Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

50:50 balanced Leave:Remain panel. A golden new era..?

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Boris Cracks Chlorinated Chicken Gag to Mike Pence

Boris re-used his PMQs gag during US Vice President Pence’s visit to Number 10.

“We’re not too keen on that chlorinated chicken. We have a gigantic chlorinated chicken of our own here on the opposition front bench.”

Looked a bit confused but he got it in the end…

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Labour’s Finchley Candidate Apologises for Saying Antisemitism was ‘Weaponised’

Labour’s Finchley and Golders Green candidate has had to apologise for saying Labour’s Antisemitism crisis had been “weaponised”. Definitely not a great election strategy in any constituency, let alone one that is overwhelmingly Jewish…

Sara Conway told Jewish News that the argument over Labour’s successive Antisemitism scandals have been “whipped up”, however she has now climbed down, saying:

Another stellar candidate choice from the Labour Party…

UPDATE: Labour’s candidate has announced she is standing down “with immediate effect.”

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Prof. Vernon Bogdanor: “Parliament Can Achieve Nothing”

Constitutional expert Professor Vernon Bogdanor took to the Today Programme today to make sense of the political mess. In doing so he explained how this parliament has not voted for anything other than delay and had passed its sell by date.

“Parliament can achieve nothing, the Government is in a minority of 43, there clearly ought to be an immediate general election.”

Will the Remainers listen to the experts..?

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Boris’ Other Brother’s MP Bid

Whilst Jo Johnson’s resignation this morning will have been a blow to Boris, Britain may not have to wait too long to see another Johnson in Parliament.

Boris’s half brother (from Stanley’s second marriage) – Max Johnson – recently spoke of his own political ambition. He even joked about a “one in, one out” policy – what a coincidence…

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Government Tabling New Election Motion for Monday

Jacob Rees-Mogg has announced the Government will table a new election motion on Monday evening. After the anti-No Deal bill is set to become law…

This would satisfy Labour’s conditions for voting for an election. Will they keep their word..?

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