corbynistas React When They Think Corbyn’s Anti-Semitism Was Said By Boris

Corbynistas were approached this week with anti-Semitic quotes to see if they think the person who said them is fit for office. But there’s a twist! When the Labour activists were told the quotes were said by Boris they said he was unfit for office. Upon being told the truth their squirming is excruciating…

Corbyn Should Be Expelled from the Labour Party

Under the IHRA definition of Antisemitism – which was accepted by the Labour Party in full – this video from Iran’s state broadcaster Press TV shows Jeremy Corbyn implicitly questioning Israel’s right to exist, is anti-Semitic. No wonder Corbyn resisted adopting the IHRA definitions. Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry has said there is “no place in Labour for people who deny Israel’s right to exist”. Will he face any disciplinary measures..?

This is on top of:

Jeremy Corbyn has more than fulfilled the criteria to be booted out his own party for anti-Semitism…

And, of course, Corbyn’s ‘Stop the War Coalition‘ being against wars with every country and regime, no matter how barbaric, other than the Jewish State. Corbyn didn’t step down as Chair of the Start Stop the War Coalition until after he became Labour leader…


Leicester Labour Party Suspends Deputy Mayor

In the rotting remnants of Labour in Leicester, Vaz’s friends are falling apart having lost his protection. Whether it is quitting the party altogether or being suspended, as is the case with assistant Mayor Councillor Mustafa Malik, (pictured above wearing a red rosette). Here’s a YouTube video he went to the trouble of sharing with his Facebook friends with the comment “an eye opener video”. He had clearly watched it and thought it worth sharing, this was not an “accidental like”…

It was just your average “the Jews control the banks and the media” video from David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard. Labour members are fans of Duke and he is a fan of Corbyn’s Labour Party, praising the election of Jeremy Corbyn to the Labour leadership as a sign that people were recognising “Zionist power” and “Jewish establishment power”. Telling listeners to his radio show n 2015 that Corbyn’s election was “really good kind of evolutionary thing, isn’t it, when people are beginning to recognise Zionist power and ultimately the Jewish establishment power in Britain and in the western world.” Labour have suspended Councillor Mustafa Malik pending an investigation…

Corbyn Claimed Jewish Newspapers in Victorian Era Made Jews “Powerful”

Speaking in 2017, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn claimed that Jewish newspapers “kept them powerful, and kept them in a position to influence the politics of the environment they’re in.” The footage, uncovered by The Golem, shows that Corbyn singled out Jewish people as being uniquely “powerful” and with “influence” that he did not ascribe to other minority communities at the time. It clearly reveals his subconscious conception of Jews. Classic.

Labour Candidate Claimed Mural Isn’t Anti-Semitic

Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate in Jacqui Smith’s old seat of Redditch used to be very active on her now-deleted Facebook account. Amongst Rebecca Jenkins’ many questionable posts was writing “Hear hear!” to a reproduction of the mural Corbyn infamously defended. The post she shared was asking “Where in this picture is it antisemistsm”…

Corbyn himself acknowledged the mural was “deeply disturbing and anti-Semitic”, while claiming he hadn’t looked at it properly, on March 23, 2018. Six days later, on March 29, Rebecca Jenkins was claiming she couldn’t see any anti-Semitism in the picture…

In addition to this, Jenkins’ facebook feed included calling the Royal Family ‘scroungers’, sharing a fake anti-Churchill quote, and dismissing Jewish people’s concerns about Jeremy Corbyn as ‘media manipulation’. She remains the candidate in one of Labour’s target seats…

Labour’s Ealing North Selection Disaster

Selection for the safe seat of Ealing North is turning into a big mess for the Labour Party. Competing to win the seat and its 20,000 majority are some quite controversial characters. Local councillor Sitarah Anjum has already been removed from the shortlist of four after posting anti-gay marriage, pro-forced marriage, and ‘Israel is a war criminal’ tweets. How did she end up on the shortlist in the first place..?

Fellow councillor and the only remaining woman on the shortlist Aysha Raza, despite having defended the same mural even Jeremy Corbyn had to admit was anti-Semitic. She has also endorsed boycotts of Israel, said she was “traumatised by the hours spent in that Zionist shop” and engaged in questionable conversation about “sucking up to the Zionist lobby”. Labour Against Anti-Semitism reported her to the party for investigation last April…

Despite this, Raza remains on the shortlist of three for this plum seat…

Labour Excluding Jews from Anti-Semitism Debate

The Jewish Labour Movement’s statement on the Labour Party’s proposed rule changes on antisemitism being debated on the Shabbat (Saturday) at conference makes it clear that, not for the first time, the scheduling means observant Jews will not be able to participate. They have done this before and it can’t be accidental.

