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Momentum have released their guide to ‘Having Difficult Conversations on the Doorstep’. In comparison to Jewish Voice for Labour’s briefing on how to respond on the doorstep to claims of Labour antisemitism, it makes for pretty dull reading…

One interesting approach Momentum propose can be seen under point 6: ‘Pivot’. “If you can’t deal with their issue, link it to a national or local issue and try and have a conversation based on this.” Guido spots remarkable similarities to Corbyn’s approach dealing with the media…

The document also identifies “Common issues” on the doorstep, including:

  • The Labour Party has too many internal problems
  • Boris Johnson is a strong leader
  • Boris Johnson is a man of the people
  • I’m voting Lib Dem
  • Immigration
  • Trident
  • The Labour Party is anti-semitic
  • Corbyn supports terrorism
  • Labour has no clear position on Brexit
  • How are we going to pay for Labour policies?
  • Won’t this mean a tax on the middle classes?
  • But I believe in aspirations

If in doubt, refer to point 6…

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