Tory Candidate’s Puppy Love with Carrie

This election, Carrie is fully pitching in, not only campaigning in London marginals, but travelling the country to help female Tory candidates. She is not alone, however, as loyally following her around is Dilyn – Boris and Carrie’s newly-adopted puppy. Carrie must be adoring the pup-arazzi…

Arriving in the super-marginal seat of Bishop Aukland yesterday to help candidate Dehenna Davison, Dilyn was clearly delighted to be united with a new furry friend.

Not only are the two political pups, but they’re both rescue dogs; with Dilyn coming from the Friends of Animals Wales and Davison’s pup from her local Dogs Trust. With this furocious team, it’s just about pawsible the Tories can take Bishop Aukland (if the voters throw Dehenna a bone)…

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Get the Hottest Dress in Westminster

Sky’s Beth Rigby is reporting on today’s Queen’s Speech wearing the ‘Jungle Cat Pleated Dress’ from Whistles – the same dress that Carrie Symonds wore at Conservative Party Conference two weeks ago. You too can own October’s hottest dress in Westminster for just £179

Carrie attended today’s ceremony in a laurel wreath-style navy blue headband and dark dress, while Stanley Johnson sported a crisp white shirt and Tory blue tie similar to this Harvie and Hudson Navy Racehorses Woven Silk Tie (£50).

Get in touch with any more Westminster fashion spots at

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Meet Dilyn, the Downing Street Dog

Dilyn is Welsh for follow. Maybe some Tory MPs should take note…

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Carrie’s £120 Ghost Frock Selling Out

Carrie’s frock from Ghost is selling out fast, only Extra Extra Small left…

UPDATE: Senior Adviser Dom Cummings has been spotted in Number 10 wearing a T Shirt from Elon Musk’s artificial intelligence research company OpenAI. Get a similar one for just £14.79…

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Boris & Carrie Dominate Front Pages

The no comment gambit has not satisfied the headline writers. Boris and Carrie are the political equivalent of Burton and Taylor, the mystique will only drive more speculation. Can’t see this approach lasting a month…

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SpAd Moves: Major Departures From CCHQ and Number 10

Guido can reveal a raft of major departures from CCHQ and Number 10. Tory party Director of Communications Carrie Symonds is leaving CCHQ after 8 years working for the party and in government. A true green Tory, as anyone who follows her on Twitter has no doubt gathered, she is off to work in ocean conservation. Guido hears Symonds has been snapped up by Bloomberg to lead on their Vibrant Oceans Initiative at the Commonwealth Secretariat. Symonds will be a significant loss for CCHQ, popular with MPs and the Lobby, she has massively improved the place since coming back after the election. Congratulations… 

She is not the only Brexiter leaving CCHQ. The Tories’ Head of Broadcast, Josh Grimstone, leaves after five years to become a SpAd at Defra. Grimstone worked on Vote Leave, is well-liked by MPs and has good contacts in parliament and the media from his time at Matthew Parker Street. Top hire by Michael Gove.

CCHQ stalwart and Head of Operations Richard N. Jackson is off after conference. He’s heading to Downing Street to cover for 10 months. “N”, as he is known affectionately by colleagues, is a former Tory head of press and has been at CCHQ for over a decade. Another major loss.

Over at Number 10, Guido can reveal Theresa May’s SpAd Ben Mascall is departing. Mascall, who has been at the heart of the Number 10 spin operation in charge of the grid for the last two years, previously worked at the MoD with Michael Fallon, and the CCHQ press office. He is off to make a small fortune in the private sector and will be missed in Downing Street. He is replaced by Rupert Yorke, who is currently David Lidington’s SpAd and used to work for Ben Gummer. Drinks on Mascall.

Richard Chew, a senior adviser in Theresa May’s political team, is also out. He’s leaving to work in America.

Jonathan Stock, a key aide on the PM’s events and visits team, is off to work at Portland Communications.

Raoul Ruparel, who was a SpAd to David Davis at Dexeu, is moving to Number 10 to advise on Brexit. DD’s other SpAd Tim Smith is moving to work for Jeremy Hunt at the Foreign Office. Final confirmation, not that it were needed, that Dexeu has been gutted of all responsibility for Brexit. Dom Raab, having hired Nick de Bois, is now searching for two more SpAds…

Ed Jones is following Hunt to the FCO, Lottie Dominiczak and Jamie Njoku-Goodwin will be moving to the Department of Health with Matt Hancock. God knows who’s going to be working for minister of fun Jeremy Wright.

Localis chief executive Liam BoothSmith has turned down a job as Director of Policy at Policy Exchange to SpAd for James Brokenshire.

Let us know any more moves…

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