Time and again, the Party leadership and the NEC have demonstrated a complete failure in both judgement and commitment to tackle antisemitism. With a statutory investigation by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission well underway, this is the latest example of institutional failing.

We have learnt tonight from press reports that the Party wishes to make sweeping changes to the disciplinary rules on antisemitism, without consulting us, its only Jewish affiliate, or any communal organisation. To add insult to injury, they will debate these changes at conference on the Jewish Sabbath, when religiously observant Jewish Labour delegates will be silenced, unable to participate in the debate.

The Jewish community has zero confidence that proposals to hand the NEC more powers on disciplinary matters will solve this crisis. There have been countless examples of NEC members either engaging in antisemitism or turning a blind eye to it. It will simply streamline the process of letting antisemites off the hook.

Let’s see if the protests mean the debate will be rescheduled…

Labour MP Backs Galloway’s MP Ambitions

Guido has caught Labour MP David Drew liking a Tweet from George Galloway, advertising his forthcoming attempt to unseat Tom Watson in West Bromwich East. Good to see all Labour MPs working hard to clear their party’s Antisemitism scandal…

Whilst merely liking a Tweet by itself may not be overwhelmingly newsworthy, David Drew MP has been embroiled in a number of antisemitism scandals in the last year. Only this month GnasherJew found a Labour member living in Drew’s Stroud constituency to have posted multiple Antisemitic posts on Facebook, including Holocaust denial, and then discovered the Labour MP to be friends with the individual on Facebook and to be following him on Twitter. His association with questionable figures obviously does not stop with Galloway. 

David Drew previously emailed a constituent saying, “I’ve never heard anyone make an anti Semitic remark in a Labour audience”. Clearly David urgently needs a hearing test…

Conspiratorial Corbynista Crashes into Cleverly’s Car

This week a video emerged of the aftermath of a car accident involving Tory Party Chairman James Cleverly and Twitter user ‘Asim Khan’, with Khan accusing Cleverly of being a dishonest liar and “not to be trusted” after supposedly not accepting liability for the collision. However it has now emerged that Khan is not a random member of the public, he’s a Corbyn supporter who re-posts conspiracy theories about 9/11 and Zionism. Unlike Cleverly with Khan’s car, you could see this coming…

Khan – posting on Facebook with the name ‘Sam Khan’ – reiterated his accusation that the Party Chair is “dishonest” and “a liar” on Cleverly’s latest post.

However, an inspection of Khan’s account shows some very unsavoury views on everything from Israel to homosexuality.

Not unsurprisingly given all that, Khan is also a big fan of Jeremy Corbyn, having shared multiple posts from the Leader’s Facebook page.

For someone who claims not to have known who Cleverly was when the accident happened, it’s also worth noting of all the media outlets who covered the crash, the only one he gave a comment to was a small far left website. Something smells very fishy about the way Khan is pretending to be an innocent, random, wronged member of the public…

Corbyn’s Jewish Liaison’s Toxic Record on Anti-Semitism

Jeremy Corbyn didn’t exactly fill the UK’s Jewish community with confidence when he appointed a Momentum activist and vocal Chris Williamson and Pete Willsman defender to his newly-created role of “Jewish Community Liaison Officer”. Heather Mendick claimed that anti-Semitism was being “weaponised against the Left” and joined the disgraced Chris Williamson for multiple events on his “democracy roadshow” – his campaign to deselect sitting Labour MPs. She also celebrated the notorious Pete Willsman’s re-election to Labour’s NEC, saying that the membership “aren’t buying the smears”…

So it wasn’t exactly a surprise when the CST’s latest report on the online networks behind Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis found that Mendick’s Twitter account was one of the 36 ‘Engine Room’ accounts most associated with online Labour anti-Semitism. Mendick has now deleted her account…

Guido has taken a closer look at some more of Mendick’s online history:

She also describes herself as a “paid up member of Jewish Voice for Labour” – the highly controversial Corbynista fringe group. Says it all that Corbyn thinks she’s the best person to build bridges with the Jewish community…

Labour Anti-Semitic Incidents Hit Record Numbers

A damning report published by the Community Security Trust – the charity set up to protect Jews from antisemitism – has shown that there have already been 100 incidents of anti-Semitism which are “examples of, or related to arguments over, alleged antisemitism in the Labour Party” in the first half of this year alone. At this rate it will significantly surpass the 148 Labour-related incidents recorded in the whole of last year. Labour on course to get one record result this year, just not in an election…

