Saj’s SpAd Wooing

Eyebrows were raised across departments today as SpAds found an invite from one Sajid Javid in their inbox to drinks with him this Thursday. According to a source, Sajid is now co-opting the weekly SpAd drinks, often hosted by Sheridan Westlake at various Westminster watering holes, where occasionally an embassy or other body will offer to host thirsty advisors hoping to destress. According to one SpAd, however, this is the first time they’ve seen a Cabinet Minister take up hosting duties. 

The event is set to be hosted in the Department for Health, although one recipient noted the RSVP address is a parliamentary email address, raising questions about who’s paying for the booze. Wouldn’t hurt to have cabinet ministers’ most loyal aides on-side if any leadership vacancy arises in the coming months, eh…

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Woke NHS Equality Officers To Have Pay Bands Limited

Yesterday Sajid Javid told an NHS conference in Liverpool that no more taxpayers’ cash will be poured into the NHS as this would be “unfair on younger generations”, emphasising “the answer can’t always be more money” as he rejected demands from NHS bosses to increase NHS spending beyond 44%* of public spending. Saj told them

“I don’t want my children or anyone’s children to grow up in a country where more than half of public spending is taken up by healthcare, at the expense of everything else from education to housing. That’s not a fair deal for the British people, particularly young people.”

A much needed and welcome reality check. The restraint most urgently needs to be applied to the burgeoning band of staff who are non-patient focused. Last week Sajid announced a new war on NHS woke waste, with DHSC publishing a report into NHS leadership featuring new promises to reduce the proliferation of woke diversity and inclusion managers. Guido’s been campaigning against the overpaid woke bureaucrats for months; in April he found four jobs going for race and equality leads, some set to be paid as much as £90,387 a year; in March he found three more ads all to be paid over £50,000 a year; in December there were 12 ads running, with one salary reaching £108,075 – the total bill was £618,612 of annual wages; at the start of 2021, eight diversity managers were hired on £50,000 salaries. Indefensible during a cost-of-living crisis…

With plans set to be announced in the next couple of months, the department is hard at work thinking about how to respond to the NHS’s approach to spending taxpayers’ cash on non-patient focused staff. As well as hoping to reduce the number of equality roles in the service, Guido was told by one department source considerations may also be given towards trying to dictate what pay band equality roles fall under, preventing the woke warriors from being paid almost as much as the Prime Minister. This is in addition to issuing guidance that diversity and inclusion should be part of the responsibilities of the existing human resources departments. Guido looks forward to seeing the forthcoming plans…

*Figure excluding pensions and welfare payments.

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Sajid Tells NHS to Cut Pointless Diversity and Inclusion Jobs

This afternoon the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) published Sir Gordon Messenger and Dame Linda Pollard’s full report into NHS leadership, as ordered by Sajid back in October. The full report calls for major reforms across management and hiring, the part that caught Guido’s eye is the call to reduce the proliferation of diversity and inclusion managers – some on six figure salaries – that have cropped up over the last few years. Something Guido has been campaign against for months…

While the report itself generously refers to these well-remunerated staff as “dedicated experts“, and recommends that they be phased out as existing managers develop their own expertise and wisdom on diversity, Saj himself was far more damning. Ahead of the review, the Health Secretary called for “urgent” action to improve NHS leadership – and that started by cutting back on “waste and wokery”:

“In my view, there are already too many working in roles focused solely on diversity and inclusion, and at a time when our constituents are facing real pressures around cost of living, we must spend every penny on patients priorities. As this report sets out it should be the responsibility of everyone to encourage fairness and equality of opportunity which is why we must reduce the number of these roles.”

He later appeared at the despatch box after PMQs to reiterate the point, with Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting inevitably claiming the announcement is designed to “throw red meat” to Tory backbenchers. “Red meat” in this case obviously meaning ‘save the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds’.

A DHSC ally tells Guido:

“We will cut waste and wokery where we find it. We have a responsibility to the taxpayer to make sure their money is being spent on their priorities. Today’s landmark report sets out how we are going to improve leadership because the best leaders will save money in the long run by increasing productivity and efficiency.”

Better late than never, although we’re still waiting on the action plan. How long until all this is implemented? The Saj is pragamatically seeking to shift diversity and inclusion responsibilites onto HR managers and away from militant social justice warriors. There is plenty to do; there are currently 9 diversity manager vacancies up for grabs on the NHS job board at the time of going to pixel…

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Sajid: I Don’t Know if There’ll Be a Vote of No Confidence

Since Grant Shapps yesterday said “there won’t be a confidence vote”, we now appear to have hit a new line of ‘don’t know’, with Sajid Javid this morning saying the PM will fight to win and do just that. The questioning came among major rumours this morning that Tory rebels truly believe the threshold has been breached, and Times Radio’s Lucy Fisher saying Brady will make a statement at 8 am.

This morning former Chief Secretary to the Treasury Jesse Norman has tweeted out his letter to Sir Graham. Strap in…

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Esther McVey Takes Government Transparency to New Heights

The Mirror’s Mikey Smith has recently been on a one-man crusade to call out GB News’ weekend show offering, which unlike any other news channel now has two married Tory MPs – Esther McVey and Phillip Davies – interviewing Tory ministers. Mikey argues this undermines the channel’s anti-establishment nature… 

Since this criticism, it seems Esther McVey has gone out of her way to try and maximise scrutiny of government ministers. Taking to Instagram yesterday, the former minister posted a photo of the show’s running order. Accidentally doxxing the Health Secretary and his SpAd in the process…


Say what you like about GB News, Sophy Ridge would never provide such explosive access to Whitehall secrets…

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Saj Reveals New “Right to Choose” NHS Reform Plan

This afternoon Sajid Javid announced his NHS reform package, with a focus on “shifting to a new mode” of preventative care, and introducing a new “right to choose” policy for patients on long waiting lists – a scheme that will allow patients to opt for alternative care elsewhere in the country, or rely on the private sector for more immediate treatment. All transport and accommodation will be covered by public spending. Under the new plans, those who’ve already waited more than 2 years will be contacted this month, while those who’ve waited at least 18 months expected to be reached by the end of the year. Although Saj still warned the scale of reform means it won’t be completed quickly – and added that the NHS’s budget has swelled to match the total GDP of Greece…

Javid also announced a health disparities white paper is coming later this year, with multiple government departments and agencies including the NHS expected to be involved in developing a strategy for the health service’s new preventative focus. Javid claimed this will be achieved in four main ways:

  • A ‘baselining exercise’ to work out how much the NHS currently spends on prevention
  • Instructing NHS networks to commit to a delivery plan for common diseases
  • A focus on tackling cardiovascular diseases
  • Beefing up the role of the NHS app

Saj also stressed how he believes the future of the NHS doesn’t just depend on pumping in more cash:

“…It’s clear that we were always going to come to a crossroads: a point where we must choose between endlessly putting in more and more money, or reforming how we do healthcare… I choose reform.”

“I don’t want government to have to keep going back for more tax hikes on a smaller workforce. As someone once said: ‘There is no such thing as public money, there is only taxpayers’ money.’

He says just three weeks before the tax burden reaches a 70-year high…

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