Seb Corbyn Self Isolates

Whilst some politicians’ family members, like Stanley Johnson, struggle to follow public health guidance, Corbyn’s son is going into self-isolation after succumbing to Coronavirus-like symptoms. Spending all day inside shouldn’t be too unpleasant in his £650,000 Airbnb apartment

Seb’s boss, John McDonnell, insists his team have been working from home since last Tuesday

Corbyn Jnr. also claims he has not seen his dad since contracting the virus, once again reiterates how the 70+ need to self-isolate to stay healthy – something Corbyn is refusing to do. Meanwhile Corbyn’s other son, Tommy, is using the Coronavirus pandemic to flog his ‘National Hemp Service’ business…

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Labour Leadership Update: Becky Assures Nepotism, Thornberry 21 CLPs Short

There’s just a week and a half left of this stage of the Labour leadership contest, with CLP and affiliate nominations closing on the 14th. Three out the four have made it onto the ballot, so there won’t be a Valentine’s Day Massacre of candidates…

Keir Starmer and Becky Long-Bailey surpassed the required 33 Constituency Labour Party nominations to make it through – with Starmer now surpassing Corbyn’s 2015 nominations – and Lisa Nandy has secured her place on the ballot through affiliate organisations. Thornberry has just nine days to clinch an additional 21 CLPs…

Along with the three confirmed candidates, it looks like Seb Corbyn and Laura Murray (Andrew Murray’s daughter) are now also more secure in their jobs. Long-Bailey called them to reassure that when she said future promotions in Labour would be based on “what you know not who you know”, and that nepotism had contributed to Labour’s defeat, she wasn’t talking about them. So who exactly was she talking about?

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Seb Corbyn Embarrassed By Momentum Video Mocking Nepotism

Momentum have released a new video parodying a middle class garden lunch where the capitalist classes sneer at young Corbyn voters over glasses of white wine. The film mocks one posh character who says “People think they deserve a job without doing the necessary work to get it. Nobody ever helped me out” – the caption then goes on to say that this character “Got his job through his father”. A very brave line for Momentum to be taking given the Corbynistas’ own penchant for nepotism…

Seb Corbyn, son of Jez, is employed by John McDonnell. He “got his job through his father”, to coin a phrase. Then there is Laura Murray, a Shadow Cabinet adviser who is the daughter of Labour’s communist campaign chief Andrew Murray. John Prescott’s son David obviously got his job in the Leader’s Office on merit. And don’t get us started on how many of Jezza’s top team went to the same Winchester private school. Well done Momentum, slow clap.

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Sexy Socialism: Seb Corbyn’s Tinder Profile in Full

Last week’s Sunday Times revealed that the taxpayer-funded 24 year-old chief of staff to the Shadow Chancellor is a Tinder lothario, a story which wound up all the right people. Guido can bring you sexy socialist Seb Corbyn’s full profile on the hook-up app. He has enlisted the help of Dame Judi Dench to impress the women of Westminster:

Labour aides have gossiped about fun-loving Seb’s extra-curricular activities for months. The Peroni-sipping adviser is rarely seen without a crowd of adoring female fans, and party staffers have been known to take clandestine late night photos of him and his admirers and share them on WhatsApp for a laugh. Lad.

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