Mordaunt Mauls the SNP

Penny Mordaunt was back on the prowl yesterday, this time taking Ian Blackford and the rest of the SNP to town over calls for an inquiry into PPE contracts:

I always take pleasure in taking part in SNP debates – I have done a few, and am beginning to notice a pattern. I have been called here previously to defend the UK’s position on jobs, while the SNP has dismissed the 545,000 Scottish jobs that are reliant on Scotland’s being part of the UK. I have been called here to discuss the importance of hypothetical EU funding mechanisms, while the SNP dismisses the very real United Kingdom dividend to the taxpayers of Scotland of £2,000 per person, and in another debate the SNP sought to be the champions of democracy while they ignored the result of two referendums. Although it might be a surprise to some that, in a week when we have had more revelations about the Scottish government’s own lack of financial propriety and literacy, the SNP has called a debate on such scheme – it is not a surprise to me. I think it shows admirable consistency, as well as a complete lack of self-awareness with a large helping of assumed piety.”

First Rayner, now Blackford, she’s the Harry Kane of the frontbench, putting it in the back of the opposition’s net to cheers from behind her…

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