Rob Roberts’s Constituency Chairman Quits Role & Party Over Scandals

The chairman of Rob Roberts’s Delyn constituency Conservative Association unexpectedly resigned last month after continued stress and embarrassment over the MP’s numerous misdemeanours, Guido can reveal. Speaking to Guido for the first time since leaving his elected role, Rob’s former local party boss, Myles Power, reveals he has also quit his membership of the Conservative Party entirely due to his perceived lack of response and communication from CCHQ over the scandals. The party’s Rob Roberts headaches don’t show any sign of relenting soon…

Despite staying quiet while carrying out the chairman role, Power claims Tory HQ “just never really dealt with the matter in a speedy fashion” and that despite emailing the party asking to be kept up-to-date with their internal investigation of Roberts, all he received was a holding response and nothing more. Responding to this claim, a Conservative Party spokesman said: “CCHQ takes all complaints incredibly seriously ensuring that thorough investigations are carried out. The investigation process is rightly private and confidential to protect those involved.”

Speaking candidly to Guido, Myles explains that along with the embarrassment Rob brought on the party, he also became “arrogant and above reproach” after being elected; and following the BBC picking up on Guido’s coverage, Rob refused to broach an apology – merely jokingly texting his chairman “your inbox will be full”. Despite only being elected to the position alongside Roberts in September 2019, Power decided over the Summer that he’d had enough, his feelings compounded as texts flooded in from friends and local Tory officials in other constituencies regarding Rob Robert’s activities. Asked why he remained quiet at the time of the stories’ publications, Myles explained he had to remain neutral as the branch chairman, pithily pointing out: “I respected the position I was elected to and so should Rob”…

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Parliament Giving Red Card for Bad Behaviour

The parliamentary authorities are today introducing the latest flimsy attempt to deal with bad behaviour by estate passholders, with a new “it’s not OK” card aimed at giving a warning to those contravening the behaviour code. According to details seen by Guido, the “‘it’s not OK’ cards are part of a trial to help our colleagues when they are facing difficult scenarios at work”, with the aims of:

  • Giving the passholder “a moment to reflect on their behaviour”
  • De-escalate the situation
  • Remind the passholder of the House of Commons values, House of Lords values and the Behaviour Code

The cards are being introduced on a trial for the next few months. Rob Roberts jokes in the new intake Whatsapp group, “Who’s going to be the first to get a “naughty card”?”. Who indeed…

UPDATE: Less than 12 hours later, Guido understands the scheme has now been suspended pending further review…

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Rob Roberts on his Year of Abuse

Rob Roberts MP has been reflecting on the last year, “A year of radical professional change. A year of radical personal change”, claiming:

“I have been spoken about, laughed about, lied about, betrayed and abused… But I got through it, and I feel better than ever.”

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Guess the Anonymous Twitter Account: MP Edition

After Guido’s multiple exposés on Rob Roberts’ behaviour finally made their way into the mainstream media, the gaffe-prone MP for Delyn deleted his social media. Recently, a parody account of the MP got in touch with Guido after his suspicions were raised upon repeatedly seeing one anonymous username attacking him on Twitter – @Joe26806114. Guido’s had a look through ‘Joe”s Tweets and can’t help noticing almost all his Tweets are directed at the Rob Roberts parody account and the Delyn Labour Party branch; as well as repeated defences of Boris and attacking the Welsh Labour government.

What do readers reckon? Rob’s not known for his cunning and subtlety

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Rob Roberts’ Parliamentary Wikipedia Edits

A couple of hours after the BBC ran their Rob Roberts story yesterday, an anonymous change was made to Robert’s Wikipedia page from the Houses of Parliament IP address. You’ll never guess what recently-added section had been erased…

Guido can’t pin the edit on Rob, though he does have a history of editing his own Wikipedia page. From April to June, three changes by “RJR79” were made to the page of Robert Joseph Roberts (born 1979), before being publically warned that “editing an article about oneself is a common mistake”. Rob must have been very busy doing something, however: he forgot to turn up for his Women & Equalities question this morning…

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Rob Roberts’ Researcher Left Office After Just 20 Days

Guido’s pleased to see the Lobby finally picking up on the Rob Roberts saga, first reported on this website two months ago. Today’s BBC’s report added little to story Guido readers didn’t already know.

While the official Parliamentary investigation into the Delyn MP is ongoing, one fact omitted from the story so far is the young male staffer involved in an incident – which the Chief Whip had to intervene over – was none other than Roberts’ own senior Parliamentary Researcher. Rob’s advances on his researcher first began in the MP’s car while driving through his constituency, just minutes before arriving back at home to his daughter and wife. Ten days after the young man started working for him…

The BBC reports that Rob asked the staffer out “to dinner”. It wasn’t merely a dinner request that led his researcher to stop going into work a further ten days after his boss’ first leering advance..

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