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Channel 4 News covered  the LibDem staffer who’s been suspended, after they were caught red-handed forging a back-dated email, to try and back up a legal threat over a story the LibDems wanted to suppress, on their selling their voter data to the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign. Which morphed into the People’s Vote…

The LibDem press office has been spinning for days that it’s “just a very junior person gone rogue” – see the report in The Guardian, simply describing them as a “campaigner”, like they were some lowly volunteer. Guido can reveal it is actually the party’s Head of Media, Rosy Cobb, who forged the email, and who’s now been suspended, pending a full investigation. 

Rosy has taken down her Twitter account, as well as her LinkedIn account. Guido warned the LibDems about Rosy’s lack of any media experience when she took over as the party’s press chief last year. The now discredited legal threats over the original article came from Goodman Derrick acting on behalf of “Our clients: The Liberal Democrats Party and Ms Joanne Swinson”. The paper trail shows this must have been signed off right from the top… 

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