Alarmingly, there was a spike of 55 incidents in February and March alone – when several Labour MPs including Luciana Berger left the party over its endemic anti-Semitism. Almost 20% of anti-Semitic incidents across the whole UK were linked to the Labour Party in March, with the CST report noting that Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis “clearly has an important bearing” on the record-high number of incidents recorded. All the while Corbyn continues to dismiss it as just a case of a few members occasionally ‘dipping’ into antisemitic language…

Labour’s Ali Milani Condoned ‘Armed Struggle’ Against Israel on Press TV

The dubious history of Labour’s candidate to take on Boris in Uxbridge has been further exposed, with new footage uncovered showing Ali Milani refusing to rule out “armed struggle” against Israel while also pushing the classic trope of a well-funded Israel lobby. No wonder he fits right in with Corbyn’s Labour…

When asked on Corbyn’s favourite Iranian state propaganda outlet, Press TV – natch – whether the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions against Israel) is “an alternative to armed struggle or something alongside it?” Milani responded with an answer condoning both:

“There is no reason why we need to frame the argument as binary, it doesn’t have to be either a non-violent economic resistance or an armed resistance…”

In the same interview, alongside another notorious spreader of 9/11 and other conspiracy theories, he claimed that his distasteful views were not easy to argue against “the lobbyists [who] come out very quickly; the other side is much better funded than we are”. Unfortunately for Milani he couldn’t delete this footage in the same way he did his highly questionable tweets…

H/t The Golem

Meet Labour’s Ali Milani

Labour have selected a 24-year-old foul-mouthed former student politician to take on Boris Johnson in his Uxbridge constituency. Ali Milani, who was profiled by last week, has just finished serving as a Vice President of the NUS, after working as president of Brunel Student Union. Not exactly doing much studying…

His extensive time in student politics was not without controversy. Milani, a close ally of former NUS President Malia Bouattia, has a history steeped in anti-Semitism. His comments have included:

“Nah u won’t mate. It’ll cost you a pound #jew.”

“I want to be the President of Israel. They have a self desruct button right ?”

“your Israel is a land built on ethnic cleansing and colonialism. Oppression is something your people should know about”

“Israel has no right to exist”

“@piersmorgan u are a zionist and corperate [sic] jackass”

Milani now claims to be a reformed character, he says that “it’s not enough to apologise, I need to take positive steps” and makes a big point out of having visited Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Funny how those “positive steps” still seem to include working with organisations like “Friends of Al Aqsa”, a group which supports Hamas and advocates the total elimination of Israel. That is when they’re not busy organising trips for Corbyn himself to meet Hamas. Seems like a nice guy…

Corbyn Rolls Eyes and Sighs at Labour Anti-Semitism Question

When interviewed by Sophy Ridge yesterday, Corbyn rolled his eyes and audibly sighed when asked a question about the anti-Semitism endemic in his party. Not a good look…[…] Read the rest


Burgon Airbrushes Labour Candidate’s ‘Disgraceful’ Past

All too predictably, Labour have managed to select someone to fight Boris Johnson in Uxbridge who’s already been involved in an anti-Semitism scandal before he even became a candidate. The past output of Ali Milani includes:

“Nah u won’t mate. It’ll cost you a pound #jew.”

“Israel has no right to exist”

“@piersmorgan u are a zionist and corperate [sic] jackass”

Richard Burgon was challenged over why he was campaigning for a candidate who had said that, Burgon said the tweets were “disgraceful” but Milani shouldn’t be barred because of tweets he sent “when he was a teenager” and it was all ok now because he had been a “programme of learning” since then.[…] Read the rest


Diane Abbott Endorses Call for Tom Watson to Resign

Labour’s latest civil war getting even uglier. Naturally Diane Abbott picks the side against the people trying to do something about Labour’s anti-Semitism…[…] Read the rest


Corbyn on Anti-Semitism Criticism: “It Doesn’t Bother Me… I Frankly Don’t Care”

A fresh video has been unearthed of Jeremy Corbyn apparently speaking at a Labour event last October. Corbyn gives his response to “some criticisms made of us in the right-wing media over the last Summer”. As in, the massive anti-Semitism and IHRA storm that raged around him all of last summer and has not gone away:

“It doesn’t bother me.

[…] Read the rest


Corbyn Supporter Calls Jewish Members “Wimps”

The first panellist to speak in the Victoria Derbyshire Programme’s debate on last night’s Panorama this morning declared Labour’s Jewish members who spoke out about their experiences of racism in the party to be “a bunch of wimps”. A member saying what some at the top of the party seem to be thinking…[…] Read the rest


Labour MPs’ Damning Responses to Panorama

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Is Labour Anti Semitic? BBC Panorama Highlights

For readers who missed the full hour long documentary last night, it has been cut down to a more digestible eight minutes of highlights (or perhaps lowlights). Not to be missed…[…] Read the rest


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